Tungsten Vs Tungsten Carbide – Difference Between Tungsten And Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Vs Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten is one of the most preferred metal for different jewels but particularly rings. People know the 74th element on the periodic table, but they use tungsten and tungsten carbide interchangeably. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that these two metals are different. You will notice it for its silvery-white color. You can decide to use … Read more

What Does A Nose Piercing Mean

What Does A Nose Piercing Mean

Nose piercings are a cultural and ancient art of beauty that came into existence years ago. It’s one aspect of beauty that today people around the globe have embraced. It is the second most famous body type piercing after the earlobe piercing. Culturally, nose piercing is understood to have different symbols. In other countries, nose … Read more

33 Best Couple Necklaces (2020 Update)

Couple Necklaces

When you find the one, your world changes, and you feel fulfilled. Every day is joyous to live through regardless of the waves that follow. To continue experiencing the joyful days’ couples like to gift one another. And one of the perfect gifts is the matching couple’s necklace. Are you thinking of buying your favorite couples … Read more

What Are The Best Nose Rings – Top 9 Recommended

Best Nose Rings

After the earrings, nose rings are some of the most famous jewels you’ll have. Some cultures, like the Asian ones, culturally use nose rings and other jewels for accessorizing. It’ll be symbolic, giving you an aesthetic appeal. Remember, a nose ring, like most other jewels, has a way to express your personality. Nose rings are … Read more

Where Can I Buy Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Where Can I Buy Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Pregnancy will change your body structure, making you look different. You will have your belly stretching as well, and that includes your navel or belly button. So when you have the navel ring, it’s only natural to want to know whether it’s safe to use the rings. As your belly enlarges, the navel will enlarge, … Read more