How To Pierce Your Septum In The Right Way(Tips Before And After)

Septum piercing is not about to go out of fashion. It’s still one of the trendy fashion styles of piercing accessories. We have had celebrities like Jessica Biel and lady Gaga rock their new style of piercing. People like it a lot for one reason it’s not permanent. Besides, the piercing is hidden, so you … Read more

How To Know If Your Nose Piercing Is Infected – And How To Deal With It

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Do Nose Piercings Hurt – Why Does My Nose Piercing Hurt And How To Deal With It

You look so beautiful with the nose jewel but isn’t the piercing painful? This is one question you will hear whether you have a studio or like to talk about the piercings. Although I know it’s more painful than the ear lobe piercing, you never get all the details. In this article, we will talk … Read more

How To Take Care Of Septum Piercing (With Cleaning Septum Piercing Tips)

Septum piercings are trendy these days, with both men and women wearing the jewels to amp their look. You see, septum piercing is the piercing you do to the nasal septum. The nasal septum is between the left and right nostrils. When piercing: the professional piercer aims at piercing the sweet spot that’s at the … Read more

10 Different Types Of Nose Piercings That You May Want To Konw

One of the trendiest styles of piercings is nose piercing. It’s also the second oldest after the earlobe one, yet more people are embracing it today. Did you know that, unlike in the past when you only pierced the nostril and sometimes the septum, today you can choose all the other different parts of the … Read more