Best Metal For Nose Piercing – Find the Answer Here

Would you like to have your nose pierced? More people today love nose piercing than they did decades ago.

It’s all because of the beauty that comes with the jewels. It’s no wonder we have tones of nose jewels in the market.

The style of ring you choose also depends on the metal. If you prefer high-end options, then you may be using precious metals.

Remember, one of the things you have to think of when ordering your nose jewel is the metal.

We have different unique metals that make the nose jewels. This is what we are going to show you in this article today.

We also suggest the best metal as we show you the worst ones to use.


This is one of the most common choices of metal when it comes to new piercing. Although it’s costlier than most other options, it’s safe to use and would never hurt you.

Now, remember we aren’t talking about the regular titanium metal; instead, we are talking about the implant G23 titanium.

Titanium nose ring

When you are going to buy the jewels, make sure you check for that label. This will show you that it’s not an alloy, and it remains safe to use. You will further enjoy it for its durability, scratch resistance, and lightness.

This metal is more popular because although it’s as safe as some other types like gold, it’s also affordable in the best list. Remember, you can have other metals like gold or platinum, but those will be very expensive.

FIFTH CUE Solid Grade 23 Titanium 

Solid Titanium Press Fit Cubic Zirconia 2mm Micro Ball Top L bend Stud Nose Ring (18G)

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Are you short of ideas on which jewel to use for your new piercing, choose this L-bend jewel? It’s easy to fit, yet it matches most of your fashion styles. You will like its steel-like polish that remains shiny. Besides, this piece will never fade or lose its beautiful stature.

You won’t feel like you need other styles of jewelry when you have this one. It also has a level of diamond-like glitter.

I like the fact that it’s hypoallergenic and nickel free, thus safe to wear. ‘

COCHARM 16G G23 Titanium

COCHARM 16G G23 Titanium Clear CZ Labret Monroe Lip Ring Studs Cartilage Helix Tragus Earring Nose Studs Piercing Jewelry 4mm CZ

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If you prefer the straight stud, we will give you this type. This is another high-quality titanium that’s safe to use. It’s versatile in that you can cause it for the lip and the nose.

People like it because it’s nickel-free and hypoallergenic. It can make an excellent gift for your loved ones, remember. This is because it matches the different parts of your nose and ears.

This jewel is further affordable, yet it will last longer or at least until you’re ready to let it go. It’s the perfect size for whichever piercing you have.

You will like the glitters that it still has. From the look at the top, this jewel looks like one of the most expensive-looking choices.

Surgical steel

Whenever you are researching this topic, you will find that some people suggest you can use surgical steel on the new piercing while others say it’s not a good idea. Again this metal is one of the most popular choices that will serve you over a long time.

Surgical steel nose ring

We aren’t talking about the regular stainless steel but rather the 316L steel. Such a metal is excellent because it’s safe, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic.

It’s the reason people prefer it for their new piercing. If you are looking for surgical steel, don’t hesitate to choose 316LVM.

They may contain minimal amounts of nickel, which will, therefore, never cause your body’s reactions.

Ruifan 10-40PCS 18G Surgical Steel

Ruifan 10PCS 18G Surgical Steel Clear Diamond CZ Nose Stud Rings L Shaped Piercing Jewelry 2mm

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Another one of the best choices for your new piecing is this set of jewels. The cubic zirconia then makes it shiny and glittery on your nose. It features 316L metal, and its L-shape also makes it easy to secure the jewel in place. You will like the shine and smooth polish.

It will work whether you want to have it for your old piercing or the very new ones too. This is the highest quality of surgical steel you can ever have.

CICIMOTO 16G CZ Nose Rings Hoop 316L Surgical Steel

CICIMOTO Nose Ring Hoop 16G Triple Stack Septum Rings Surgical Steel Tragus Earrings Hinged Segment Clicker Daith Helix Conch Rook Lobe Ear Piercing Jewelry for Women Men

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If you like hoops, you can use this jewel any time you wish to. Notice that it features the use of a comfortable size ring that will fall on your upper lip. Make sure you choose the right size that’s also comfortable to wear.

It stands out because it’s easy to set in place and remove when you are ready. Here you have a high polished jewel that will maintain its shine. It features the use of cubic zirconia.

Besides, it won’t even fade, so you will have the beautiful looking jewel for as long as you like.


This is another safe element for your jewels. Note that this is not a metal but an element, and it’s a rare option yet very safe to use.

It’s a great piece you can use for your body piercing. If you can find it though, you should know that it’s not that expensive, but neither is it cheap. It’s softer and even heavier than titanium but just as safe as titanium.


This is one of the most popular options for jewelry metals. When you are using gold, it will maintain pureness, hypoallergenic, and safety.

Therefore, it would help if you used high-quality gold and preferably rose gold or yellow gold. White gold often has some nickel in it.

Just make sure you choose either 14Kor 18K gold to be on the safe side. Such gold contains not many impurities; besides, it’s safe to use it too.

20 Gauge 1/4 inch at Bend 14k Yellow Gold 

20 Gauge 1/4 inch at Bend 14k Yellow Gold 1.5mm Diamond (0.015 cttw) L-Shaped Nose Ring

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Here you have one of the most popular gold options that will give you not only a chic and classy look but also stylish.

Such gold has the perfect smooth finish that won’t irritate your new piercing. The L-shaped jewel is, therefore, safe to use.

Which materials should I avoid?

So we have shown you some of the best metals you can use. But then you should also know that there are metals that people say are safe to use, yet they aren’t. You should check the following options and stay away from them, especially when you have new piercings.

Sterling silver

This is often an alloy of silver with other metals that may include nickel in some countries. Besides, they usually have copper, which causes tarnishing. Such metals won’t let your piercing heal quickly.

Sterling silver nose ring

You can imagine having the green color on your nose amidst your meetings. Sterling silver makes great jewels, but only when the piercing is also fully healed.


While you are better off using plastic jewelry in some cases, you shouldn’t do the same for the new piercing. There are times when you can use plastic; only it’s not all the time.

Plastic nose ring

What makes a metal good

There are a few things that will make your metal good for the new piercing.

It must be nickel free.

One of the elements you don’t want in the metals alloy is nickel because many people react with it.

You will notice that the skin starts to get red, or it develops pus too. Nickel, let’s make it hard for your piercing to heal as you expected it to do quickly.

Is it hypoallergenic

This term refers to elements that don’t cause allergic reactions. This is the reason why you should only get hypoallergenic metals.

In a nutshell, the kind of metal that people choose should be the one that’s unreactive with your natural skin.

If you realize that it’s reactive, then you are sure it will cause infections in your skin.

Which jewel stole is best for your new nose piercing?

Nostril studs

Here you have the jewel that goes straight into your nose, and then it bends at the end. This is the easiest way to secure the gem; thus, you’ll never lose it. I know for most people, it’s tricky to insert the jewel through the bend, but you will learn how to do it over time.

The nostril hoops

Another one of the most famous jewels is the nose hoops. Although you can use it with the new piercing, the piercers encourage you to use a straight pin jewel instead. This will avoid the curving of the piercing. If you, however, really like the hoops, then go for it.


This is one of the most common jewels that will fit most of your nose piercing. Remember, you can wear the end side on the outside to make sure when you want to remove the jewel, then you do so quickly.

How to choose the nose jewel?

Which part are you piercing?

When we talk about nose piercing, we are talking of very many parts of your nose. So which part are you going to pierce?

This will help you choose the right jewel. Remember, you can have a different piece for the nostrils and another one for your bridge.

Choose your jewels right; remember the different jewels will serve the other spaces.

How long do you anticipate it to heal?

When you know how long the jewel will take to heal, it will make you choose the right gem for you. It has to be durable yet comfortable to use. So you should select a legit jewel just because you expect it to last longer.

You must also factor in pain tolerance.

You will have to know how much pain you can tolerate, and that will then guide you to the right piercing jewel. Remember, the gem you choose will either make your pain tolerable or not.

Naturally, you can expect your nose piercing to hurt; thus, you don’t want to create additional pain.

Choose a jewel you are comfortable using but the one that doesn’t cause even more pain.

Any metal you choose should be biocompatible.

Although we talked about it already, whichever metal you are settling on should be biocompatible. This is what will make it safe to use and last longer.

Remember to check the finishing because only that will make it easy to know whether you can sustain it in your piercing or not. Remember, your body may reject the jewel, so choose only the safest.

Confirm the size

Before you settle on any nose jewel, you must know the size of your piercing but most importantly, whether it will fit you or not. In most cases, people use the 18G or the 20Gone, but you could start with an 18G nose ring and then buy a 20Gone.


Can I ever leave my piercing empty?

Let’s say for the nose case, if you left your nose piercing empty, it’s possible that the piercing may close. It will continue to heal, but while it’s already fully completed.

Don’t ever leave it empty for long hours because of the present mucous membrane that will make it easy to close once again.

Will the jewel cause an infection?

Depending on the metal you’re using, you can never know. If it contains nickel and other elements, then yes, it can trigger infection.

If you didn’t buy one that’s already smoothly polished, you could be sure it will cause the infections.

Other things that will course the infections, though, include how you handle the piercing.

Please do not touch it with unclean hands because that will cause the infection even faster. You should remember to clean it just as much as you clean the jewel.

Remember, as it’s healing, things may stick to the jewel, and that will then hinder the process.

Should I take the nose jewel out for bedtime as I do with other styles of the jewel?

No, you shouldn’t that will give room for the piercing to close once again. This is why you should always use the studs when the piercing isn’t healed.

It’s tiny, comfy, and they’ll settle in place. When it’s healed, too, don’t remove the jewel when going to bed if you don’t want to lose your piercing.

Also, make sure you are using a small stud then, as you go, use a larger one.

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