Brass Jewelry – Check Out The Article Before You Buy It

Brass is one of the oldest metals that was used to make everything, including jewelry. Look around and notice that brass jewels are famous today, just like they were in the past.

We attribute that to the fact that jewelers are making more stylish yet affordable brass jewels today.

So we will understand more about it and why you should also join the hype.

Understanding brass and its origin

Brass has been in existence for ages. It’s a favorite for its yellowish warm tone appearance. It looks so much like the yellow gold for most people, and that’s why it is still one of the best.

It will maintain the perfect luster. You can use brass metals for different things, decorative tools, musical instruments, household items, and jewelry.

brass gourd

There are no metals known as brass; instead, it’s an alloy of brass and zinc. They don’t mix them in equal parts at all times; rather, it will depend on why you can be looking for this metal. In some instances, people even add the lead and zinc to the brass to make it look even better.

Notice that the brass metals have been in existence for ages. It was first discovered in 500BC. People have since then used them for various reasons, which include decoration and jewelry. During the middle ages, the brass was always so standard. It was used to manufacture different tools and ornaments.

It was, at times, even used to manufacture the Romania coins. In those days, though, only the emperors and the most powerful afforded the brass jewels. Well, it was a sign of wealth and status in society.

By the middle ages, different people were already using the brass jewels. They are the best types since they offer the gold styles of treasure without making you break the bank.

Brass and durability

With the addition of zinc and copper, the brass metal is durable yet very strong. This metal is very malleable, and you can use it to create intricate jewels. The good thing is that it doesn’t break even if you exert too much pressure on it.

Often it will just stretch a little. Therefore, with such features, you can be sure that the jewel will last longer if you take good care of time.

The other thing that makes it durable is that unlike iron metals, brass will never rust or corrode. Nonetheless, the presence of copper means that it will develop the green patina layer. This is the result of the present copper.

Is brass a good material for jewelry

Of course, it is an excellent material to use. It’s readily available and also affordable. Depending on the alloy you make with the brass, though, you will determine whether it’s valuable or not.

The one advantage that makes it a must-have is that the brass will never rust. But it won’t rust either; this is why most people like it.

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Any jewelry, even if it’s the costume jewel when made with brass, will last longer. So as long as you use the one that contains no lead and nickel, you are good to go. The fact that it’s much affordable makes it even better.

I know some people say its not a good metal for the following reasons.

It turns your skin green. Well, any metals that contain copper in it will always turn your skin green. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the sterling silver or brass; the story will be the same.

Its cheap, and of course, you could use them once in a while. Also, if you are on a budget, it’s okay to buy brass. But if you have everything you need, then you shouldn’t buy cheap jewels. Make sure you order the best looking brass jewel.

In some cases, they say that brass jewels will cause an allergic reaction. Well, white gold can also cause skin reactions, but that doesn’t stop people from buying it.

Whenever the nickel is in the jewel metals, then you can be sure it will react with your skin. The secret is, therefore, to choose the one that’s free of nickel and lead.

Brass jewelry is safe.

The kind of jewelry you buy will determine the safety. If by safety, you refer to the ones that may or may not cause you the skin allergies, then this is one such type.

You can have brass that contains metals like nickel that are usually not safe for other people. However, the best type of brass doesn’t have nickel.

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The best question is being you pro allergies because then you will react when you have metals like nickel, copper sometimes, and lead.

However, if you buy a high-quality brass jewel, then it’s safe. Also, please don’t go out wearing the treasures on your new piercing as they will cause allergies.

If you aren’t sure about them, though, you can buy the sealed or polished ones to create a contact barrier between the two.

Basically, the jewels are safe to use, especially if you are the type that doesn’t react to anything. Make sure you are using high-quality brass, though.

Does brass have nickel in it?

The real brass though is made using copper and zinc only. However, at times, some jewelers will add zinc to the brass for different reasons. So the answer here it’s a yes and no.

Generally, though brass doesn’t have nickel, it’s safe to use it even if you have a nickel allergy because, in most cases, it doesn’t contain nickel.

Is brass jewel hypoallergenic?

For you to understand these metals, you must remember that brass contains copper and zinc.

Some of the brass alloys, though, may contain nickel and lead. This is why most people are allergic to brass. So you can expect the copper to change your skin green. This is the result of the copper oxidation between the salts in the body and the copper metal.

So it’s safe to say that the brass is hypoallergenic. Therefore, if you have skin allergies, you can use the brass safely.

Want to know more about Hypoallergenic Jewelry? Check out this guide.

Pros of brass jewelry

  • Brass jewels are popular

Unlike most other precious metals that are very scarce, you will easily find the brass jewels. Therefore, if you want brass jewelry, you will not have a problem getting it as the gems are available almost anywhere.

  • Its gold-like appearance is a winner.

The reason why brass has gotten so popular is that it looks so much like gold. The other advantage is that you don’t have to spend a lot on the same. A consumer will find the right brass jewel that looks like yellow gold with ease.

  • It’s affordable

You will enjoy the fact that the jewel is affordable. Remember, brass is one of the least expensive yet most affordable kinds of treasures in the market. You, therefore, won’t need a lot of time and money to get the right jewel. Since its further cheaper, you will realize that the jewelers have different options to make an innovative and sleek design.

  • It’s durable

This jewel has high tensile strength with the perfect weight to make it last longer. With proper care, brass can last more than 20 years. Remember, it’s healthy, so it won’t break, bend, or dent easily.

Suppose you want to use a casting method for the jewels you can because brass stretches easily. You can make modern and vintage style pieces of jewelry.

  • It doesn’t rust

Brass will never corrode or rust even though it has copper in it. The only thing that will happen will be that it will develop a green color from time to time. This is why the jewelers will apply Lacquer to prevent the rusting.

  • This is surprisingly easy to care for

It shouldn’t be hard to clean the jewels, and you can use the clean cloth with water and soap to clean it. You don’t need rocket science when you are going to clean it. Remember, the jewel will remain in its excellent condition just the same way you bought it.

Does brass turn your skin green?

Of course, it will sometimes work because of the copper presence.

The oxidation will often occur when the metal comes to contact with your skin or the surrounding air. Also, it will form a patina layer, which is the green color on your skin.


So, of course, if your body doesn’t absorb all the copper, it will develop green coloring. However, there’s nothing to be scared about because the color is not permanent; you will always remove it when you use the soap and water.

However, if you don’t like the color, you can ultimately work on polishing the jewel. This will make sure it remains clean and create the barrier between your skin and the treasure.

Does brass change color?

Typical of most jewels, the brass will change its color over time. It’s all about the wear that occurs on anything with time. Notice that the brass will therefore develop the black hue on particular areas.

The good thing though, is that you can clean them quickly to maintain the perfect look.

They do develop the color when oxidation takes place. So the presence of copper makes the oxidation faster.

Does brass have healing properties?

Of course, the metals’ healing will therefore occur due to having the copper as part of the alloy.

  • It gives you antimicrobial and antibacterial features.

Copper can kill the bacteria and microbes fast. It will kill the harmful microbes within two hours. This is a savior since otherwise, you would have gone to look for medication.

  • It aides the metabolic function

Copper is an essential mineral in the body. Your skin will typically absorb the copper minerals from your jewel. This will then help the body with some necessary nutrients. Copper in the brass will help to fight arthritis, headaches, inflammation, and many more ailments.

  • It will create your body balance.

If we talk of metaphysics, this brass will help to balance your chakras. They will help you reach your higher state, how you alight, and remember your original perfection as a human.

Does brass jewelry tarnish?

Yes, it does, after all, it has copper within. This is one of the most significant weaknesses with this jewelry, but the good thing is that you can clean out the tarnish.

How to prevent the tarnish?

You may not make it to prevent the tarnishing altogether, but you will slow the process.

  • How do you store them?

This will determine whether the brass jewel will tarnish sooner or not. Remember to keep out the air because it will oxidize to form the patina layer in the presence of oxygen. Choose a zip lock bag to keep the jewels.

  • Don’t wet them

Also, don’t go to the swimming pool or the shower with the jewels. When it comes to contact with the water, then it will form the chemical reaction. This will then change the color of the jewel.

  • Keep out all the air.

When storing the jewel, though, wrap it in a clean piece of cloth before keeping it in the zip lock bag.

  • Always keep it in a cool, dry place.

How to clean the jewel?

Remember to clean your jewels frequently. Sometimes you may even polish it; then you are good to go. You can use the lemon water with salt to clean the brass jewels and even eliminate the tarnish.

Also, if you want, you can use the vinegar dip method. Be sure that the jewel has no embellishment, and it does don’t put it in the dip.

Brass jewels are readily available, which means that it’s all a question of what you are looking for from the jewels. You can have different styles and types of brass jewels. They are also available in most shops online and offline.

Wrapping up

Since you now know all the necessary factors about the jewels, you can start finding your best option on amazon. Just remember if you care for it properly then it will last longer.

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