What Are The Best Teething Necklaces For Mom

Every parent enjoys the changes a baby goes through to develop into a kid and later an adult. One of the most important stages is teething.

It can be crazy and unsettling for the little ones which are why some parents can’t help but struggle to find things that will soothe the sore gums.

Of course, traditionally we have different remedies to use and try to soothe the teeth.

The most common one some people have found effective is teething necklaces. There are special necklaces geared towards giving your child some relief.

What is a teething necklace?

From the name, you will understand what the teething necklace is. Such necklaces are marketed to give babies a soothing relief. They can be the ones kids wear like the amber types or the ones that kids chew from their mom’s neck called the mom teething necklace.baby chewing necklace

If you are a parent, then you will know that it’s not always easy for the baby teething. They will sometimes not even stop crying. And remember they may sometimes even bite the mother’s nipples.

So for us, anything that will soothe the pain is welcomed. These necklace styles have been in existence for a very long time. They are even much popular today because you won’t have to use drugs to soothe the pain.

Two types of a teething necklace

Of course, the teething necklace is not just any necklace it’s the specific types that are safe for the child to chew.

The one that babies wear also called the Amber teething necklace

You can also have the ones that moms wear.

Amber teething necklace

These are designed to be worn by your little ones especially when they are teething.

So here’s how it works: your child’s body will heat the amber which then will make it release the succinic acid that has oils.

Their bodies will then absorb the succinic acid to help in easing the baby’s pain.

You will however notice that almost all the amber teething necklaces are made using the Baltic amber. This is a fossilized resin that you will only find from the sap conifer trees. It will come from the Baltic region and the Baltic amber is an ancient style of jewelry.

The Baltic region has amber deposits that they sometimes call Baltic gold. They will come to you in different colors blue, yellow, brown, red, white, green, and black. Nonetheless, the Baltic amber that’s meant for teething is often brown/orange or even milky.

Understanding the main ingredient in the Baltic amber

The most important thing to remember with the Baltic amber is that it has succinic acid that has healing properties. Succinic acid is common among the Chinese for its medicinal properties.

It will calm and soothe the pain, it will also boost your immunity, it is antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory.

So does the amber necklace work for the baby?

Yes, it does. We had already mentioned that the baby’s body will warm it and then it will release the oils that then release some of the succinic acids. The body will then absorb the acid and this is what goes to soothe and calm the pain.

So the baby needs to chew the amber necklaces or even gam them for them to work. The best time to wear them though is when the baby is awake. This is also the time when they can chew them. Other than this sometimes the kids use the teething biscuits.

How to use the amber necklaces for the kids?

You need the right size for your child so first, choose the size that will fit your child.

Now fasten it around your baby’s neck. Always choose the one that has the pop clasp that makes it easy to release when you need to.

Teething Necklace

Sometimes you will need to distract the child that they have the necklace to get their concentration out of the necklace.

Leave that necklace then alone allowing it to rest against your baby skin.

Also, remove it when they go for naps as it could choke them

Don’t forget the kid’s safety is paramount. You always have to check it from time to time to make sure they are safe. Now let it deliver your dream of soothing the pain.

Make sure you check the necklace to confirm that it’s legit. Only then will it work for you.

Make sure the necklace you are talking of here is the one that’s not polished. Notice that the polished ones make it hard for the oils and the acid to get out and seep into the body.

You should only choose the white, milky yellow, butter-colored ones, lemon color, or the green one. If you choose the darker colors, chances are that they have been cooked to come up with such a color.

Notice though that if you truly use the raw unpolished ones then you will have a higher percentage of succinic which the body needs. We mention this because not all amber is raw as some jewelers want to make you believe.

Some types will go through a process they refer to an autoclave. This of course makes it easy to manage but it’s no longer raw.

But when is the ideal age for my baby to wear the necklaces?

When your baby is four months, they are ready to start wearing the amber necklaces. This means that they don’t have to tug or bite the necklace and they will get used to the process. Notice that you can wear the necklace for up to 3 years. Some people like to let their children wear them long after their third birthday.


I dont know how tight it should be?

Well, this is a question almost any parent wants to know because of baby safety. The average length though should be 32cm. With such a fit then you won’t cause discomfort. If you make the necklace too long, then it’s not that safe. In pulling it left, right center then they may tangle them or cause chocking.

Im afraid they will choke when wearing this necklace

Of course, this is a legitimate question especially since they have it around their necks. If you will take precautions though then the necklace will never cause any harm. Make sure the kids don’t wear the necklace when they are going to sleep.

They feature the use of double beaded necklaces sometimes. However the way the kids have them on remember to keep them safe.

Can I let them on when they are going to sleep?

No, you shouldn’t. When the baby goes to sleep make sure you remove it. Let the kids wear the necklace only when they are awake but the moment they go back to sleep you can then remove the necklace.

Are you sure the amber teething necklaces work?

Well, this is a yes and no answer. Sometimes I think it’s a mental belief that makes it work but other times I feel like yes actually it does work. Because of the acid present, I think it soothes the pain. But science is yet to prove this to be true.

It’s normal for your babies to have fevers when they are teething. When you use such necklaces then you are sure they will calm the pain and make it a little easy to handle. Now let’s just say that these necklaces though based on the wisdom of the past do work for most people.

Whats mom teething necklace

These are different as they are the teething toys that the moms wear around their neck to let the baby chew. They are a perfect choice if your baby is clingy or you don’t want the baby to drop the teether.

They are mostly ideal for anyone with mild teething pain. They will always make it easier for the baby. But when your baby has intense teeth pain then you can use the amber teething necklace.

Seriously though is mom teething safe?

I know you question this based on the fact that your four-month-old will start to use it. Well yes, they are as safe as it can be.

Nonetheless, you will have to consider the following pointers

  • Confirm the material that makes them

The necklace should be made using untreated wood, natural rubber, and food-grade silicone. Don’t buy the plastic types even though they may say its BPA approved. Generally, plastic is problematic, and although its BPA free it could contain phthalates.

  • Check the string

Make sure you secure the beads properly also ensure the string will not fray easil8y.

But where is it from?

Depending on where you buy them from the place where the necklace is made will determine whether it’s safe or not. Some people claim that the ones made in China may contain lead and nickel which is unsafe.

1. Baby Teething Necklace for Mom

Baby Teething Necklace for Mom, Silicone Teething Necklace, BPA Free (Gray/Mint/White)

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We are talking about great quality necklaces that will match the different necklace collection that a mom can wear for their babies. This great necklace also looks good for the mom to be out with. It features the chewable silicon type of necklace that’s free of all the toxic metals or elements.

They work great for the infants who are just starting to teeth as they aren’t at all harmful. But of course, you will need to keep them clean. They will massage the gums while stimulating visuals, sensory, and motor development.

The reason why we also advocate that you use it is that they are safe to use since they have been tested for chemical composition. They are safe to use by kids and will never cause adverse effects.

2. Lofca Teething Necklace Baby Silicone Teether 

Lofca Teething Necklace Baby Silicone Teether Nursing Necklace for Mom Safe Toys for Teeth

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The first thing for the baby teething necklace is to make sure they are food grade safe but most of all they are safe to use by the little ones. Here you have a food-grade silicone and yet it’s durable to use. It’s nontoxic after going through rigorous standard checks to make sure it’s safe for babies.

It will be safe to use and convenient to wear since it will never come out. It features the use of soft and chewy beads that will best reduce the pain your baby feels. The necklace is also great since it will allow you to adjust it thus attain the appropriate length.

The secret to maintaining the health of the little one is to make sure everything is clean. Lucky for you it’s very easy to clean this necklace. You can even clean it in a dishwasher.

3. Lofca Baby Teething Necklace for Mom

lofca Baby Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear-Great Teether Toy -Food Grade Silicone,Anti Flammatory-100% BPA Free-'Claire'(Marble) …

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Here you have the first necklace with just the right shape to allow your kids to chew. The best part though is that they are safe to wear regardless. It features the use of food-grade silicone and it’s free of all different kinds of toxins.

No more need for teething tablets and gels. Such options, therefore, are chewable and soft to use. This is the most natural method to deliver pain relief. Therefore, you are lucky since you can cool them or even freeze it just the normal way you would.

So if you are a breastfeeding mum you have another distraction to keep the little hands busy. They won’t grab and scratch your nipples as they do all the time. The pieces are safe to use in the dishwasher and the best part is that you can even boil them to sterilize.

4. TecUnite 4 Pieces Chewing Necklace

TecUnite 4 Pieces Chewing Necklace for Boys and Girls, Silicone Teething Necklace Pendants for Mom to Wear, Baby Teething Toys, 4 Colors (Style B)

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Sometimes you should only focus on the right pendant to keep the baby attracted to. Especially make sure you choose the right color. The good thing though is that the necklace is made using food-safe material. It further goes through standard checks to make sure it’s safe for the little ones to use.

It’s nontoxic yet it also has a special odor. Notice that this is bendable for comfortable use by the little ones. One thing to understand though it’s that they are durable thus you will use it over a long time.

It will even help kids develop their color skills and the attraction towards bright colors. The necklace chain then is adjustable to let your little one fit in.

5. Latitata Amber Teething Necklace

No products found.

No products found.

Of course, this is the most common color of the raw Baltic amber material. It’s further safe to use with your child. These are made for babies and their parents. It features the use of authentic Baltic amber which is the best type of amber in the world.

With its succinic acid it will relieve the pain and the discomfort the child may have. This works in a very short time, though. They are safe to use and they offer maximum security with the screw you use. They will even give you a satisfaction guarantee.

This is the safest kind of necklace as it has no chemicals that are part of the contents.

6. Meraki Amber Necklace 

Meraki Baltic Amber Necklace - Raw Unpolished Baroque Baltic Amber Necklace | Certified Genuine Baltic Amber Necklace | Cognac Color (12.5 Inches)

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If you love authenticity, then this is the most natural and unpolished style of an amber necklace. Remember the amber necklaces have other uses like relieving different pains but especially arthritis.

This is one of the most potent options you can ever have. They will get rid of all the different kinds of ailments. But as you use them on the adults you can use them with your young ones too.

No more need to go in for the different kinds of medicine when you can relive the pains with these necklaces. It will still release the acid the same way it does on adult bodies. This one will therefore help the young ones.

The dangers of using the amber necklace

Of course, we are talking about little ones who are most delicate and unsafe. Such necklaces can be unsafe if you don’t monitor the little ones and remember it’s hard to just not get your eyes off them.

It could cause choking if you are not careful. That’s why they encourage you to only have them wear it when they are awake. If you didn’t use the right length you may cause a very bad accident too.

Instead of using them, therefore, other people prefe3r to use the mom necklace.  If you will however prefer the amber necklace, then remember to do the following

  • Supervise the child when they have the necklace on at all times.

If you are afraid like sometimes I feel afraid you can have your child wear the necklace on the wrist and not really on the neck.

If you have the necklace on the neck, then you should remove it as long as no one is attending to them. This is also about the short time you may not be concentrated on them.

Always remember to remove the necklace whether your child is sleeping in the night or day.

Most of all check other methods that are better than using the amber necklace.

7. The Original Baby Teething Necklace for Mom

The Original Baby Teething Necklace for Mom, Silicone Teething Beads, 100% BPA Free (Gray, Mint, White, Gray)

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It doesn’t matter whether you just want to add a little bit of flair or style to your look or you are solidly wearing them for the baby these will serve you greatly. Its colors are great such that they will match even your work outfits.

Of course, the silicone beading will call attention to you. You will have people want to wear them too but you know the necklace, in this case, is meant for the child chewing. It’s free of all kinds of toxins which means the babies can safely use it.

They will massage your gums yet delivering instant relief. For some people, it will even soothe sensory development. Such necklaces are therefore safe to use with your teething baby.

8. Baltic Amber Necklace 

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No products found.

Here’s the perfect solution to your teething baby. It will take about 30 minutes for you to have safe gums and teeth. Since it’s a real raw Baltic amber type you will have it release enough succinic acid.

They are colorful to use with different kinds of clothing. Notice that these aren’t for your baby to chew instead they will work easily and directly letting in the acid to your skin. It features the use of twist in the screw to get it in place.

The buying guide

When you are going out to buy the necklaces you will need the following points to make sure they are safe to use.

  • The toxicity

It’s every parent’s dream to make sure the babies are safe. Check that aside from saying the necklace is safe that it’s truly safe as they say. Chose the ones that are FDA-approved. They should be BPA free, not containing phthalates, nickel, lead, and cadmium. Remember your kid’s safety comes first.

  • Is it effective

You want to make sure it works as you expect it to. Well, forget about what people claim and go out to confirm that they are safe for you. If you think amber works great for you then that’s good but also if you want to use the chewing ones, then go for them.

  • Take the brighter colors

If you are going to use the mom teething necklace, then you should play around with the colors. Make sure they are bright to make them even more attractive.

  • Choose the right length

If you are going to use the amber necklace, make sure they fit the baby right. You don’t want to make a simple mistake that will cause choking.

For the mom necklace though choose the long ones that will reach your babies’ arms.

  • Read reviews

You want to read and find out what other people have to say about the necklaces. Go on to make the decisions but after you read and find that they only give you positive reviews.

Also, find out more information on the safety of the necklaces before you decide to go with them.

  • What’s the budget?

Notice that these necklaces are never expensive but you should still have a set range of prices to guide you to the right one. This will guide you to the right one.

Back to you

Now you have all the information you need. Which one is going to use? Consider the different styles and options available with their features.

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