Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

When you wish to buy some new jewels, the first thing that comes to mind is the metal to choose from.

Silver is a valuable metal element that jewelers use to make some of their best jewel options.

Even then, some people perceive silver as very expensive, while others say that it’s not the best quality.

Sterling Silver bracelet2

We will show you why every woman should buy sterling silver jewelry, even in the past, people associated silver with wealth and prejudice.

Most of the jewels that are made using sterling silver are luxurious, shiny, and precious looking.

You can be sure, though, that the sterling silver will work to create almost any kind of jewel you would like. It’s a blend of malleability, elegance, and durability.

Composition of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver contains a large amount of silver. It has 92.5% pure silver, and the other 7.5% is made of different metals. Often the remaining 7.5% is made using copper, although some may contain brass and other metals.

The reason you use other metals is to make the silver manageable because otherwise, the jewels won’t sustain the shape.

Nonetheless, you can use other metals like zinc, platinum, and germanium. Also, some people usually add boron or silicone to improve the structure of the sterling silver.

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The sterling silver is durable.

The good thing is that these jewels can serve you for a longer time. The most crucial part is that the silver looks as good as new all the time. Note that, whether it will last longer depends on how much care you give it.

We must say that although it’s not as costly as the diamond pieces, sometimes you may find the costly ones.

This is especially when you add precious gemstones. Don’t worry though it costs you a lot more; it’s durable, so it’s all worth every cost.

But you must be sure to buy the jewels from the right sources. Make sure it has the stamp 925 or 92.5; this then shows you that it’s sterling silver.

It gives room for craftsmanship and design.

Sterling silver is more affordable than pure silver gold and platinum. This gives room for the jeweler’s creativity. They can make almost any kind of jewel and create unique pieces before shipping them.

This means that even though there’s a constant change of style, you can easily cope. Sterling silver is not expensive; thus, you can buy the metal and create trendy styles as they come and go.

It’s the best way to keep up with trends.

The first thing to know is that fashion trends come and go quicker than you can think. Unfortunately, if you follow the trends, you may be caught in the mix of the trends. You will like the sterling silver because you won’t have to worry about it going out of fashion.

It doesn’t matter what is now in the style you will find it in sterling silver form. So the design may change, but the metal you use is the same.

Notice that if you need to use the gemstone on the necklace, you will only set them best in sterling silver. It will give you the perfect shine and boost the general look of your ornaments.

So in your list of favorite jewels, make sure you have some sterling silver.

I love the versatility.

Whether you will be using another type of silver or just sterling silver, you will find that it’s easy to use. Naturally, jewelers lean towards making ornaments with silver because it’s easy to mold. This then means that they can create several jewel styles.

Sterling Silver bracelet

This then means that you can find hundreds of styles that match your persona. You can also make different kinds of jewels. Whether you would like to buy anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, or any other type of gem, you can.

Besides, we have new jewel options being made today. This is to say that you will have a constant evolution. You will have the right jewels for the different occasions you attend.

Notice that if you pick the right gem, you will have the right one to match your outlook.

They are of high quality.

Of course, compared to other jewels on the market, you can be sure that sterling silver is precious but affordable. So here the quality won’t go with the price of the jewel.

Sterling Silver chain

This is one of the whitest, most beautiful looking metals on the market. You can enjoy its shine too as long as you keep it looking shiny. So imagine you will have the gold or platinum-looking jewels for a lower cost. The good thing though, is that it still is worth the price.

You shouldn’t be surprised at the cost. The difference with other metals is that these silver pieces are mined in large quantities. Silver is, for example, much more available than gold or platinum.

Hypoallergenic type of jewels

The one thing that makes one not want to use any kind of jewels is that they are hypoallergenic. The metal that causes the skin allergic reaction is nickel, brass, among other metals.

The good news though, is that silver contains none of such metals to cause reactions.

Sterling Silver necklace

If you are, therefore, skin sensitive, you can comfortably use sterling silver. It will never cause any form of chemical reaction, remember. It’s also still ideal when you use it on your new piercings as they will never be affected.

Although you will also have an additional copper if you are copper sensitive, you may react, but not most people are copper sensitive. You will never experience a skin reaction if you are using sterling silver on your new piercings.

It’s inexpensive and still a very precious type.

Most of the precious metals in the world are expensive but not of this kind. Silver is generally very affordable for its value. Most silver miners are lucky to find silver in plenty, which is why its price is low.

If you are on a budget, you can be sure to find some of the best sterling silver jewels without spending a fortune. It’s a dream to find a modest-looking jewel at a high price, and we can promise that it will serve you.

Every girl wants to wear quality and value well; the good thing is that this is a valuable metal across the board. It’s therefore much more comfortable to convince your girl to buy it, especially when it’s legit sterling silver.

Its easy to maintain

Anyone looking for a jewel wants to use a piece that is easy to clean and maintain. Well, sterling silver is about the ease of use. The good thing is that it will make it easy to use since you don’t have to figure things out. Just ensure that you store it in an airtight container, and that’s it.

As long as you keep it safe, it won’t tarnish, and neither will it damage. Just remember to keep wiping out the dirt to keep it looking and feeling clean.

It’s valuable and a brand.

You should know that this is one of the most common brands in the market. Most people in the world know sterling silver for jewelry. It’s a world-class name when it comes to jewelry. This is a plus for these jewels because the marketers don’t have to convince you to buy from them.

It doesn’t matter the occasion you wish to go, for you will make it right when you use sterling silver. For example, if you wish to attend a wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, it’s every girl’s dream to wear brand-recognized jewels.

It’s one of the most famous jewel metals because consumers know it. It’s on the list of some of the most precious jewels.

If you introduced another precious metal, you would still have a problem convincing people to buy it.

Although people want to associate with gold more today, you still can’t deny the fact that silver is a blend of all the goodness without spending a fortune.


The last reason you should buy sterling silver is that it’s readily available compared to other precious metals. It’s almost impossible for you to find that you don’t have sterling silver in the market.

If you are a jeweler, this is the best advantage. You can create different styles of jewelry with sterling silver. You will create innovative designs with these kinds of jewels.

But Is Sterling Silver Good?

Of course, it’s good you shouldn’t even doubt these silver pieces. Sterling silver is one of the precious metals that jewelers use for their precious jewels.

They will rarely cause allergic reactions, especially when you buy the legit 925 silver.

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Also, it will last longer if you treat it with care. This sterling silver will allow you to create some of your best and most unique styles of jewels. I mean, what’s there not to love about this metal. You will enjoy the shine and classy look for your official functions as well as the casual ones.

Can Wearing Silver Affect Your Health?

It will positively affect your health. People have used these metals for ages because of these positives aspects.

  • It will fight off the infections.

For ages, people who use silver have told us that it helps in fighting infections. Besides using it, you will maintain a healthy immune system.

It does so through the fact that has positively charged ions that you can use with your negative receptors in bacteria. It will eventually help to neutralize the effects.

  • It helps in regulating the body heat temperature. You can use such jewels, therefore, during summer days to try and reduce the heat.
  • It surprisingly will bring your energy centers back to balance. This means that you will have the perfect mood at all times.
  • It further protects us from the harmful effects of the radiation we have from electronics.

In a nutshell, it’s true to say that silver is fundamentally good metal. You can use it to maintain a body balance, but it has no adverse effects.


Is it good to wear a silver bracelet?

Of course, but why not. Don’t you like the shine and the style versatility?

As we have seen above, the silver metal generally has all the real goodness. You will find it easy to match it with other accessories and clothing when you use the silver bracelet.

Is silver jewelry considered cheap?

When compared with other precious metals, the silver medal is the cheapest. But remember it still gives you value. Sadly, we associate value with price, making it hard to see the goodness of precious metals like silver. Although it’s cheaper, it’s still one of the very best choices you can use.

Is sterling silver a good quality kind of jewel?

Yes, it is perfect quality, just like gold and platinum. It maintains the ideal shine, and it will never lose its color if you treat it right.

You can stand out when you use silver, especially since you can even add some gemstones to make it look even better.

How long does sterling silver last?

It all depends on how you care for it, but mostly if you keep it from tarnishing, then it will last for 20 -30 years. Learn to keep it safe and new-looking if you want it to serve you longer. Remember, the sterling silver will react with sulfur in the air. So when you are not wearing it, store it in the zip lock bag.

Is sterling silver considered fine jewelry?

Yes, it is. Remember, it’s in the list of precious jewels alongside gold and platinum. Besides, you can use metal together with precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphire.

Of course, when you want a more reliable option, you should go for fine jewelry. Expect to pay more with fine jewelry, but it’s worth every additional cost.

Sterling silver is precious; therefore, you will have it in the top list where you find gold and platinum.

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