7 Best Nose Studs – 2020 Update

It’s every woman and man’s dream to look their best that’s why we are always looking for new styles and accessories. In the early 2000s, these nose studs were typical among women, but today more people are using them again.

I would say it’s because it’s comfortable and the best way to show your various fun styles. The nose studs will always stand out as they are comfy to use.

You will find it comfortable to wear and remove them. Therefore, if you need to hide it, you should use the studs to hide them easily.

It doesn’t matter your personality; you will always find one nose stud that precisely suits you. So if you do have the piercing already, we will suggest the best studs to use.

The buying guide for nose studs

When you want to shop for nose studs, there are a few things you ought to consider, as you will see below.

Which decorations are you interested in?

Of course, this is one of the main parts of the studs. You will need something that makes it more you. How would you like the diamond to look or appear? Remember, your solid aim is to make sure it fits your personality.

Of course, other factors, like your personal taste, matter. It would help if you were sure of the diamond size.

Whats your style?

Your style is mostly based on the style and size you would like to have. You can have the gemstone being as small as 1.5mm, but sometimes you will have it at 3.0mm. Remember, there will be many factors that make you want to choose any gem.

Nose Studs

If you would like to hide it a little, you should go for the smallest, but the larger, the better if you want to show off. When you’re going for the 1.5mm diamond jewel, remember that the smaller size features a very tiny piece. Nonetheless, the smaller size is much acceptable in the office than any other style.

What of the post style?

Notice that there are four kinds of posts you can use for nose studs, and therefore, the first thing to do is choose the right post style.

  • L-post

Whenever anyone goes out to pierce their nose, they are looking for the L post. They are easy fitting and comfortable to use too. Notice that the L-post is much secure than most other metals.

  • U-post

Here you find the screw that will fit in place of the piercing. For the security of the stud choose the U-post will give security. The posts may sometimes be uncomfortable for some people. This is why they aren’t as famous as the L-post.

  • Pin post

You see, not all pins are posts to most retailers. They remain comfortable and easy to use, and they will always have small balls at the end.

  • Bone style

Here you have the simplest style you can try. People also like it because it’s comfortable to wear and remove. You will literary slip the ball through the stud.

Gauge length and thickness

Notice that the thickness of the ring will determine how it serves you. Make sure you choose the right size just for you. Remember only to pick your stud’s right length, which will also mean it won’t hurt you. Again when you have the right length and the gauge, then the jewel will never fall out.

Should you use any metal?

Jewelers are making different jewel styles using other metals, and the same goes for when you are making the nose studs. You can use almost any metal as long as it’s safe on the skin, you know. Some of the common metals that people use though are as follows.

Surgical steel: note I didn’t say stainless steel rather surgical steel because it’s a higher steel quality. In most cases, you will find it with your piercings. Although it’s much cheaper than many of the precious metals, it’s a great choice that you can use for the different styles of jewel. It won’t cause a skin reaction even when you have a new piercing.

Surgical steel nose ring 1

Titanium is one of the most common yet perfect metals for nose studs and any other jewel of your choice. It’s ideal to use sensitive skin because it will never cause any form of skin reactions.

Titanium nose ring 1

Gold: who doesn’t want to wear some beautiful looking gold for the jewels.

Gold nose ring

I bet we all want to wear some gold. Remember, metals like white gold contain nickel, which is why you shouldn’t use them if you are sensitive. Always go for yellow and rose gold.

There will be other metals like platinum, but we didn’t list them here because they are hard to come by when looking at nose studs.

The size is essential.

When you are talking about the size, then the one thing that comes to mind is how well it will fit your nose. The primary thing though is to make sure it won’t fall off either.

So an example is a gauge, which refers to the thickness of the nose rings. This, you must know, so that you don’t choose a size too wide or thin than the piercing spot. Notice too that the length is equally important as it shows you the part inside the piercing.

If not for anything, choose the standard size that will not fall off; instead, it will stay put in your nose.

The nose studs

1.   Kridzisw 12 Pcs 18G 20G Nose Rings Studs Surgical Steel.

Kridzisw 18G Stainless Surgical Steel Stud Nose Ring Straight Silver Nose Pin Bone Body Piercing Jewelry for Womens Mens 2mm CZ Opal Diamond

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Everyone likes it when you can use the different colors and styles of jewels at a time, which is one such option. You will have it coming in 12 different colors to match the other occasions you may have. They are further the perfect standard size of 18G.

The ball at the top though it looks big, is 2mm even though they pose in different colors. Don’t forget the fact that it features an excellent price for the jewels. The jewelry is stronger, and it will make it durable. It’s further resistant to tarnish yet easy to clean.

You can use the pieces for different causes and calls for various functions. The good thing though, is that you will have the back part in place.

You will always stand out when you use the nose stud jewels, remember that.

2. AVYRING 20G Nose Studs Nostril Rings L Bar Shape

20G Nose Studs L Bar Shape Nostril Rings Nose Bone Nose Screw Surgical Steel Piercing Jewelry for Women Colorful CZ 2mm

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Here you have one of the very best nose studs that’s further safe to use. The best part is that it’s comfortable to wear. Notice that it has the cubic zirconia to make it look beautiful. Notice that you have a few studs to interchange and match your different fashion styles.

This is one of the classic options you can use for your jewels and accessories. Notice that you will never go wrong when it comes to jewelry. You have the 20G, which means it’s ideal for those who have a nose piercing.

You will mostly enjoy the top part of the jewel. You will have the polished gems meaning it can’t hurt your piercing tissues. You will even have one at 2mm, which is also the type you can go with to all your official functions.

3. Filigree Moon L-Shaped Inspiration Dezigns Nose Ring

Filigree Moon L-Shaped Inspiration Dezigns Nose Ring (Rose Gold)

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You will love this nose ring for its style and the fact that it’s a rose gold plating. Notice that here we have a unique and eye-catching option. Here we have a choice where the jewel takes the shape of a part of a moon.

Therefore, Notice that the plating is done over the surgical steel, which means it remains perfect looking and durable. Here the nose stud is great unique, and it’s still subtle. It features the use of 20G and 7 millimeters in length.

Also, the stud is comfy to wear, and it will sit in stylish too. This is ideal for those special events like weddings and engagements you may have. It would help if you considered this ring when you want something that looks stylish and detailed at the same time.

4. JOERICA 10 Pcs 20G Stainless Steel Screw Nose Studs 

JOERICA 6 Pcs 20G Stainless Steel Screw Nose Studs Rings CZ Body Jewelry Piercing Golden-Tone

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Here you have ten different styles of jewels, and they are screw nose jewels. You have the smallest pieces of treasure with a 2mm size of a gemstone. However, you also have larger ones for you to use in professional setups. The broad size range makes it easy to use them for bold and official events.

With such choices, you can be sure you will have trendy styles. Here you have a chic style, yet it’s safe to use but versatile too. You do know you can never have it fall off anyway. You have polished surfaces making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

When we are talking of the size, though, it will come at 20G. Notice that its shape means it will never fall out. Notice that it’s ideal for casual and official daily wear.

With these nose studs, you’ll achieve the perfect look for some of those special occasions.

5. White Diamond Nose Stud

White Diamond Nose Stud,Sterling Silver Nose Stud,Unique Nose Stud,Silver Nose Stud,Indian Nose Stud,Crock Screw Nose Stud,Mother Day Gifts,Sterling Silver Nose Stud,Indian Nose Ring(TEJ197)

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Here you have a lovely style of nose stud jewel. Notice that the gem is unique yet stylish. You will enjoy the looks for different occasions. Here you also have a 20G, which is mostly the piercing thickness. Besides, it has a 5mm diameter of gemstone to make it even more visible. Note that you can use it as a perfect jewel for different occasions and events.

You can use it to go to a professional event if you like it. Of course, this is a perfect looking gift, yet it maintains durability. You will most likely enjoy the simplicity of the jewel. This will mostly look like the Indian stud.

6. SCERRING 18G Stainless Steel Screw Bend Nose Stud Rings

SCERRING 18G 8PCS Stainless Steel Screw Bend Nose Stud Rings Piercing Jewelry 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm Clear Cubic Zirconia

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You can also choose this versatile option that you will comfortably wear on the nose and on the lips if you like.

Here you have a safe material that further looks stylish. Notice that it’s durable, hypoallergenic, and free of all the other toxic chemicals.  They have the perfect size of 18G, and yet the piece on the top is 1.5-3mm. Therefore, this is to say that you can wear it for an official and casual event.

You will like the style for the fact that it will never fall out. Did you know that it’s best and comfortable to wear even when you want to go for your special events?

If you are one of them who enjoys simplicity, then this is a must-have for you. The good thing is that the color matches almost anyone of any complexion.

7. MoBody 4-8 Piece Created Opal Heart Nose Ring Stud


MoBody 4-8 Piece Created Opal Heart Nose Ring Stud Set 20G Surgical Steel Stone Nose Bone Piercing Screws Value Pack (8 Piece Set)

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Here you have a nickel-free and hypoallergenic jewel to use. Notice that they are made using surgical steel, and that means its durable and stylish looking. Notice that you’ll maintain the color and polish, thus having it looking perfect.

The stone you see here is perfect, stylish yet colorful looking. It’s going to fit easily into your nose piercing. Its high polish makes it ideal for your day-to-day use without messing your style. You have eight options to interchange and try different styles. You won’t have it falling off since it’s secured.

Why would you use the nose stud?


The main reason anyone is choosing a nose stud is that it’s beautiful looking, yet maintaining the formula and informal look. I like that it can come in different styles for you to try the one you like. In most cases, you will find women wearing them more than men do.

I like the fact that the nose studs will work with different styles. Also, the nose studs will go with a different kind of clothing.

Cultural reasons

Some cultures encourage the use of studs as a sign of beauty and style. Indians and those in the middle east have believed in the use of nose rings and studs as a perfect indication of the fact that they are married or not. This is the ideal style you can use to accessorize, remember.

For commitment

You may be going for some events where you’re expected to have such nose stud. So you can use them to show your allegiance to yr0ou community. It makes you feel like part of the team or party you’re attending.

Things to consider before buying the jewel

Which style will you use?

Remember, we had mentioned earlier that there are different styles you can use. Its versatility is what makes it even better. Choose whether you will use either of the following.

L-shape: this is one of the most common styles of nose piercing jewels. It features the use of a 90-degree bend, and its also L. when you inserted it into the nose piercing, then you’re sure it will never fall out.

Twist: here you have a U-shaped twist style jewel that you twist in the piercing. Most people who like it believe that it’s comfortable to change the new gem.

Fishtail prong: here it’s all about the comfort of the installation and the removal of the jewel. Notice that this one is often longer than most other types since you will have to bend it yourself.

Bone stud: you could also have a bone stud where it’s sleek and stylish, but the difference is that it’s straight. Notice that the jewel.

The metal

Notice that there are different metals you can use. So you can use the different metals that are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. So you can choose titanium surgical steel or gold and other types of metal. However, if you aren’t a sensitive type, you have the choice to use any metal.

The budget

This is another of the most vital points because you should know the budget point you aren’t going over. Just have a set price range that you are willing to use. Go on to buy the jewels that are within your price range. Check the discounts and other features that matter to you.

Check the reviews

If you buy the jewels online, then the reviews will guide you. I like to read from those who already bought from them as they will give you their real opinion for you to decide whether you trust them or not.


Does it hurt to have the piercing and the stud in the nose?

While this is a question you will hear from time to time, the vital point is your end goal in piercing your nose. If you want to look your best, it doesn’t matter that it may hurt just slightly.

How will I know the right nose pin for me?

It would help if you always chose the right pin that will stand out for you. Notice that there will always be one that works for just you. Check the ideal option for your different face shapes.

Long face: for the long face, you should choose the beaded or studded nose pins. With this, you can make your edgy facial features visible.

Small face: A diamond nose pin is often all you need, but you can also make the little gold pin work for you.

Wide face: if yours is a broad nose, you can use the septum to make it the perfect size.

Broad forehead: here, you can use a nathani.

Round face: here, you will have any nose pin fittings you.

Oval face: here you’ll have a half beaded nose ring.

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