18k Gold Plated VS 24k Gold Plated – What Are Their Differences

This is one of the very common types of jewel options because people like to buy the best.

The question is, for what purposes are you purchasing the jewel. If you are buying it to use in jewelry, then it will always work.

Remember, there are many reasons that one is better than the other, as you will see below. We aim to make sure you can tell the difference between the two.

So then what is 18K gold plated jewelry?

18k gold plated necklace

This is where you have a jewel with solid base metals, and then a layer of 18k gold plated jewelry. That’s always to mean that the gold layer, even though it’s thin, contains 75% gold and 25% other metals. The layer of gold, therefore, is closer to the solid gold.

Nonetheless, it features the use of a thin layer of gold that will always peel out. It’s not like solid gold that’s much durable and thus costly.

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18k Goldplated

What are 24k gold plated jewels?

24k gold plated

Here you have another one of the best options in the market. 24K gold is the purest form of gold, and therefore this means that the layer they use features the use of the purest form of gold. Mind you; this is not the regular gold; it’s the plated type of gold.

How to distinguish the gold plated jewels?

The easiest way to identify the different kinds of gold plated jewels is to check the stamping. If you are looking for 18K gold plated jewel, you can be sure it will be written 18KGP OR 18KHGE when you want the 24K gold plated jewel, then you can expect it to be 24KGP or 24KHGE.

18k gold plated jewelery

Pros of using the 18K gold plated

  • It’s affordable

You will have a gold type of jewels that looks so much like the 18K gold jewel without breaking the bank. This then shows you that you won’t need to spend a fortune for the same when you want to buy the gems. You can use gold plated jewels sometimes.

  • It’s durable

Although they dent and scratch easily, when you know how to take care of them, then they will always serve you. Ensure you store them right and keep them off tarnish.

In most cases, the plated jewels will help you for more than you thought it would. They will mostly last for two years.

  • It’s readily accessible

Most times, the genuine gold jewels aren’t easy to come by. However, the plated ones are easier to access as they’re available in almost every shop and jewelry store you can ever think of. Still, they look as beautiful as the real plated ones.

In fact, if you will use it right then, it will serve you for a long time.


Of course, this is not solid gold; thus, it will not always serve you as much as you think it should. The appearance is almost the same, but remember, the gold plated ones will scratch or dent easily. They are not just as precious as the solid ones. Those with the eye for jewels will quickly tell the treasures that aren’t solid gold.

Pros of using 24K gold plated

  • The appearance

It gives you an almost pure gold appearance, precisely what you need for your gold. It will attain the exact same look like the solid gold jewels. You will like that it looks as good as new. It will maintain the yellow color, shine, luster, and malleability. This means that you can mold it as you would like to.

Remember, the gold plated jewel maintains a brilliant color. It further has a warmer tone to make it look stylish. It’s, in fact, more inviting because it looks so much like the regular and pure gold. The good thing, though, is that you can easily mold it as you would like it to.

  • It’s affordable

The 24K gold plated jewels are more affordable than if you were to order the real gold. You will realize that it’s one of the most common gold styles of the gem. You can have it for $5-$50 regardless of whether it has stones and embellishments or not.

The main reason is that the gold plated jewelry is cheaper than using the standard gold.

  • It looks so much like solid gold.

It has the same texture, color, luster, and shine, making it more like solid gold. So if you have an idol and want to have their jewel, you can use the gold plated one. This reduces the possibility of breaking the bank, in your case.

In the end, you will look like you are wearing real gold when you are using the plated gold. The good news is that no one will know it’s plated.

  • They come in different options.

You can have different styles of jewels; they come in different types. You can have necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and many more kinds of jewels. The good thing is that you can create different styles as a jeweler. It will make it easy to keep up with the jewel trends without feeling the jewels’ pinch.

  • It’s durable

Notice that your solid gold is usually softer, and that’s the same case for the plated options. The gold plated jewels are good looking. The good thing is that you can shape them however way you would love to. The good thing is that it’s a cheaper way to use in trying the different kinds of jewel shapes and styles.

The cons

  • It will tarnish

Most people don’t like jewels that will tarnish, but this one will tarnish. It’s a gold plated jewel, and you expect it to tarnish at all times. Notice, though, that the base metals will seep through the gold layer that plates the jewel. Often when the tarnishing starts, it will occur more on the base metals.

However, if you want to have it looking great again, you will need to re-plate it again. Often after six months, you can re-plate your jewel once more.

  • It’s not your real gold.

As much as it gives you the same feeling, it’s not real gold. If you, therefore, want real gold, then you should buy solid gold. It will provide you with that solid gold feeling.

The differences

Notice that the 18k gold plated and the 24k gold plated are two different types of plated jewels. They both are great, but we will see the main differences.

  • Gold content

Of course, both metal layers are made using gold. The only difference is that it features the use of a thin layer of gold metal. The 24K gold plated one is a 100% gold layer. It’s no wonder you will find that the layer features the use of a soft material.

It also has an 18K gold, made using 75% gold mixed with other elements. The truth is that the layer is still made using high levels of gold. Generally, though, the 18k gold plated jewelry will be better than the 24K one as it’s more durable.

  • Malleability

Although it features the use of a thin layer of gold, you have to know them better. They are both soft and malleable, but since the 24K one is pure, it’s even softer and malleable. The jewelers will rarely use the 24K gold because it will end up losing its shape.

The good thing is that you are not using it for an absolute jewel rather just plating with it. This will often work as it gives you the shine, color, and perfection of any other jewel style.

18k jewel is malleable, but it’s not excessively soft as such; you can use them on the treasures of your choice.

  • Durability

Of course, we all want to get the most durable kind of jewels. The plated ones are the best options to use. 24K jewels aren’t so stable, and the plating is so soft it will eventually run out. If you are using the 18K one, though, you can be sure it will be durable.

It’s manageable and will set entirely over the base metals, so countries like the US and the UK like to use it. The jewels will never bend or warp; therefore, you can easily re-plate them.

Although the jewels will often wear off with time, the 18K will take a longer time to wear off than the 24K one. It has a yellow color that’s more gold like those who aren’t familiar with the jewel. You will need to re-plate the jewel from time to time. It’s much easier, though, to replace your 18K than it is to re-plate the 24K.

  • Versatility

You can use them for the different kinds of jewels you need, but even then, you can create a wide range of options with your 18K than you would do with your 24K one. You can use them for all the different earrings, necklaces, rings, and any other option.

How long do they last?

Regardless of the jewel you chose, how long it will last depends on several factors, including how thin it is. If you decide to use the heavily plated jewel, you can be sure it will last longer than if you chose to use a 0.5-micron piece.

24k gold plated jewelery

Sometimes how often you wear the jewel will determine the lifespan. Therefore, if you wear it frequently, you can be sure it won’t last as long as you use it only once in a while.

Remember to put the jewel down sometime. You don’t have to use it every single time.

When you aren’t wearing them, you can store them in a Ziploc bag.

Will these two options turn your skin green?

There are a few metals that cause a change in your skin color. If you use metals with copper elements, you can be sure it will turn your skin green. For example, if the gold plated solution has some amount of copper, it may turn your skin green.

At first, though, it may not change the color green, but once the metals beneath are exposed, you can expect it to be green.

How to care for the two gold plated types of jewels

You will need to care for your jewels if you want them to last longer. Whether you will use 18K or 24K jewelry, you will need to take care of them.

  • Remember to keep them clean.

The very first thing to do is to wipe out the dirt to clean the jewels. When you have worn the gems, you remove them; you can clean it with a damp and clean cloth.

  • Store it right

Also, go on to store the jewels in a zip lock bag. This will keep all the air out, thus making sure it looks as good as new. If you can, you should also keep it in a piece of cloth before you insert it into the bag.

  • Don’t wet them

It may contain all the pure gold on the plating, but that doesn’t mean you can go with them to the shower and swimming pool. Gold plating will often peel out as soon as you subject it to different levels of wetness.

  • Remember to re-plate it sometime.

If you want to have it serve you longer, you will have to re-plate it from time to time. Just make sure you follow the right procedure when you want to take it through the re-plating process. You can even buy the home kits for the plating.

Which one is better?

You have the best options to choose from the two types of jewel. The 18K and the 24K gold plated jewels are both the best types. However, if you want the one that will serve you longer, then you should choose the 18K as it will maintain the shape, and it’s not so soft.

If you are going to use the 24K gold plated jewel, then know that you can make it a temporary choice. It can work but only if you need to use it once in a while.

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