18k Goldplated – What Does 18k Gold Plated Mean

The love for jewelry dates back thousands of years ago, and the gold jewel, in particular, is the most precious metal of all. Gold jewel comes in different styles like the gold-filled, solid gold, the gold plated, and gold vermeil.

Today we are interested in the 18K gold plated jewels.

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What is 18K gold plated?

I know that when you are looking for the jewels, then you want the one that will match your outfits.

Although the plated gold is just a thin layer of gold over the base metals, it’s still one of the best jewelry options.

Notice that gold plated jewels aren’t made using gold only if anything, the gold layer is the tiniest portion of the gem. It features other metals like sterling silver, brass, or bronze, and a gold layer over it.

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They often use the electroplating method to bond the gold over the metal.

18K Gold Plated Bracelet

Therefore, the difference, in this case, is that the gold used in the plating is 18K gold. It’s a purer type of gold, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that the gold plated jewel features a simple thin layer of gold.

This then goes on to mean that it contains about 75% gold pure on the layer. Notice, though, that the gold is usually a very soft kind of gold.

Since we are talking of the gold plated type, this is one of the most affordable options, and that’s why it’s a very common option. Unfortunately, you can expect that you will easily scratch it or even dent it since it’s softer.

How will I know that we are using the gold plated choice?

You will have to check the marking as they indicate the type of jewel you are using.

18KGP- 18K gold plated

18K HGE – heavy gold electroplated.

Check for such markings to know whether it’s gold or not. It would help if you remembered that they wouldn’t cost you as much.

Is 18k gold plated good?

It’s one of the most popular options in the market and all because it’s a good choice. People like plated jewels because they are affordable and readily accessible.

They will make you stylish because you can find them in different styles. To answer you here, though, of course, the 18K gold plate is good.

Is it worth buying?

All of us are always asking this question, and it’s a legitimate question. Such a question will prove to us whether it’s worth anything or not.

For me to answer this, I will have to ask what exactly are you expecting from the jewel. What’s your expectation too because if you’re looking for a cheaper gold-like option for just a few days’ use, 18K gold makes the best choice.

Suppose you have some more money, though, you should choose the gold alloy of high quality. But if you don’t care about the value, then you can use 18K plated one. 18k gold layer features the use of a 75% pure gold layer.

18K Gold Plated ring

But even though it means the gold is of high quality, it’s not durable. Such jewels will dent, scratch, and peel easily.

To answer you, it’s worth your every investment, especially when you don’t mind the value. It will further work when you want to use it for just a short time. It will give you the gold like look without having to spend thousands.

Is 18K gold plate magnetic?

Notice that pure gold is never magnetic. So if the metal beneath the thin layer is nonmagnetic, then it won’t react. Well, for the 18K plated gold, you will expect it to respond to the magnetic forces.

This happens because the plated gold usually has different metals like bronze, brass, copper, nickel, and other types of metals.

Therefore, if you have the metals not react, and it gives you the illusion that it’s gold, just know that it has the non-responsive base metals.

Is it a good quality type?

Yes, it is? Especially since it’s almost pure, and it looks like the solid 18K gold jewel. Even though it’s plated, you can be sure it will serve you for different occasions you wish to attend.

Does 18k gold plated wear off?

Depending on the exposure you take the gold jewel through, it will either maintain the structure or wear off sooner. Remember, we say it’s a thin layer that’s attached to the base metals. So when you subject it to denting or scratching then, it will start to peel off.

It will even sometimes flake off. Don’t worry, though, because it will serve you for at least two years before starting to peel off.

18k gold plated value

The prices of the gold will vary from time to time. Of course, when you want to buy the gold jewels, you will think of the cost. The plated options though, are the most affordable choices you can ever have. Therefore, the gold jewel will be worth less than $100, but sometimes it’s even less than $50.

Although it’s cheaper, it’s still of great value giving you the best features. It will look perfect at all times but, most importantly, mimicking the 18K plated gold jewels.

Is 18K gold plated jewel fake?

People like to use gold plated jewels. But remember, it’s not fake as people refer to it feature the gold layer’s real use, only it’s the thin layer that’s over the solid metals.

Nonetheless, it will depend on the level of plating that you will use. You can use 0.5-micron plating, which is considered a light plating, or 2.5-micron plating, which is a heavy plating.

18K Gold Plated necklace2

Therefore, depending on the plating you have, it will either be an excellent quality that will last or not. Remember, you will use the different gold levels, but it’s still a type of gold. The only difference is that for jewelers, only 10K and above qualifies as gold.

If it doesn’t matter though, we still know the gold plated jewelry is gold.

Will 18K gold plated jewelry tarnish?

Of course, it’s a plated gold jewel, so it will still tarnish. The 18K gold plated ones will tarnish just like any other gold. It will, with time, start to tarnish or form a green color.

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How long will it last?

Of course, they will last for at most two years if you know how to take care of it. They will la


Although you are using the gold jewels, you can be sure it’s an ideal type being the 18K plated jewel.

Its affordable

Of course, the regular 18k gold will cost you a lot more, but if you want to use a favorable one, you should consider the 18K plated one. Imagine wearing about gold plated jewel for about $5 – $50.

It’s because the gold is affordable that it will fit different people’s gems.

It looks real

The jewels look so much like the real solid gold jewel. So if you are going to look like your fashion crush or idol, you can spend less and still look perfect.

18K Gold Plated necklace

How nice is it to have a real looking gold when you spend a fraction of the same? So you are the only one who will know the cost others will think it’s the beautiful solid gold.

It has different options.

You can have different gold options as you don’t always have to spend a lot on the same. You can use the cheaper ones sometimes to deliver the perfect look you need.

You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars on real gold all the time.  You will still look stylish when you use your plated gold chains, bracelets, rings, or other jewels.


The gold is durable if you know how to take care of it. It will serve you for up to two years if you know how to take care of it. You can use it even when you have to bang it every time.

The cons

It’s obvious we all love some gold plated jewels, but not without some drawbacks.

It tarnishes

Typical of all plated jewels, they will always tarnish with time. Remember, the base metals will seep through the top layer, which then causes the tarnishes. It will mostly happen when the gold jewel gets exposed to some environmental conditions.

Its just not as real.

Remember, the gold plated jewels are not solid jewels. I know the jewel can make the plated one very much like the solid one, but it still is not the real type of gold. This means that the color and appearance will only last for a short time.

If you want the once that maintains the same stature for years, you should buy the solid gold.

You can further re-plate the gold if you want to keep it looking as good as new. The good thing is that it will give you a perfect look even though it’s not gold metal. You won’t have to spend a lot, but you will attain the same look like anyone with an 18K solid gold jewel.

They won’t last as long, but if you take good care of them, they may last longer.

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