10 Different Types Of Nose Piercings That You May Want To Konw

One of the trendiest styles of piercings is nose piercing. It’s also the second oldest after the earlobe one, yet more people are embracing it today. Did you know that, unlike in the past when you only pierced the nostril and sometimes the septum, today you can choose all the other different parts of the … Read more

16 Best Hypoallergenic Nose Rings (With Earrings) – Good For Sensitive Skin (Updated 2022)

Anyone who enjoys the different styles of jewels will have heard of metal allergies. Many people react to different jewels, mostly because of the nickel present. Sometimes though, they will react with other metals in the composition. It’s not abnormal for you to be allergic to some of the metals. This is why jewelers find … Read more

7 Nickel Free Nose Rings – Choose Hypoallergenic Nose Rings For Sensitive Skin

Are you one of the nickel-sensitive people? Don’t worry; you can use nickel-free nose rings. If you have a piercing studio or a jewel store, you’ll always hear people asking for such rings. They’re often looking for the safest jewels to use and wear. Do you have a nickel allergy? You will often experience nickel … Read more

Should I Get A Nose Piercing – What Does A Nose Ring Mean

Piercing is the best way to accessories, and though there are many parts to pierce, nose piercing gives you an edge. They mostly look so amazing on anyone provided they accessorize well. But nose piercing is a commitment, especially when it’s still at the healing stage. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure you will always … Read more

What Does A Nose Piercing Mean

Nose piercings are a cultural and ancient art of beauty that came into existence years ago. It’s one aspect of beauty that today people around the globe have embraced. It is the second most famous body type piercing after the earlobe piercing. Culturally, nose piercing is understood to have different symbols. In other countries, nose … Read more

Nose Screw Vs. Nose Stud Vs. Nose Ring – Which One Should You Choose

We have different jewel options you can use for your nose. Most people, look the same, and they classify them as nose jewels. However, we have nose rings, nose studs, and nose screws, all of which are excellent nose jewel options. Notice that different people have different reasons why they prefer one over the other. … Read more

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing (Find Your Answer Here)

Nose piercings are a very significant art that has different symbols traditionally. Its meanings vary from a different culture to another. Nose rings have become trendy in this generation with updated designs and styles. Nose piercings, just like any other piercing done on the body, are quite painful. It is a complicated procedure that requires … Read more

Why Does My Septum Smell And How To Deal With It

It’s hard not to notice that something smells rotten when the smell is right under or in your nose. Well, this is the case for those times you have a septum piercing. You will notice the strange smell coming out sometime before it finally heals. Don’t worry; it’s nothing big unless it gets septic. This … Read more