What Are The Best Nose Rings – Top 9 Recommended

After the earrings, nose rings are some of the most famous jewels you’ll have. Some cultures, like the Asian ones, culturally use nose rings and other jewels for accessorizing.

It’ll be symbolic, giving you an aesthetic appeal. Remember, a nose ring, like most other jewels, has a way to express your personality.

Nose rings are the perfect way to showcase your style, so you will stand out. Also, there are different styles of jewels you can use, as you’ll see below.

Understanding more about nose rings

Nose rings are new in the west, but it has been in existence in the Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia for over a thousand years. Today though, it’s the second most popular piercing just after ear piercing.

Nose rings

Now, how you wear it will make it the perfect accessory, a symbol of wealth, prestige, and status. Many centuries ago, we first had the aboriginal people wear nose rings. They mostly use the bone ring studs and saw the foundation of the nose rings and nose piercings.

Nonetheless, the middle east is also a part where most people began the culture of wearing the rings. To date, we have so many people wearing the nose ring. The reason why different people will wear rings varies from one culture to another.

Reasons why anyone wears the nose rings

Talk of the social status

The first thing about your nose ring is that it’s a sign of wealth and social status in some cultures.  In North Africa, the people of Berber perceive you as wealthy when you wear the nose rings.

You see, anyone would enjoy being in a rich environment. This is why the men would mostly gift their women a nose ring, especially at a wedding.

What’s a nose ring for the Indians

Another culture that likes to use nose rings includes the Indians. Wearing the nose rings for Indians emphasizes fertility. So if you wear the nose ring on the left nostril, you will ease the menstrual cycle pain. Also, you wish to have sexual pleasure as well as easy child conception.

Nose ring in marriage

In some cultures, this means that you’re married, and as such, you will be gifted the nose ring during your wedding. Such nose rings; therefore, the women will never take it off. They act more like wedding rings.

A nose ring is cultural.

Although most of us are losing some of our cultural practices, we still hold some of them. In India, for example, it’s cultural to wear nose rings. A good number of women have their noses pierced.

This practice hasn’t faded, maybe because they realize that the nose ring symbolizes beauty regardless of the time you wear it. The women may not be as cultural, but they want to symbolize their connection to the same culture. I must say the ones you see Indians wearing are often beautiful.

The main reason for wearing the pieces is for beauty.

It will always give you an aesthetic appeal. In using these rings, therefore, they accessorize their body to make everything look even more beautiful. You can never go wrong with the nose ring as long as you know the right ring to use.

Sometimes it’s a rite of passage.

I know it seems weird, but it’s the truth. To some people, the rings’ use is meant to show that you are going to a different stage of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are using the septum piercing or nose piercing because it’s still your nose piercing.

For some, it’s a jewel of commitment.

Here you don’t have to put the ring the regular way you would do on your finger instead of your nose. It can be a sign of engagement, a promise, or sometimes even marriage or wedding.

This is also a perfect way you can use in showing off your jewels.


For some, there’s a sense of belonging when you use the nose ring. It shows that you fit in with your friends or different cultures.

It can further be a sign of defiance.

In the east, these rings are accepted, but in the west, up until recently, most tribes just saw it as a sign of defiance. In those times, this was seen as an unsightly body piercing method only done by anyone who is very defiant.

Chinco 32 Pieces C-Shaped Nose Ring L-Shaped Hoop

Chinco 32 Pieces C-Shaped Nose Ring L-Shaped Hoop Tragus Nose Studs Bone Curved Hoop Tragus Cartilage Hoop Piercing (C Shape, Bone Stud, Rainbow Color)

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The best part is to have a set of rings to change it every time you want to, or you can wear on the different parts of your nose. In this set, you will have different styles that you can use on other occasions.

Here you have a more elegant and exquisite style of rings. Therefore, you will find that its much comfortable to wear. Notice that its polished surfaces also mean they won’t rust easily. The rings, in this case, are made using durable stainless steel. You can use the pieces over a long time, remember.

Since they remain shiny, you can use them to go to most of your celebratory events. Whether you are going to a wedding or birthday event, these jewels will give you a celebratory mood. Here you have a 20G kind of piercing diameter.

Thunaraz 60-120pcs Stainless Steel Nose Studs Rings

THUNARAZ 60-120pcs Stainless Steel Nose Studs Rings Piercing Pin Body Jewelry 22G 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm (D:120PCS Colorful)

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One of the common styles of nose rings is the studs, and they mostly have backs. Whichever you choose, you will realize that it’s as comfy as you need it to be. Here we have a stainless steel ring that will last longer and maintain durability.

Notice that you’ll never experience the discomfort when wearing it, and for one thing, it’s easy to put it on and off. The pieces also feature the highly polished style of jewel where you can comfortably wear any studs without scratching your piercing.

You won’t even feel like you have a jewel on since it’s all very light to use. The quality of the jewel will, therefore, forever stand out. Here you have some of the best hypoallergenic rings. This then means that you have a beautiful set that you can use with your different dressing styles.

Here you have 60-120pieces that have different stones.

AVYRING 20G Nose Ring Hoop Surgical Steel Nose Studs 

20G Nose Ring Hoop Surgical Steel Nose Studs Screw L-Shaped Nostril Hoops Piercing Jewelry Set for Women Men Girls Nose Rings

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Notice that you can have the real stainless steel material for the jewels. Therefore, you’ll have about 36 pieces of nose rings that come to you in different styles. Also, it comes in other color stones to make it look even more vibrant.

Remember, the jewels are nicely polished to make sure they remain smooth on the nose piercing. Such pieces are much more comfortable to wear. So you’ll have the nose piercing studs and the hoops style to let you wear the different versions of rings you would like.

The 20G set will suit almost any piercing you have already. It doesn’t matter your sex or gender. You will find it easy to use these types of jewels.

Tornito 20G 38Pcs Stainless Steel L Bone Screw Shaped Nose Studs Nose Rings

Tornito 20G 38Pcs Stainless Steel Nose Screw Studs Rings CZ Hoop Tragus Cartilage Nose Ring Labret Nose Piercing Jewelry for Men Women (A02:38Pcs, Rose Gold Tone)

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Here you have 38 pieces of jewels that come in different styles. You will find it easy to put it on and off. The nose ring further features the perfect quality jewels where it’s highly polished and good looking. It comes in with the different styles of stones.

You can do electroplating for the jewels to make sure it remains smooth and good looking. Notice that it’s soft and comfortable to wear. It features a smooth surface that’s also shiny and, therefore, ideal for the different events.

The jewel is rust-resistant; thus, you’ll have it serving you over a long time. You will enjoy the different styles, though. They come in different rose gold styles, but of course, you can have it in other metals if you like.

FIBO STEEL 10-30Pcs 20G Stainless Steel Nose Ring Studs 

FIBO STEEL 20G 12 Pcs Stainless Steel Nose Screw Stud Nose Rings for Men Women Body Piercing Jewelry CZ Inlaid

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Another style of nose rings is the U-shaped one. The ring is made using surgical steel, high resistance, and its nickel lead and cadmium free. It will never hurt your skin, and it’s safe to wear. You can therefore enjoy the sparklingly clean CZ.

It will maintain comfort when you wear it, but the best part is that you can never have it fall off. Notice that the ring feature she use of a high polish ring and surfaces. Enjoy the great workmanship in this case.

ORANGELOVE Hypoallergenic Nose Rings 

ORANGELOVE Nose Rings 18 Gauge Silver Nose Ring Hoop 18g Cartilage Earring Helix Earring Tragus Earrings Daith Earrings Rook Earrings Nose Piercing Jewelry Septum Clicker 7mm Nose Hoop Septum Ring

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Here is another nose ring that’s mostly a septum cartilage type. You can further use it for all the other different parts of your body. Notice that this type will not even fall off, yet it maintains the jewel’s perfect looking style. It’s a clicker hoop type.

I like that it’s very simple yet you can comfortably wear it even when you are a beginner. Also, it’s made using surgical steel and its free of nickel, lead, and cadmium. When using it, therefore, you won’t have to worry about allergies. It will come to you in different colors, but the most common one is this steel color.

Hoop rings are always stylish, and they’ve been in the market for a long time, so you can be sure you won’t lose them.

Longbeauty 32Pcs C-Shaped Nose Ring L-Shaped Nose Studs

Longbeauty 32Pcs C-Shaped Nose Ring L-Shaped Nose Studs Bone Tragus Cartilage Hoop Rings Piercings 20g for Men Women (L-Shape & C-Shape, black)

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Here you have an assorted style of jewel where you have several gems all at once. You can try the different styles of the same color of jewel. They often come in pairs, making it even better when you want to wear them as earrings.

Notice that you can use it for different reasons and styles of jewels. Take a look at them to notice that they have the best polishing, and it will last longer, making it feel and look durable. They’re safe to use but most especially because you can use them regardless of your gender.

When you’re looking for gifts, consider these options for gifts to your beloved ones. It will work for almost any day of your choice. Imagine in the set you have 16 different stud styles. Again you will have three different styles of pins to choose from.

The fact that they are made using surgical steel makes it even better. It’s safe and will never cause any skin irritation.

Best Lshaped nose ring

Ruifan 18G 316L Surgical Steel 2mm Mix Color Jeweled Opal & Clear CZ Nose L-Shaped Rings Studs Ring Body Piercing Jewelry 16PCS

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Here you have the most secure style of jewel you can ever have. It features the use of surgical steel metals that’s further nicely polished to slip into the piercing softly. Here you have an 18G jewel that’s also the high-quality style of metal.

They mostly also have the CZ for enhanced goodness of the jewels. You will have it in four stylishly different looks of the gems, all that makes it even better. They’re safe to use even by the susceptible one since its hypoallergenic.

Anyone with a nose piercing will attest that the nose strings are often very comfortable to use. They set it quickly but will never fall off, either making them the best choice.

Kridzisw 12 Pcs 18G 20G Nose Rings Studs

Kridzisw 20G Stainless Surgical Steel Stud Nose Ring CZ Opal Nose Nostril Pin Bone Body Piercing Jewelry for Womens Mens Silver 2mm 12Pcs

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Another one of the most popular styles of rings is the bone style. In this case, you will have several looks, but it’s also one of the most comfortable yet traditional looks. Anyone buying these pieces always likes them for one thing; they make it trendy with the colors and the styles you have too.

This will suit for women and girls to use. They are further made using surgical steel metals, which is safe yet stylish to use. Notice that you’ll have them maintain the style and colors over a long time. It’s even tarnish-resistant, yet it remains affordable. You will find it fun to wear for different occasions.

Things to consider when shopping for the nose rings

You will have to consider a few things when you go out to buy a nose ring. But the ones we highlight below are the ones you have to consider anytime.

The type matters

Remember, we have different nose piercings styles where you can choose the ones that will work for you. Depending on your piercing, you will have different jewels you can use in other parts of your piercing.

Nostril piercing

When you talk of nose rings, most people refer to this style of piercing. Notice that it’s the traditional style of piercing. So you will have different kinds of rings to wear on the other parts of your nose.

  • Septum

It’s still classified as the nose ring even though you wear the jewel on the septum. This style is versatile yet truly stylish, as you would expect. But you can have different rings for the same.

  • Bridge piercing

This is the style where the piercing is made across the bridge of the nose. It will avoid the cartilage by piercing just the surface. It’s not the best for some people, but others find a way to make it fancy.

You will use the circular or carved jewel for the different parts of the jewels in most cases.

  • You have rhino piercing.

This is the opposite of the bridge one in that you will have it piercing in the vertical side of the jewel. You will most likely use the curved gems. You can use it from the tip to the bottom of the nose.

  • Nassalang piercing

This is a unique option that will pass through both the septum and the nostrils. Therefore, you must do the piercing at a go, and the rings and jewels you will use are made to fit both parts.

If you will use a diamond, then the size of the diamond matters.

Of course, the diamond size is what you will use to flatter your jewel. Therefore, the size will always matter. The first thing to do is to consider your style when choosing the diamond size.

They come in different sizes;

1mm-1.75mm is one of the common choices, especially for conservative professionals. The good thing is that they are hardly visible, so they won’t draw attention to you.

2mm-5mm is another standard size of diamond that’s more visible but beautiful looking. They will always provide a modest size while still looking discrete.

6mm and over is for the bold, and it’s larger. It will make you stand out in some way as people can see it correctly.

Did you choose the metal?

The next features of consideration are the metal type. Remember, there are different kinds of metals you can use for your nose rings. This point is mostly ideal for you if you’re a sensitive type of person. It would help if you avoided nickel, lead, and cadmium that are toxic to the skin. Meanwhile, you can choose to use the precious metals or the ones that are affordable but mostly available.

You’ll mostly find the surgical steel metals and titanium for your different kinds of jewels.

The post style

You can have different kinds of posts for your nose rings. You’ll find that the most common post, therefore, is the L post. It’s more secure, and it assures you that it won’t fall off. You will also have u post or the pin post style, all of which will secure the ring in place.

Did you check its gauge size?

Therefore, when you are out buying the ring, the one most important thing is the gauge size. It gives you the thickness of the post in comparison to your piercing size. You will also have to choose the right post size that’s within the piercing. Therefore, you should select the right post size because you want not to have it fall off at any time.

When starting, which nose ring should I use?

It would help if you only went for the nostril piercing when you are a beginner, as it will be much easier to adjust after that. Such a choice is less complex than, say the barbell style or the septum one.

But while you may start with any nose jewel, you should wear a nose ring on your nostril piercing. The reason for this though, is that it lets you easily clean the jewel, significantly since you can rotate it.

After that, when you finally feel confident to wear a nose ring, you can move to the hoop and studs of different styles.

What would you say about using the faux rings?

I mean, that’s for the people afraid of piercing or those who are not yet of age to pierce the nose. They work great when you know how to use them. You can wear them for events then remove it for your official functions.

They are cheaper and stylish, but they also give you the room to try it all out and see if it can work for you. In the end, it will look and feel like a great choice.

Choose the rings carefully.

One of the worst things you may encounter is having nose ring infections. In such cases, therefore, you will need to be careful when you are buying them.

The nose ring metals matter in that some metals aren’t safe, as we had mentioned. If you mainly have a new piercing, you should not take metal containing nickel, lead, and cadmium.

Only use the saline solution to clean it. You shouldn’t use harsh chemicals that will cause even more infections. Steer away from chlorine too until the piercing is fully healed. Then keep it dry and clean, thus doing away with the sweat.

Don’t remove the jewel because if you keep removing the jewels, you risk hurting your piercing. Give it time to heal before you can even change it. This is why when you are a beginner; you ought to start with the simplest ring.

You should clean it frequently but don’t use the alcohol or hydrogen peroxide that will further irritate your skin.

Now you have all the information you need in this regard. Choose the best nose rings that perfectly fit your personality.

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