Hypoallergenic Jewelry – What You Need To Know

Hypoallergenic Jewelry 1

Whenever we are talking of jewelry, you must come across the term ‘hypoallergenic.’ There’s nothing so annoying than buying your beautiful jewel only for it to cause allergies. Of course, this reaction shows you that you are skin sensitive. But all is not lost for you since there are many metals you can use to … Read more

White Gold Vs Silver Vs Platinum – What Are The Differences

White Gold Vs Silver Vs Platinum

For most people, the white gold, silver, and platinum look the same. I mean, it’s just jewels right, but there are fundamental differences that make each one precisely the metal that it is. I know you may sometimes not know the exact metal to choose from the three. In this article, you will learn about … Read more

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

925 ring

Jewelry, like any other industry, has some of its unique terminologies. If you are new to jewelry, you may wonder what 925 means as it’s standard in jewelry. In this article, we answer your question and much more, as you will see below. This is a hallmark stamp, but it’s not the only one. Well, … Read more

What Kind Of Jewelry Turns Your Skin Green And How To Avoid It

jewelry turns your skin green

You recently bought your ring or necklace, and you are over the moon. But you discover something strange; when you wear it over prolonged periods, your skin turns green. First off, note that the skin turn has no cause for alarm as you can simply wipe it out. Also, the skin turning green has no … Read more

18 Types of Jewelry Clasps (Including Necklace Clasp Types)

Jewelry Clasp

There’s a lot that goes into the making of the jewels. Of course, the decorative aspect matters a lot, but then the clasps are equally important. If you don’t choose the right clasp for you, the jewel may fall off. So although most people overlook this aspect, it’s just as important. Jewelry clasp is the … Read more

What Jewelry Can You Wear in The Shower (Complete Guide)

What Jewelry Can You Wear in The Shower

We hear this question in the jewelry store every time someone wants to buy their favorite jewels. It’s a legit question that anyone wants to understand genuinely. The thing is when you are asking this question; then obviously you need a yes or no answer. Unfortunately, you can’t receive such a direct response as there’s … Read more