17 Best Places To Buy Body Jewelry Online

Are you looking for the best places to buy body jewelry online? Remember, you don’t always have to go into any shop to buy the jewels. You can find the right ones from the shops we show you today.

Whether you are new to body piercing jewels or you already know a few things about the right options, you are in the right place.

Unfortunately, since there are many fake types in the market, you can be sure you only buy the best when you are very keen. Notice that this is, however, never easy.

1. Amazon

Before we go to the brand shops, it’s important to note that you will only find the authentic options here if you look keenly.

You will like the site because they have several options for you to choose from when buying. Since it’s the most prominent online market, you will find both high-end and budget types of jewelry.

If you are further keen on the review, you’ll find the best-looking jewel but also the safest one that anyone you can use.

The reviews will give you ideas of which jewels are the best to use. They tell you when the jewel is not as good as you thought it should be.

Remember, this is the biggest online global market; thus, you can get almost any kind of jewel you would like. But not every jewel is right since this site also has scammers. You should always check and confirm that it’s legitimate.

The best part is that they have a handmade section where you can choose the best jewels that are handmade.

2. Oufer body jewel

Oufer body jewel

When you are looking for highly specialized jewels, then Oufer is the place to go. They design and create different jewels that suit everyone.

The company makes most of its jewels using 316L stainless steel, yet it’s lead and cadmium free.

Oufer is one of the top brands for jewels that you will find on Amazon too. They stand out as the people who will never compromise on the quality of the jewel, though. They mostly use at least 14K gold, 316L stainless steel, and G23 titanium.

What makes them further stand out is that they first off inspect the jewels before sending them to you, thus maintaining high quality.

You can be sure to find all the different styles of jewels you would like on this site. Besides, the jewels are of both high-end and budget styles.

I even found the multicolored options. It doesn’t matter the part of your body that you would like to find the jewel for you will always have it here.


3. Urban body jewel      

Urban body jewel

Here is a one-stop-shop for all the different kinds of jewelry. This brand offers you a wide selection. The real question should be what kind of body jewel you are interested in.

Most people are looking for jewels that they can use when they are sensitive to some other metals. Don’t worry, though; you’ll find them here all the time.

Also, I know anyone looking for jewels online is looking for a quick solution. People like places where they can buy safe and comfortable jewels, and you will have them here. Again they only use safe metals, and that could be anything from gold to stainless steel.

You will find suitable rings for every part of the body piercing, and they can cost anything from $15 and over. The question we ask is, do you have the time to go through the shop to find your favorite choice.

This brand has up to 700 styles, and you have to choose the one that works best for you.


4. Fresh trends

Fresh trends

When you are looking for those fine pieces, it’s better to visit this brand as you can never go wrong here. Did you know that you can find fine pieces in the comfort of your home? Jewelry purchases can happen online and through this platform.

Quality is paramount for this brand, and therefore they only make and sell jewels made from platinum and gold. Although it’s still a small business, you can be sure about the pieces you get from the site as they offer you the best.

However, the difference is that they don’t create mass production; instead, they make the jewel as per order. This can only mean that they will sell to you the best as they make it to your taste.

Here we have masters in custom-made jewelry, but they keep thriving in the same business. Don’t worry, though; if you want the jewels on a large scale, you will find them. You have to make the order.


5. BM25


Here you have the brand that focuses on only body jewels. Through this, though, they will bring to you some of the very best jewels you can ever have. Here you have all the quality jewels since the people making them are experienced in jewelry.

While other sites may overlook the jewels’ quality, this never happens at BM25 because we want you to be safe and keep coming for the valuable jewels.

They will offer you the finest quality of jewels, and they further sell 316L surgical steel jewels. You will also find the implant titanium type of jewels.

It’s important to say that you will find all the different body jewels you may need. When you are looking for all the unique choices, you’ll find them.


6. Body jewelry shop

Body jewelry shop


You will notice so many shoppers on this site just because of the discounted offer they give. If you shop for more than $15, you will receive free shipping to your destination within the US.

Here, you will find a blend of makeup and jewel accessories too. You will find all sorts of body jewelry here and mostly at a fair price. They have been in business for more than 20 years, which means the business is here to stay.

When you want cute and fashionable styles, you will always find them on this site. If you are on a budget, this is the shop to go to because you will find jewels. Besides, some jewels mimic the high-end celebrity jewels here.

But don’t worry though it’s not high-end, the quality is still excellent. They use only the safest metals, and the jewels are other corrosion-resistant.

With all their positive reviews on the site, now you know why they have high-value sales. As such, never start to search anymore.


7. One tribe

One tribe

The one thing that stands out about them is their innovativeness. They are prowess when it comes to creating unique body jewels, including plugs, rings, pendants, and more. This site makes it easy to find the kind of jewel you may need.

They like to teach you about the jewels they have and the ones they already used and got rid of. Whenever you want to buy jewels, you are looking for the safest pieces, and offer you nothing less than the jewels’ safety.

If you particularly like plugs, then take your time to visit this site to find the options that are more appealing to you.


8. Anatometal


Another one of the major sites where you will find the best jewels is here. Whenever you are looking for committed and responsible craftsmen for your best jewels, then you have this site. Often you will provide high-quality jewelry.

Notice that they also present a wide range of options for your jewels. Also, find the hand-polished jewels on this site. They venture into the creativity of the individual coming up with the jewels.

Moreover, the jewels here are often threaded, and that means that they remain secure to use without falling off. Since they mostly make the body jewels, they use titanium, niobium, and gold for most of the jewels.

It further doesn’t matter the type of jewel you are looking for and which part of the body you intend to wear the jewel on. You will have the right one for you.


9. Bodyjewelry.com


This is an online jewelry company that works to deliver to you some of the best-looking jewels when you want to. This is one of the largest jewelry shops online that will deliver all the different kinds and styles of jewels you may want to have.

You will have all the different kinds of jewels you like from the navel, nipple, septum, and other parts. The jewels further come in different styles to fit the different spaces.

Notice too that you will have them made using the different metals. You can find the ones made using stainless steel, titanium gold, and just about any safe metal you could think of.

Don’t confuse these two, though, because bodyjewelry.com and the other are body jewel shops.


10. Body candy

Body candy


Here you have the perfect site to sell also the best-looking jewels that are also of high quality. They will bring to you some of the very best choices of jewels from their wide variety.

Besides, you will only have high-quality merchandise. You will therefore have the jewel made using surgical steel, titanium, niobium, and more. These pieces are made using different varieties of jewels.

Also, you will have the different types of precious stones you can use for the jewels. Here you, therefore, have both ranges the high-end options as well as the budget options.

You will have excellent service from the jewels since they offer the best experience online. Unfortunately, the shipping cost will be higher, which is why you should buy them using the VIP class.

You will find that your information is much safer as they know we all value security. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the different kinds of jewel you have, or you are looking for.


11. Body art forms

Body art forms

Here is another one-stop-shop for you to find all the unique body jewels you are interested in. You will find them here if you would like to use the titanium jewels, glass jewels, or gold ones.

You will find it easy to navigate their website as they deliver some of the best jewels you may need to use.

Instead of using a filter, you have a menu where you can insert all of the details of the jewels you need to buy.

They will always mention to you some of the best metal combinations. Mind you; they only use safe metals, which means anyone can use them if they like.

They will also sell the contact lenses if you need them, especially those you can use during Halloween.

Notice that these pieces are lightweight and colorful, but most importantly, they are free of all toxic elements.


12. Pierce body

Pierce body

For those looking for wholesale jewels, you have an online platform to trust here. Notice that they have supplied to retail jewel business for ages, which will be easy to do.

Since this brand is passionate about piercing, it can deliver all the best pieces. Here the aim is to make sure you grow your business, and that’s why we often give you better deals. Notice that it doesn’t matter the style of jewel you need you will always find it here.

It doesn’t matter even if you want to find the body stretching jewels as you will always find them here. Besides, they mostly focus on using the safest metals like titanium and stainless steel.

You won’t have to deal with the itchy sensations since they never use the jewels that have nickel or lead metals.


13. Etsy


This one, like Amazon, will give you several options to choose from. Notice that the products they give you are mostly handmade options, which means they will even give you a personal touch.

You will find this site being useful, especially as a female. They have a wide range of choices for you.

Of course, you are better off taking the time to search this site properly, and that way, you can navigate to find the best jewels that are just for you.

Notice that you will also find the jewel being so cheap, but that doesn’t compromise on the quality.


14. Kings body jewels

Kings body jewels


Anyone who likes to modify their bodies using piercings will find this platform the best to use. When you pierce your body, you will also need the high-quality jewels that you will mostly only find here.

It doesn’t matter where you are because they will ship to you their safe-to-use jewels. They make sure they create the best jewels to everyone’s taste. This is further the ideal solution if all you are looking for is the most excellent quality jewels.


15. Painful pleasures

Painful pleasures


We can’t finish this article without first mentioning that you will find some of the very best choices. Body jewel is sensitive, which is why people like to use their jewels.

They have the best focus on pleasing the customer, which is also why people will always buy from them. Here remember you will have different services too.

You can get piercings here as well. For those customized choices, we have you covered as well. So you will get a unique piece if you like one.


16. Kendra scot

Kendra scot

When you are on a budget, you can always buy some of the best options. They will sell you some of the best body jewels that are also safe to use. Take the time, though, to search for the ones that won’t cause any reactions.

It doesn’t matter which type you need you can find it here and be sure that you won’t spend a lot on the same.

More than a decade after the brand was founded, you can be sure they are doing better today.


17. Hollywood body jewelry

Hollywood body jewelry

Here is another site that’s dedicated to selling body jewels. Here you will find the best and complete line of body jewels. Notice that you can find the different jewel styles, especially those made using stainless steel.

Notice that you will have a different style and at different prices. Expect to like everything about their jewels but especially the great looks.

You will have different types of jewels at different rates on this website. Even if you didn’t find the right jewels now you shouldn’t worry as you will have this brand adding other options to the lineup.


Now you know the places to go to when you are looking for different body jewels. But you should make sure you know what you are looking for before you go out to search for them.  Once you are sure about everything you want, you can go to find the place that matches your needs.

Remember to check the reviews though when buying online as that’s the only way to get the truth about it. If you notice that you only have positive reviews, then you can go on and buy the jewel.

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