Gold Vermeil Vs. Gold-Filled Vs. Gold Plated – With Comparing Form

Gold is a favorite metal in the jewelry industry. People like it for its color, luster, durability, and value. This is also why there are so many types of gold jewels even for those who sometimes can’t buy the high-end ones. The plated jewels mimic the high-end styles of jewelry. You can have solid gold … Read more

Gold Plated Jewelry – Why They Are Good Choice For Jewelry

Times are changing and new styles come in and out of fashion. One style that hasn’t changed is the use of jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry existed for the longest time because it’s affordable yet looks like real gold. It has a thin layer of gold over a large base metal. We all like gold but since … Read more

18k Gold Plated VS 24k Gold Plated – What Are Their Differences

This is one of the very common types of jewel options because people like to buy the best. The question is, for what purposes are you purchasing the jewel. If you are buying it to use in jewelry, then it will always work. Remember, there are many reasons that one is better than the other, … Read more

18k Goldplated – What Does 18k Gold Plated Mean

The love for jewelry dates back thousands of years ago, and the gold jewel, in particular, is the most precious metal of all. Gold jewelry comes in different styles like gold-filled, solid gold, gold plated, and gold vermeil. Today we are interested in the 18K gold plated jewels. Further reading:¬†Gold Vermeil Vs. Gold-Filled Vs. Gold … Read more

Titanium Vs Gold Vs White Gold, What Are Their Differences

The market has different kinds of jewel metals and depending on the purpose of buying it different people prefer the different styles of metals. Today we bring to you titanium, gold, and silver to show you the differences and similarities. They will also show you the types that are better at certain times than others. … Read more