9 Best Necklaces For Strapless Dress

We can’t deny the fact that strapless dresses are unique, elegant, and sexy. They accentuate your neck and collarbone, making it look even better.

They are also the perfect option when you wish to wear a necklace. However, if you don’t know the right necklace, you can mess your look. This is why we suggest below the necklaces for your strapless dress.

Unfortunately, not all of us have personal stylists to help. That makes it hard to match the outfits, shoes, makeup, and jewelry. But keep reading to find the best choices you can use.

But first

How to choose the right jewelry

Do you like being dramatic?

The strapless dress is all about the drama. So for you to make it even better, you should choose jewelry that enhances the drama. But today we are only interested in the necklaces and not any other jewelry.

Remember, for the necklace; we always aim to find the one that matches our dress neckline.

In this case, the choker necklace, bib necklace, and statement necklace are some of the options that will frame your face and neckline. They don’t also interfere with the neckline.

Necklace For Strapless Dress

If you like, you can choose the long necklaces that have pendants. They can reach the mid-chest, and sometimes they go to the waist. If you find the perfect choice, then it will always work.

Check the pattern

Of course, the pattern you go for will still depend on the kind of dress you have and the color of clothing.

The easiest way to go about it is to make a statement with the necklace. They then have a big, bold cuff, or they may have the black pearl necklace. They can be shiny, thus making the perfect blend with the strapless dress.

But if your dress has a lot of patterns or strong focal points, you may want to go easy on the jewelry you use.

How will you wear the hair?

You may think it’s not essential, but it determines the jewelry you choose. Remember, we are here to highlight the best features of our style. Do you have short hair, or are you going to have the hair made to an updo? In such cases then the dramatic necklace will create the perfect effect.

Also, if you have long hair, then jewelry like earrings won’t be visible. So you can make a statement with the long and sensational necklace.

Which kind are you going to wear a modern style or retro?

Of course, you will make the style statement with your jewelry if you know the best type to choose from.

If you are going for a modern look, you can choose one with a single focal point. Also, if you are going for a retro look, then you will have the matching jewelry. Here you have the earrings bracelet and necklace being the same style.

Strapless Dress Necklace

So the question is, what event will you be using the jewelry for? If you are going to significant occasions like weddings, make sure you choose the jewelry that already makes the statement.

Bib necklace

Such pieces are more extensive, covering a broader part that the bib would cover. They offer the perfect embellishment and the focal point. Besides, they are made using multiple gems, stones, and pearls. In some instances, they are also made using the beads.

The pieces offer a statement to the necklaces, primarily when you use the precious stone to create an embellishment. Of course, until you see the pieces available, you may not know the length to work with. Therefore, you can choose the right necklace for you, depending on the occasion.

1. Crystal Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Crystal Rhinestone Statement Necklace, Vintage Chunky Chain Choker Collar Bib Statement Necklace Fashion Costume Jewelry Necklaces for Women

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If you like dramatic, you have it here. The necklace doesn’t cover just a small part around your neckline. By looking at it, you may think it’s heavy while it’s not, and it will come at about 0.3lbs. Basically, this is one of the statement necklaces that will get people turning heads.

The piece is durable and ecofriendly, yet it won’t cause skin irritations. It’s ideal for those who can’t wear necklaces for fear it will cause rashes. This piece is suitable for significant occasions like birthday events, valentine’s day, weddings; this will work at all times.

This is one of the high-quality options that you can further offer to the girls/ladies in your life. The bib necklace is also very comfortable to wear. The best part is that you have it in different colors to choose the one that matches your cloth. If you, however, have neutral strapless dress color, then any pieces will work.

2. Statement Collar Choker Chunky Bib Necklace

Statement Collar Choker Chuncky Bib Necklace(Set) Christmas Gift, African Sparkling Canine Shape Fringe Necklace(Set) for Women Fashion Jewelry(Set) for Girls…

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You can have a choker bib necklace for your wedding dresses, party dresses, and date dresses. This piece is environmentally friendly, and it will never cause skin irritation. You will, in fact, like that it creates a focal point when you add it to your strapless dress.

This piece is safe to use, even with those who have sensitive skin. Do you want to gift your girls? Consider this option, too, as it’s neutral to fit all the different kinds of clothing. But of course, be sure that your girl/lady is okay with dramatic attention.

You can even create a retro look if you buy a bracelet of the same design. The perfect suggestion is to use it for your wedding team.


You could also make use of the perfect choker option to create the ideal complement to your dress. You can be sure it won’t take the attention off of your beautiful strapless dress. You can choose from the many options available, all depending on the event you are going for.

However, if you like pendants, you can choose the simple chain-like ones with a unique pendant. Your strapless dress may be casual, and the necklace will make a statement. It will make you bold and extravagant. It’s an ideal chunky choice.

3. GMQHD African Gold Snap Choker Collars for Women

GMQHD Fashion Punk African Gold Resin Choker Necklace for Women, Statement Okoye Egypt Gothic Snap Chunky Leather Jewelry for Best Friend Birthday Christmas. (1-1G)

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This is one of the most common styles that will match almost any kind of dress but mostly the strapless ones. These pieces are made using a unique material that is safe to use with all skin types.

The best part is that it will serve you whether you are a young girl or just a lady and with almost any kind of dress. It’s an ideal choice for all different occasions, and it’s comfortable with varying sizes of the neck.

The piece is eco-friendly, and it uses a high-quality synthetic resin that will never react to your skin either. Since your chest is bare, this creates a dramatic effect, and you can have it in silver color too.

4. Fashion Womens Pearl Collar Crystal Diamond Chunky Choker Pendant Bib Necklace

Fashion Womens Pearl Collar Crystal Diamond Chunky Choker Pendant Bib Necklace…

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Do you like crystals? You will find this piece to be a useful option. It’s made using crystals, faux pearls, and high-quality alloys. The piece is, therefore, durable and a hypoallergenic type that’s nicely designed.

The piece creates elegance since it features the drop like crystals, and it blends well with the pearls additions. With the right strapless dress, you will have this piece shine whether you are in a dark environment or the bright ones.

It’s the perfect gift to give to your girls and ladies. The best part is that it matches almost all kinds of dresses you have. You can use it for all the events, including weddings, prom dates, and casual occasions.

Long chains and necklaces

If you like the long kind of necklaces, then they will work with the strapless dresses. Whether you are going to use the single pieces or layered options, it will make you look your best.

If you like, you can also add a pendant for more spice. Remember to consider the pattern and style of your dress. But you ought to be careful that it won’t tangle, thus causing a mess. Of course, long chains aren’t for everyone. It’s meant for those who like to be dramatic.

5. Cathercing Flower Rhinestone Pendant Long Necklace 

Cathercing Flower Rhinestone Pendant Long Necklace for Women Sweater Chain Statement Necklace Choker Adjustable Elegant Jewelry Accessories Dressy Collocation Winter Evening Party Wedding

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If you choose the right long necklace, then you can be sure it will serve you right. This one is a simple choice that’s also ideal for your everyday use, and you can use it with almost any kind of dress. The necklace is therefore meant to spice up the look.

You can use it when going to work, parties and for a friend cation too. It will work even when you decide to wear thick clothes for the winter days. It won’t scratch your clothes, and neither will it cause skin reactions too.

Remember, though, to keep the jewelry in your box to avoid fading and let it serve you over a long time.


This is the perfect choice you can use to accessorize your look when you are wearing strapless dresses. Here you can choose either the chunky necklace or the single strand like one. And most people like to use them for their weddings.

The pendant will draw attention to your chest, but be sure to use it if your cloth has not many patterns. You always want it to stand out so you can make sure it matches your cloth. You can make it as shiny or colorful as you wish.

6. Sterling Silver Dancing Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

Dancing Diamond 'Miraculous Love' Real Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (1/6 ct.tw), 18' Chain

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If you want the best quality options, you have to be willing to pay for them. This piece features the artwork and the elegance that comes with the use of real quality metal. And search pieces you can be sure will never cause you skin irritation.

It uses the 925 sterling silver material together with a real diamond to create the pendant piece. Although it’s 18-inch long, you can decide to buy a longer one if you like. This is an ideal gift for your loved ones, and you can use it with strapless dresses for weddings.

Notice that this piece is timeless and will serve you over a long time. It never loses its authenticity either-even if you use it under direct sunlight. Nonetheless, make sure you take good care of it.

7. The Pearl Source Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace

THE PEARL SOURCE 9-10mm Genuine White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace for Women

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Of course, with such pieces, you can make the necklace as long or short as you would like it to be. The best part is that you can use this option for your strapless dresses. You can, in fact, use this piece with any of your favorite dresses.

It’s a little costly, and that’s because you will have the natural pearls that have been imported from the source directly. It further uses the quality 925 sterling silver as well. It’s another one of the best gifts for your girls.

The piece is durable with all the thick pearls, and when you store it well, you can have it serve you for generations.

Graduated necklace

The design will match some of our strapless dresses. Remember, it starts with the small area being close to the clasp part, and then it gets larger at the chest area.

You can use any metals beads or gem. Also, you can make it as long or short as you like. Sometimes you can have it looking like a choker or multilayered style.

8. La Regis Jewelry Sterling Silver Graduated necklace

Sterling Silver Graduated 4-8.5mm Dyed-grey Freshwater Cultured Pearl Triple Strand Choker Necklace, 16'

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This would make the perfect gift, you know?

It features 925 sterling silver, and you can clasp it at the back for utmost security. And the necklace is not only easy to put on; instead, it makes you stand out in a crowd. It further features the use of cultured pearls.

It’s easy to clean, and it has the perfect luster while being durable to use. Since it comes in its authentic quality and color, you can use it with any dress.

The graduated style creates a focal point for your style. If you have a woman, you value, consider buying this option for them. It’s ecofriendly, yet it will never cause skin irritation. The quality is therefore unparalleled, and you will like it.

You can use it for anniversaries weddings and casual, formal party events.

Lariat necklace

These options feature some of the simplest choices you can use if you are having a special event. They can work just perfectly for your strapless dresses and especially for wedding events.

This is one of the extra options you can use if you have no other of the ones mentioned above.

9. Gorgeous Y Necklaces for Women 

Gorgeous Y Necklace for Women | Gold Bar Necklace | Candace Cameron Designed Lariat Necklaces | Gold Necklaces for Women | Drop Necklaces for Women | 14k Gold Necklace | Front Adjustable Long Chain Necklace

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When you like simplicity, you can choose this piece too. This will almost always elevate your neckline. This piece is like a gold-dipped chain, and you can, therefore, use it with your sweater tops, tunic dresses, and strapless dresses.

You will like the piece because it’s made free of all the toxic metals, making it hypoallergenic. The best part is that you can use it with all the different kinds of clothes you have.

It’s a great lariat piece that you make a statement with. This is a piece with a great story so you can use it if you like jewelry that tells a story.

So do you agree necklaces are a great addition to your style?

Some people may tell you that you don’t need necklaces, but you do if you want to make the style even more glamorous. But remember you will need to be sure about the neckline you have with the dress. Here are the two most common ones

Sweetheart neckline

This is more like the top part of the heart. If you have a fuller chest, then this neckline is ideal for your dress. It will always accentuate the chest part too. In that case, you can use the long necklaces.

Sabrina neckline

This is the subtlest choice, and it follows your collarbone curve. With it, therefore, you should wear shorter necklaces. If you have the statement necklaces, you can wear them with the Sabrina necklaces.

Whether you want the single lariat or the multiple layers one, you can make it work. But for a stunning look, opt for a thin choker, a long chain with a pendant, or a princess length necklace. Remember to try them on with the dress before you settle on one.

If you can though, use the statement necklace with your simple dress. The jewelry will then make a focal point. But if you have a dress with so many pearls or beads, you can decide to forego the necklace and accessorize using earrings and bracelets.

Do you like to wear a set of jewelry together? You can do so with your strapless dress without looking ridiculous or boring.

Now to you

You have it all now, and you are ready to buy your favorite necklace. The secret is to coordinate the jewelry with cloth you have, and if you are keen, you won’t go wrong. Strapless dresses are gorgeous for different events, but the necklaces make them even better.

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