16 Body Jewelry Companies You Can Trust

When you get your different body jewels, you will need to find the best jewels for your body piercing.

More people want to know more about the jewels they choose, which is why the company you buy from matters.

This article will show you some of the highest quality brands where you can buy your jewels. You will receive high-quality jewels if you know where to search.

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1. Quali ti jewels

Quali ti jewels

The founder of this brand had one intention in mind; to find the right jewels and accessories easily within the UK. This brand is not a regular jewelry company; rather, it will be a wholesale jewelry company.

At first, all they wanted was to provide the right titanium jewel implant. When you, therefore, order quality, you can be sure you won’t need the cheap ones that will end up messing you.

If you are buying the jewel here, they will tell you the jewel’s exact quality, especially the grade. These jewels remain ideal for those times when you are piercing your body for the first time.

Today you will notice that most of the jewels you use when you are piercing your body are from QualiTi. All these thanks to the online platform.

2. Kingsbody jewelry

Kingsbody jewelry

When you want to buy body jewelry, the best place to find the ones that will suit your body piercings is at king’s body jewelry.

This is the brand to visit when you fancy some excellent customer service. They will have all the different kinds and styles of jewels. The sizes vary to fit the different piercing holes’ sizes.

You can choose to use 316 stainless steel jewels as you will always find them there. With these jewels, you will receive good-quality goods.

3. Bodyjewelry.com 


If you like to buy jewels online, then you are better off buying them from body jewelry.com.

This shop stands out for being a one-stop shop for every kind of jewel you want. The good thing, though, is that you will have different and unique types of jewelry. You can navel and body rings at your service.

You will even have the tunnels, plugs, and unique necklaces too. So you’ll have the 316 surgical steel jewels, titanium ones,s or gold style of jewel. Notice that you will have the different jewels coming to you through the platform at all times.

This brand has been in business for over a decade. The jewels are safe to use since they are already inspected. Notice that you will have only high-quality stainless steel, 14K gold titanium, and more.

Moreover, you will only have high-quality jewels; thus, they will fit and suit anyone using them.

Expect to have all kinds of body jewels, both high-end ones, and regular-style jewels.

4. Body candy jewels

Body candy jewels

This one stands out as one of the best platforms to offer quality services. Remember, they will always have a price range, and their dedication to delivering the best service is what makes them exceptional. They offer you the best customer service ever.

They focus on making the clients happy about their jewels, emphasizing delivering the best as they enhance communication.

You will receive the best quality jewel from this brand as it delivers a variety of jewel options. Remember, they will have varying styles and designs for the same. The prices of the jewel further vary from one person to another.

They’ll offer you the best service, especially since they are durable to use. You, therefore, have different styles of jewels you can use.

5. Hollywood body jewels

Hollywood body jewels

Here you have a whole website dedicated to wholesale body jewels. The brand is excellent for delivering the best body jewels as well as stainless steel jewelry. You will find them all around the world. Notice too that they will make the addition to the jewel line.

With this company, you expect nothing less than excellent quality products. They aim to satisfy you, so they will always serve you with the most fantastic options.

They will further meet the expectation of all. Notice that this brand is a wholesale one that will distribute the different jewels across the globe.

Such jewels come in different styles. Whether you will use them on your nose, the lip, the tongue, or the ear is all a personal preference.

6. Body jewelry shop

Body jewelry shop 1

Notice that you’ll have a wide selection of jewelry that comes in different shapes and sizes; thus, they will suit the set requirement.

Most of the jewels you find here will be made using 316L surgical steel. Also, notice that the jeweled items will also add a touch of glamour for you.

You will make it easy to create safe-to-use jewelry, especially since you can use different kinds of gold. So then you will have body jewels in wood, titanium, and acrylic. You will, therefore, have several options for the jewels.

The safe thing about this brand is that it offers you cheaper options. The asset will remain trendy, especially since the world is rapidly changing for you. Expect only to have this set online.

7. Starfire body jewelry

Starfire body jewelry

This one came up as a solution to the quest to have body jewelry companies. One of the things you will find with this is that they give you good quality jewels.

You will find so many different sizes of jewels as well as colors. With this site, therefore, you can get jewels of different shapes and styles.

The great thing about this brand is that the jewels are ever-evolving. They work differently as they will go out to look for the piercer.

Notice the body jewels you find here are from their manufacturers; thus, their work is to deliver them to you.

So when you use this jewel, you are sure you won’t have issues that affect you.

8. Diablo body jewel

Diablo body jewel

This is one of the businesses that has lasted over 20 years. The thing you will enjoy here is that you don’t have to go out looking for the jewels aside from the place where you pierce.

Here you have the professional choices for the jewels that they can even use on the new piercing. Remember, this is not the place to go looking for cheap and inferior quality jewels. Here they only choose the best jewels and make use of the best professional piercers.

You can be sure to have only the American-made jewels. They take the jewels from some of the top brands in America.

Nonetheless, sometimes they will design and deliver their brand jewels. Take your time to choose the jewels based on the size, style, and piercing type you also have.

9. Body art forms

Body art forms 1

This is a company that belongs to two sisters, but for them, it’s more about business here than just a brand that belongs to sisters.

Being almost 20 years old, this brand today sells almost all kinds of jewels you will ever need. Besides, we are talking about high-quality jewels.

They have a long story of growth as they first started by parking the jewel in their homes. Today they have a big 9100 square feet company.

You will like the fact that the company uses some of the best materials for the jewels. Expect to use stainless steel, quartz glass, flexible steel, and more.

To those who are environmentally conscious, this makes your work even more comfortable. You will notice that they have and offer you some of the best biodegradable choices.

10. Body vibe

Body vibe

Here you have another one of the few wholesale options that could be helpful to you. They make sure they have all the best-looking jewels for you to use. You can find the right jewels to use for the ears, lips, tongue, and many other parts of your body.

You will find the different sizes, colors, and styles of jewels that interest you in this company. So if you want to buy different retail services options, you can go to the body vibe.

When you desire to find authentic and high-quality goods, this site is again the best choice to go to. They sell different styles of body jewels.

11. Siren body jewelry

Siren body jewelry

Here is a dreamer who only wanted to find a shop so clean where she could do her piercing and tattoo. Since she couldn’t find one in her neighborhood, she figured that they could make one.

Through the twists and turns of business ventures, she made it to sell some of the best jewels.

Today this lady is very passionate about creating only the best jewels to serve the people who only like the best.

Notice that jewels have a story, and that’s why under each category, you will have her telling you a story about the jewel.

They focus more on creating silicon jewelry as they will come in 12 different colors. You will further find jewels in different styles.

So it will give you a choice for the pattern you like. Which kind of jewel are you looking for? They have them all, and they will serve you rightfully.

12. Forbidden body jewelry

Forbidden body jewelry

If you are ever searching for the best jewels, you must have come across this brand. They sell some of the highest-grade material jewels.

Notice that you will have the jewels coming in different materials as they feature the use of stainless steel, titanium, gold, and many more styles of jewels.

If you are looking for the companies that sell best on Amazon, then you have it here. They have been in business since 2013, and they still are growing strong in ti. They will give you uncompromised style, elegance, and customer service.

Expect only to find high-grade quality jewel materials. It doesn’t matter which kind of jewel you are looking for; you will always find it here.

13. Painful pleasures

Painful pleasures

In 1999 painful pleasures opened its doors to some of the best options of both piercings and jewel selections. Here you will also have an unmatched selection of products.

They knew it wasn’t enough to create the business of piercing; thus, they made sure anything related was part of the business.

This is how they came up with the need to sell jewels too. Now they are always reachable, which means that if you didn’t get the kind of jewel you need, then you can customize it. They will make the jewel-like you want them to, thus personalizing it.

It offers a holistic approach, which is ideal for anyone looking for a business.

14. Crazy factory

Crazy factory

It sells the most different kinds of jewels because they offer more discounts and promotions. Now they focus on all the different kinds of piercing even though they won’t pierce it themselves. You will have different kinds of jewels to use on the body parts.

Besides, you don’t always have to buy in dollars to set your currency to understand better. They understand that being an online shop means people across the globe will access it. If you want, you can further customize everything as they have the option to design it.

15. Avanti


When you are looking for innovative jewelry, then this is the place to go. You will have a blog section where you can have the information that regards piercings. In fact, they often use all the biocompatible jewels. You can find all the different and unique metals.

They will further mostly agree on the initial jewelry standards. They make it easy for you to find the right piercing and jewelry for different parts.

16. Anatometal

Anatometal 1

Last on the list here is anatomical. They marry the 21st-century desires with technology to find some of the best options for piercing jewels. So when you go here, you are not only focusing on the piercing instead on the jewels you may use.

Notice that, in this case, you will always have the implant grade material too. When you are looking for the best and most unique jewelry, visit this brand anytime.

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