How To Keep Ear Piercing Open Without Earring

Ear piercings are a fashionable art that enhances your look and has almost become a rite of passage to many people. The stigma associated with multiple piercings is no longer there. Nevertheless, you may be required to remove your earrings for certain reasons. In this era, ear piercings have become more popular with different and … Read more

Nose Screw Vs. Nose Stud Vs. Nose Ring – Which One Should You Choose

Nose Screw Vs. Nose Stud Vs. Nose Ring

We have different jewel options you can use for your nose. For most people, they look the same, and they classify them as the nose jewels. However, we have nose rings, nose studs, and nose screws, all of which are excellent nose jewel options. Notice that different people have different reasons why they prefer one … Read more

Best Septum Jewelry For Piercing (2020 Updated)

a gilr with septum jewelry

There are so many piercing styles, and one of the most common ones today is septum piercing. You’ll notice hundreds of celebrities wearing septum jewels. No wonder we have quite a number of both men and women wearing them too today. Remember, it’s one thing to pierce and then nurse it but another to find … Read more