5 Best Pregnancy Belly Rings – 2022 Updated

Pregnancy is an excellent time in a woman’s life, mostly because they bring life into existence. Notice too that they will experience massive changes in their bodies as a result. While some women opt to remove their belly rings altogether, others want to keep them.

You can keep the piercing and the jewels when you know the kinds of jewels to wear. Remember, your navel will be sensitive, which means that you may incur an infection as it’s stretching.

This is why it’s essential to find the best jewel to suit your pregnancy.

What are the pregnancy belly rings?

The name gives you an idea of what the rings are. The belly rings are the jewels you wear on your button belly piercing. In this case, though, they are meant for those who are pregnant.

Pregnancy Belly Rings

I know you may think, ‘do they have a special ring for the pregnant ones?’ and yes, they do just because the belly structure is different.

Why have different belly rings for the pregnant ones

This is a legit question that almost anyone will be wondering why do it. But if you have been pregnant, then you will understand why.

  • The woman’s belly stretches. When the belly has stretched fully, then the piercing will stretch too, and this only means that the jewel they used to wear may not fit them any longer.
  • A pregnant woman is compassionate, and as her belly is stretching, she may develop infections. This is why you have to be careful about the material you use. Most people use PTFE because of its flexibility and comfort too.
  • Sometimes the belly button pops off, and this may scare you away. There will be jewels to wear even when the pop happens, which then means you are safe.
  • The jewels you use should be comfortable to wear and remove. Remember, we are talking about one who is mostly tired and not looking for anything complicated.

Benefits of the belly button rings

Trendy styles

People like the button rings because today they are trendy. More people are wearing such rings than they used to. Even when pregnant, you can make the rings look classy yet beautiful.

It’s a show-off for those who want people to see their abs. I know you may have worked so hard on the abs, and you now want people to appreciate them. In wearing the belly ring, you will have people’s attention drawn toward your belly.

It shows your personality.

You don’t have to tell people about yourself, but you will look bold when you wear such rings. Just make sure you choose the one that matches your personality trait. It will make you show off your style too, especially when you blended it right.

You can hide it

Like the septum, you don’t have to let it be visible all the time. If you work in areas where the ring is not welcomed, you can use the clothing to hide it within. Also, you can let it show when you want to by wearing the right clothes for that.

1. Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Belly Navel Button Ring 

Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Belly Navel Button Ring Retainer 14G 1 1/2Inch (38mm) - Rose Gold

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When you are pregnant, one of the best features to look up to is the belly ring’s length. Here you have one of the longest options you can ever have. You will enjoy the fact that you can easily cut its post to have it fit you right.

You will particularly like that they come in different shades for you to change into the one you like any time.

They are further made using that safe surgical steel metal and acrylic and cubic zirconia for an enhanced look.

People like it because it’s not only safe; it’s comfortable to use even when your stomach stretches. Ruifan has made it feel safe to use any of their jewels.


  • It’s comfortable and easy to use even by those who have just started to use the jewels
  • They look stylish and classy. Even though they don’t feature metals like gold, you will still find them beautiful and trendy, mainly because of the other CZ ball.
  • It’s the perfect length. It gives you room even to cut off the excess if you need to.
  • It’s colorful and versatile. You don’t have to use just one style; instead, you have six different and unique styles.


  • Some people will still react to it sometimes. It’s a rare thing, but it happens sometimes.

2. Mayhoop 14G Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Mayhoop 14G Pregnancy Belly Button Rings Flexible Bioplast Sport Maternity Belly Navel Retainer Body Piercing 38mm 1 1/2'

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Here are another one of the best quality belly rings for pregnant ones. It’s nickel-free yet hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Most people enjoy it more because of the comfort that comes with it. The pieces are easy to insert and even remove if you like. Notice that they come in different styles for you to use easily.

It has the perfect length for pregnant people. It features a flexible bioplast, and the best part is that you will wear it for a long time. You can use it for different occasions because it comes in different styles and colors too.


  • It’s a high-quality material that will last longer.
  • It’s safe and, therefore, free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.
  • You can make it work as a gift if you have loved ones.


  • Some people react to the plastic making it uncomfortable to use.

3. Longita Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Longita Pregnancy Belly Button Rings Long Bar Navel Rings for Maternity Sport Pregnant Women Dangle Baby Foot Flexible Clear Belly Piercing Retainer Different bar Length Replacement Balls Pink

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When you have different balls’ colors, you can have people thinking it’s a different jewels style. Here you have the perfect looking retainer that you can use for any size of your belly.

You will like that it looks colorful and stylish. These pieces are durable yet stylish to use, and you can use the plastic belly ring without really harming your skin. The long bar once again is easy to fit and remove when you like. You can use this choice for sports or even for pregnancy.

It’s flexible and will bend easily to fit the different parts. It has a smooth finish which means it won’t even hurt you. Besides, you use the pink feet to show that you are carrying a girl. It can be the perfect reveal for some people.


  • If you like the pinkish color, then this will work for you. You also have the colorless ones you can use if you want a different look.
  • They are long enough for your different stretches.
  • It further has the feet as a stylish way to show that you are carrying a baby girl.
  • They are affordable therefore you can buy them when you want to.


  • Some clients complain that the balls will come out quickly.

4. 16g Black Bioflex Belly Ring Flexible for Pregnant Women


16g Black Bioflex Pregnancy Belly Button Ring Maternity Navel Rings Crystal CZ Crystal Gems 19mm

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This is ideal for initial piercing. Also, it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin. As it is, your piercing will have stretched, so you don’t emend any jewel that will keep stretching it again. This piece is lightweight and will fit in almost every kind of pregnancy.

This piece will screw on quickly, and you are sure it’s nicely secured. It won’t fall off and will be visible because of its pink-colored cubic zirconia. This is for all and sundry whether it’s the men, women, girls, or boys, will always work.

If you want a piece that you can use as a gift, take this option once again. You will look stylish while you capture people’s attention.


  • It’s stylish and bright-looking, making it ideal for the fancy event since it maintains the twinkle and the sparkling.
  • You won’t feel as though it’s straining you since it’s lightweight.
  • It fits all whether the men or the women.


  • Some clients complain that the ball is larger than their belly button.
  • It also comes in so long, but the good thing is that it’s easy to trim out.

5. Anicina Pregnancy Belly Button Rings 

Anicina 5Pcs Sport Maternity Clear Flexible Belly Button Rings Long Navel Button Rings Pregnancy Belly Button Rings Mix Style 14G 13/8 inch(35mm)

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Here you have the pink-style-looking belly ring for those who enjoy pink-style jewels. It’s flexible, which means you can use them whether you have a larger belly button or not. Notice that these pieces are easy to wear and fit even if you don’t have anyone to help you.

It fits your daily wear in that you can use it every time you want to. You’ll even enjoy the baby’s feet hanging on one part of the jewel to show off you expect a girl/boy.

They are nicely long to fit the different stretch lengths, and they will look as good as new.


  • This is for the pink lady.
  • It’s nicely long to suit any pregnancy navel piercing.
  • Safe to use at all times


  • It looks a little flimsy making it not durable.

My top pick –

Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Maternity Flexible Bioplast Belly Navel Button Ring  Don’t get me wrong; all the rings we have here are great, but the first one started with stands out. Ruifan is one of the most popular brands that still stands out

How to buy the jewel?

When you are looking for the pregnancy belly ring jewel, there will be things that determine whether it’s for you or not.

Which style?

As a pregnant person, you don’t want to think so much about it, but you should. You can have the following.

Antique like belly ring: this is ideal for those who like old-school style jewelry and also beautiful. You can always find the opal style that will serve you best.

Pink belly ring: this is ideal for pink lovers. You will always have a ring to suit your look. This style features the use of sparkly pink gems.

Star belly ring: if you like the twinkling stars look, then you should use these kinds of rings.

Heart belly button rings: if you like everything with hearts on, then this is your best bet for the style. This is going to be the perfect choice of rings you can use.

Check the size

This is the most crucial aspect to consider, especially when you’re pregnant. If you choose the wrong size, the piercing could cover it, which will be tricky over the coming weeks. Always go for a jewel with a longer post to make sure it’s never covered.

Mostly the belly rings will come in at the size 14G, but that doesn’t mean you can find other sizes like 16G or 18G.

Notice that you can modify the barbell ring if you like to make it fit you properly. However, make sure you know how to modify the pierces.

There is more advantage when you wear the bigger rings that you can modify if you like. This will prevent the movement or better known as migration, of the rings.

Regardless of the material, you don’t want to lose it due to its size. So always go for the long post that’s also comfortable.

The material matters

Remember, you can have different materials, just the same way you do with other jewels. But for the pregnancy ones, we want you to choose the most flexible yet comfortable choice you can ever have. You can choose titanium, surgical steel, or PTFE, also called Teflon.

Such metals are luckily safe to use even if you have sensitive skin. Remember it’s nickel-free yet hypoallergenic. If you are one of those who never have metal allergies, you could use any metal.

At this time, however, we encourage you to use the nonmetal material. PTFE is flexible, so you can use even the long one and then cut it if you need to.

Always have a budget.

If you intend to buy simple day to day, wear a jewel, and you will have a set budget. That will cut out the ones that are too costly, thus modifying your search. Just know, though, that the jewel’s quality must not always be depending on the price of the jewel.

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