23 Best American Jewelry Companies You May Want To Know

Human beings have always used jewels to commemorate something or, better yet, show a social class.

We enjoy not just unique jewels that are either high-end or just averagely priced.

If you look around, you will notice that more jewel companies are coming up each day based on the jewels demand.

In this article, we show you some of the must-know American jewelry brands.

1. David Yurman

David Yurman

Here you have a brand of inspiration and innovation. Born in 1980, this brand has served many people around the globe today. Here it’s all about the craftsmanship where you expect only the luxurious jewels.

This company saw its rise in New York, where David was a painter and his wife Sybil, an artist.

At first, this wasn’t a business venture for them. They wanted to come up with beautiful objects that people can wear.

Later in 03′ Evan Yurman-the son, joined the two to become an integral part of creating jewels’ natural style.

They emphasize the perfect antiques and cutting-edge materials too. So the partners today collaborate on different aspects of a business.

Whether you wish to find male or female jewel gifts. You can always get the jewel you like in the shops and websites as well.

The popular design for them includes their unique gold and sometimes sterling silver cable bracelet. It further has colored gems, and they like to use colored jewels as that makes them stand out.

It still stands out because you will notice celebrities like Shakira, brad Pritt, and Kate Hudson wearing them.

So what’s their most expensive sale: to date, the 18K gold diamond and center necklace stand out. It was sold at $7380.

2. Tiffany &co

Tiffany co 1

This is the most famous jewel brand in America with its base in New York. It was first founded in 1837, and it quickly became a household name for selling the best jewels. Today they are embraced globally for their innovation and design.

The founder of this brand Charles Lewis went on to help in designing the famous engagement diamond ring. To date, he’s called the king of diamonds.

Notice that this brand has over 300branches globally. This then means that they capture the needs of the globe.

They will deliver to you some of the best engagement rings. Therefore, this brand is proud to have produced some of the best rings, charms, pendants, and earrings.

3. Harry Winston

Harry Winston 1

Here you have the kind of diamonds of the 20th century. He was the greatest American jeweler who would therefore deliver the most fabulous jewels of all time. When in the jewels world, you will hear of Harry Winston as a legendary name.

This company came into the business in 1932; they have produced some of the best and most luxurious jewels. They use masterful creativity to date to produce some of the very best jewels you can. This culture is still something this brand continues to use to maintain the same look of the jewels.

You will notice that most of the A-list celebrities going to the red carpet still use it to date. The brand’s creativity and keenness to detail mean they adorn most of the famous faces you know of. They today have branches all over the world, making it attract an even larger market base.

4. David Webb

David Webb 1

Although the founder isn’t the one running today, it has kept its original touch. The brand still keeps the founder’s dream and design in mind. David Webb created this brand in 1948, creating the original-looking jewel with the perfect gems.

Because of his innovativeness, you will hear his name, thanks to his uncle, who made him fall in love with the jewelry business. Being an artistic person, he created just some of the best options.

He kept making the animal jewels, among other options, and had the famous rich people of Hollywood being his clients.

The founder is characterized by the boldness and greatness of the jewels. Through the different animal jewels, the founder expressed himself.

5. Burgeoning


There’s nothing so fulfilling than when you can do great business with your mom. The love for unique edgy and artistic designs led to Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolucci’s jewelry brand. They today have a business that is flourishing to the greatest heights.

They like to stack layers and mix different colors of jewels, thus making different jewels’ stories. It’s even better that they feature the modern generation’s design with the earlier generation for the mom to make great pieces.

This is not any other regular brand as you will find celebrities like Rihanna, Celine Dion, and Michelle Obama, rocking some of their precious jewels. This brand focuses on the love for individuality and at the heart of every jewel is that thought.

Expect high-quality pieces from this brand. If you want to express yourself, you can be sure you will be comfortable with these jewels.

6. Harwell Godfrey

Harwell Godfrey


The designer Lauren is the founder of Harwell Godfrey. The company focuses on selling fine jewels, and they believe in the power of healing. The brand is set in California.

You will also find that they use 18K gold. When you have jewels with gemstone, you have the jewels being also colorful. You can use the meditation jewels for a long time.

You will like them to be one of those who make the engravings on the jewels, thus creating. Remember, you will have to finish making it first.

7. Ceremony


If you have your loved ones and would like to gift them, you should visit the ceremony. They will edit it in modern ways to make it work for you. With this, then you will have different kinds of love jewelry.

This is another brand that’s based in Los Angeles, and it mainly focuses on the best rings for your special days. You can use them for weddings, graduation, and engagements as well.

Note that they only work with the direct customer, which means you won’t have to spend a lot on the same as a buyer.

They will blend tradition and modern technology to create a perfect looking style and skill.

8. Mene 


If you like the most authentic and unique gold, you will find it useful for you. So if you are going to use such jewels, they will last longer, never tarnish and remain hypoallergenic. It’s the only company that focuses on pure gold.

Since it’s a pure type of jewel, then it will cost you more. The pieces are perfect if you value jewels.

It features exquisite craftsmanship where they offer you hypoallergenic jewels.

The budget-friendly brands

Sure the jewels can cost you hundred thousand dollars, but they don’t always have to. Sometimes just a few dollars will work as well.

9. Argento Vivo

Argento Vivo

It doesn’t matter what kind of jewel you need you will get it from this store. The best part, though, is that you will only spend between $30 and-120. They will deliver to you all of the best-looking pieces that you will sometimes crave.

10. Kenneth lay lane

Kenneth lay lane

Kenneth’s creativity and innovativeness are what make him stand out to date. For over 60 years, he has made some of the best-looking jewels in the market. Elegant and luxury-looking jewels will remain on the top of the game even though you have to spend more.

The best part, though, is that people like princess Diana have worn jewels from this brand.

Notice that even though today we have the A-list celebrities wearing his jewels, his sole intention was to have the regular woman and man enjoy some of the best jewels. This is the reason why he makes them affordable.

11. Luv Aj

Luv Aj


When you like the different jewels styles, then you will find that your creativity starts sooner. Amanda, who was only 14 when she founded this brand, is the jewels designer here.

You may have sported some of her best jewels on celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner.

One of the most famous things about their jewelry is that they sell them cheaply. The punk stud diamond is trendy, maybe because it’s not as costly as other earrings. This girl is a motivator based on the fact that she founded the brand when still very young.

Notice that you can get some of the best bracelets for as little as $85. This means that you will have those pieces where you only need to spend two syllables.

12. Aurate

Aurate 1

Another one of budget-friendly option in the market is this brand. Even though you are paying lesser for the jewels, you will get the best. Remember, they focus on high quality to make the very best jewels that stand out.

You will always need jewelry that will set the bar high, which means you will choose durable jewels for your everyday use. Such jewels are also made to serve the purpose of all-day wear and tear.

This brand believes that every woman should afford some jewelry, thus giving the best at a lower rate.

13. Mejuri


Do you like the most straightforward designs? This is the best option you should invest in. You will find insanely good quality as well as great prices to pay.

You won’t have the traditional markups. The jewels mostly stand out because they also feature the traditional style in a modern creation.

This 14K gold delicate ring will cost you $75, and the jewel is safe mostly because it will never turn your skin green.

14. Foundrae


Anytime you think about the modern heirloom, then the first brand in mind is the fundraising. Notice that the jewels they make are under the belief of self-discovery and self-expression.

So although you will find the jewels being a lot costlier, they will tell a story for you. Expect authenticity, perfection, and style too. With these jewels, therefore, you will have them show you where you are from and where you are going.

15. Vrai

Vrai 1

Here you will only find diamond jewels that tell a story while enhancing beauty and optimism. The diamond we use, therefore, are collected here in America. You won’t have a carbon footprint on them.

Notice that such jewels will be impeccable, primarily since they focus on the fine details. The aim of this brand is always to make the new jewels look nicely stylish. The diamond here is from diamond Silicon Valley.

They will make the ring unique for you in Los Angeles. Thus making it easy for you if you hate going out to buy from the shop.

If you are the type that likes keenness to detail, then this is the brand to visit.

16. Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth

Here you have another one of the independent jewel companies in Los Angeles. It’s not the same as other jewelry houses with their constraints. Here they will give you vibrancy, and the pieces are handmade to make sure you look your best.

Irene is one of those who were in love with the different jewel styles that area was also handmade. And these options are going to be colorful. The baubles will make the brand jewels stand out.

Thanks to the mom’s passion for jewels and the dad’s business principles she made her the brand she is today. Note, though, that this is a high-end brand. So when you want to receive the most dazzling opulent and stylish jewels, you should visit this site for an idea.

Modern brands

17. Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney

This brand was founded in 2009. And it’s made to serve all the different kinds of women. Since Vanesa is the great-granddaughter of harry warner, you can expect that she will also be selling for Hollywood celebrities.

Although she doesn’t only focus on jewelry, they still produce the best. You will also find clothes if you wish to. You will learn about seasonal clothing and jewelry styles.

18. The last line

The last line

Here is another one of the modern brands you will find in LA. The aim of the founders was to cut out the middlemen, and in the process, they will deliver some of the best quality products. The brand belongs to Trendy, Sanders, and Shelly.

This is more of a millennia brand with a little throwback to the ’90s. They will further use 14K gold, diamond, and sometimes even sterling silver.

19. Monica Rich Kossann

Monica Rich Kossann

If you like lockets, you will find the best choices at Monica’s shops in New York. She is famous for her portrait photography. When you look at her photos, then you will realize just how much the lockets are still beautiful.

If you also want the pendants like the fish pendant, you’re going to find them here. Such lockets are even greater since you can have the pictures they make fit perfectly into them.

They also have a part where you can design your locket and the picture, making them look nicely perfect.

20. Martin Katz

Martin Katz


Martin’s passion for jewelry has made him stand out for over 30 years. He still produces vintage jewels, and he will always craft some of the best-contoured jewels. Notice that most options are unique [pieces, and they are often made with attention to detail.

So if you want to use the red carpet-worthy jewel, then you can go to this brand and buy the ones you like. This site is just perfect for uniqueness if you like to visit this site for authenticity.

21. Manya $ Roumen

Manya Roumen


This couple focuses on creating some of the best animal jewelry. Manya, an artist, helps create the jewels, while the hubby Roumen are the perfect combination to create just the perfect jewels.

They have created the most jewel styles, which include chameleon fish and a lot more animals; it makes it even harder to choose the right animal jewel to wear. Notice that this is the animal creation and not the real animal.

22. Aaron Henry

Aaron Henry

Born in California, Aaron Furlong discovered the need to start a jewelry business. This, however, only happened once he took an apprentice in LA with a master jeweler. He mostly focuses on the use of platinum and 18K gold jewelry.

You will notice that the jewels styles are the kind you want to wear any time you need to. All the jewels you will therefore find on his site are classy. You will notice that you are wearable and beautiful designs too.

23. Lorraine Schwartz

Lorraine Schwartz


If you enjoy extravagant designers, then this is the company to go for. Lorraine has always worked with her family in the diamond business.

She worked to deliver some of the best jewels to celebrity families. She often works with the Kardashian west family and other celebs.

The truth is that America has hundreds of jewel companies that we might not even finish listing here. The ones we mentioned above are some of the best options you could but you will find very many others.

Take the time to find the brand or company that produces the jewels you like or the ones that work for you.

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