Aluminum Jewelry – Check Out The Guide Before You Buy It

Often you will hear people talking about aluminum when they are talking about car bodies and cans but not so much when they are talking about jewelry.

It’s, therefore, true to say that aluminum jewel is one of the unsung heroes. You will like it for its shine lightness stability and more.

Although it’s not one of the precious metals we have, it’s lightweight and will never tarnish or even rust on your skin.

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It has all the great features you need for any jewel material. It will be shiny but also bright.

Aluminum chain

Therefore, you should keep your aluminum jewels away from any chemicals, which means the treasures don’t oxidize. It’s just like any other metals where you should remove them when you want to clean.

Reasons why it’s the best choice for your jewels.

  • Aluminum is excellent and lightweight.

If you have used a massive jewel, you will know why you need the light aluminum. Sometimes you will find that when you wear the jewel, it feels like you added ten more pounds to your body.

Well, the lighter the jewel, the better. It makes it more comfortable to use throughout the day. Even if you have statement necklaces, you will notice that they are great and lightweight.

  • This metal is hypoallergenic.

Well, most pieces of jewelry don’t work great for most people because of their non-hypoallergenic features. Notice that this metal has no nickel, and therefore, it will never cause any rash and reaction.

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Don’t worry if you have a problem with the nickel allergy; aluminum has no nickel. You can be sure that using this type of metals will only lead to a beautiful sensation.

  • It’s easy to clean

You will always want to buy jewelry that’s easy to clean. Remember, it’s not affected by the environment; thus, it will not tarnish. This then means that you are good to go with simple mild soap and warm water when it comes to cleaning.

Notice that you don’t need fancy cleaning agents to clean it. Even the mild soap and water are just enough because this one will never even tarnish or corrode. You won’t be dealing with discolored or stuck dirt.

  • It’s colorful

Contrary to most other jewel metals, this one will come to you in different colors. If you, therefore, love the different colors, you will find this one to be useful. The aluminum surprisingly comes in the other rainbow colors.

This makes it easy to use when you want to make colorful jewels. The one unique thing, though, is that you can dye the fabric.

  • It also looks more like sterling silver.

Anyone who enjoys the silvery look will find these options to be a must-have. This piece looks like sterling silver. It appears as a shiny option, and most people will always think it’s sterling silver.

It seems nicely bright too, and you can use it for different styles.

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  • It’s cheap

Most metals are famous for making you break the bank, but not this one. Aluminum is very affordable, and maybe this is because of its availability. But I must mention that you will spend much less than you do on other jewels.

  • This is an eco-friendly choice.

Most of the jewelry made of aluminum will also be recycled, precisely what the world needs now. We need to find the items and metals that you can recycle to reduce pollution.

What Does Aluminum Look Like?

You will have the aluminum in various styles and colors. You must have already seen it in your household. Remember, most engineers use it in the car, but many other items are made using aluminum.

What Does Aluminum Look Like

This is a silvery-white metal, but it can come in other colors, as you saw earlier. Notice, though, that you won’t find the aluminum in its pure form on the earth’s crust. It’s often a blend of other metals too. The common one you know is aluminum sulfates.

The aluminum sulfate is the one you will find in the kitchens with the different cookpots and kitchen utensils. It will further appear shiny and colorful.

Properties of aluminum

These metals’ unique characteristics make it one of the most loved metal. The following are the characteristics that make it a most loved option and choice.

  • It’s lightweight

Most jewelry metals are perfect looking, but rarely will you come across one that’s lightweight just like this one. This specific piece is even lighter than iron; thus, you won’t feel like you are wearing a jewel.

  • It won’t corrode

Another factor that most metals experience is rapid corrosion. With the presence of oxygen in the air, the metal will react to form aluminum oxide. This is a thin oxide film that forms and thus causing corrosion resistance. It will continue to shine and look as good as new.

  • It’s ductile

Any jeweler knows that the most attractive metal is the one that you can roll, pull, and stamp. They find it very easy to shape the jewel to the dream shape.

  • It’s also durable

Remember, the metal is also as hard as steel. This, then, is the reason why it lasts longer than most other metals. Aluminum is never affected by the weather, but neither is it weak to be easily dented. When you buy it, then you are sure it will be safe.

Is aluminum jewelry safe

The metal is safe to wear mostly because it’s not toxic. Notice that this metal is non-hypoallergenic, but neither does it even contain nickel. This jewel will not also affect your skin.

Of course, there are a few people who experience a rare form of aluminum allergy. But it’s not such a significant number, so that’s why we still say it’s safe to use aluminum. Notice that aluminum doesn’t contain iron, and as such, it will never even rust.

Aluminum Jewelry2

This then means that you can get it wet and still have it maintain its look. It supports safety, and aside from looking good on your skin, it will remain perfect looking.

These metals will look as good as new for years to come.

Aluminum jewelry pros and cons

We have already discussed these indirectly above, but we will still highlight them for you here.

  • It’s not affected by the outer environment.

The fact that aluminum doesn’t change its feature makes it the best. The only thing it will do is form a thin film layer that gets rid of the corrosion and rust. Notice, therefore, that the jewel will not tarnish either.

Aluminum Jewelry Bracelet

Remember, aluminum oxide, therefore, will prevent tarnishing. You also need minimal cleaning for your jewels.

Most of us like sterling silver, but the problem is that they tarnish a lot; thus, you have to take good care of them. The good news, though, is that the aluminum won’t tarnish; in fact, it will get rid of tarnishing by itself.

  • It’s safe

Aluminum is safe to wear. This metal is hypoallergenic, yet it doesn’t contain nickel. This then means that even those with skin sensitivity will find it safe to use.

  • You

    will like its lightness.

You don’t have to wear weighty metals when you have one like aluminum. It’s one of the lightest metals available. It weighs 1/3 of the sterling silver and most other metals.

  • It’s easy to care for

The one thing that makes any metal attractive is whether you can take care of it. When you are cleaning your aluminum jewel, you will be happy because the whole process is a snap. When you clean the jewels just a little, then you are good to go. You won’t need to polish it every time.


  • It’s a little costly

When in the cheap metals list, you will have the aluminum being a little bit costly, but it’s worth it. Aluminum will give you many advantages, which then means that it’s a bit pricey.

Remember, though, that aluminum isn’t in the list of precious metals; it’s still very affordable.

  • Resizing it isn’t easy.

Like titanium, you will find it hard to resize this metal. Remember, it’s generally a more rigid metal than other styles and types of metals.

If you don’t take good care of it, then you can damage it by denting. It won’t stand substantial impacts.

Does aluminum contain nickel?

Of all metals, aluminum is one of the very few types that doesn’t contain nickel. Of course, unless you used it as part of the alloy creation. Naturally, aluminum contains no nickel; you can be sure about that.

When you wear the aluminum, you are sure you will only create the perfect sensation and not an itchy one.

Does aluminum jewelry turn skin green?

The one thing that causes metals to change your skin green is the presence of metals like copper, silver, lead, brass, and cadmium. The biggest culprit, however, is the presence of copper.

Well, when we are talking of the pure aluminum jewels, then you can be sure it won’t cause your skin reaction. Remember, the aluminum is a non-reactive metal, so it won’t cause any skin color change, but neither will it develop the green or black spots.

What causes the aluminum to turn black?

It’s hard to prevent this black color for various reasons. It will occur the moment aluminum comes into contact with the oxygen.

The aluminum oxide layer film that’s formed from the reaction is what causes the black colors. It may create black or gray color marks, and this is the direct formation of the oxidation. Notice, therefore, that if you have non-anodized metal, you can be sure they will always turn black.

So the following are the major causes of the black color.

  • Oxidation

This is a chemical process that will occur naturally. It appears when you have aluminum in the presence of oxygen in the air. It does therefore form a thin black layer called aluminum oxide.

  • Washing the aluminum in harsh chemicals

I know sometimes you will want to clean or even wash the jewel. In such cases, you can expect the oxidation to form as long as the chemical content has some oxygen.

  • If you rub them against one another

Sometimes when you are going to wash the jewels, you may find that you aren’t able to resist the urge to wash a lot of them at a go. When the treasures bump against each other, you can expect the oxidation to take place even sooner.

Can you remove the black residue, though?

Of course, you can, and it’s easy to do since you will use the ingredients you have at your home’s comfort. You can use white vinegar and water.

How it works

Boil the water and vinegar solution for about 5 minutes, then insert your jewels and give them time to thoroughly clean as they regain their shine.

If you feel the need to wash even the crevices do so. Wash the interior parts therefore with a soft brush but always maintain the gentles,

Does aluminum jewelry tarnish?

If you like to use silver, then you know this to be a significant problem. It’s no wonder you always want to ask the question; does the jewel tarnish? We had tackled this already though it’s important to mention that it doesn’t.

Aluminum, in its pure form, will never tarnish. It takes on the silver color, but it won’t tarnish. However, when you mix it with other metals to form an alloy, you guarantee that it will tarnish.

How to clean aluminum jewelry

The easiest way to have the jewelry lasting longer is when you can clean them right. The good news is that you won’t have to clean the jewels all the time.

Cleaning with baking soda water and aluminum foil

Depending on the number of jewelry pieces, you are intending to clean, heat a cup of water in the saucepan.

You will need the foil paper that is the size of another saucepan. Set it right on the surface of the pan. Then now pour the hot water into this pan that you covered with the foil paper.

Now let’s go on to add one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of dish detergent. Gently stir to make sure it dissolves into the water and then using tongs, place your jewels in.

Cover this bowl for fifteen minutes and then remove the jewels from the water.

Now rinse it entirely with warm running water.

Dry it using your perfect microfiber towel. Through the drying, you will therefore be polishing it too.

How can you tell if something is aluminum?

We have discussed the aluminum features intensely. But there’s still metals that may share the same qualities and characteristics. This is why you will need to know which one stands out as aluminum.

  • It reacts to food

It’s rare to find metals that react to food the same way aluminum does. Often it will alter the color of your food.

  • Conduct a key test

You can take your car keys and go on to press it down and drag it along the test sample metal. This metal will most likely scratch or dent because aluminum is soft; therefore, it will show if you apply pressure.

But it’s not as soft as silver and gold, and this is why the scratches will never be that deep.

  • Magnetic test

So here, you can use a strong magnet like neodymium. Aluminum doesn’t react in the presence of a magnet.

These are the two major tests you can use aside from checking the features too. Remember, they mostly have the same color as silver.

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One of the most common aluminum jewels is earrings. Such options are strong, and then you can use them for the different events of your life. Notice that the aluminum is free of toxic chemicals like lead and nickel.

This is hypoallergenic and safe to use even by those that experience skin allergies. These earrings will offer you a lifetime guarantee making them a safe purchase. The good thing is further that you can use them with your different clothing.

One of the most important things to note about the aluminum jewels is that they are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Of course, despite all the great features, people still prefer stainless steel for its hardiness and many other positive characteristics.

In summary

There are many reasons to be happy when you have the aluminum jewels, as you have already seen.

Aluminum is very light; thereby, you won’t even feel like you have a jewel on.

  • It won’t cause metal allergies
  • The aluminum will never rust
  • It never tarnishes, making it easy to store even outside.
  • This jewel is the easiest to clean
  • Unlike most other metals this one is ecofriendly
  • When anodized you can have it in many colors
  • It’s not so expensive
  • One would confuse it for sterling silver.
  • It’s readily accessible.

So you will have to take good care of it for it to serve you over a long time. The good news though, is that it never tarnishes, so you can wet it if you like.

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