Jewelry Metals – Metals For Jewelry Making

Jewelery Metal

Well, the one thing that determines the perfection of your jewelry is the perfect metals. But remember we can’t use all the metals. Depending on the kind of jewel you want to create, you have various metals to work with. Of course, jewelers’ have tried to create jewels from any kind of metals successfully. Today … Read more

Nickel Free Jewelry – The Facts You Need To Know

nickel free jewelry

Anyone who has the nickel allergy knows how much they need the nickel-free jewels. Such jewels will not cause a skin reaction, thus making it easy to use the jewels. When you buy the nickel-free jewels, then you also have a hypoallergenic jewel. So this article will show you some of the nickel-free gems to … Read more

How to Clean Costume Jewelry

How to Clean Costume Jewelry

Jewelry is a precious asset that we always use to accessorize our look. They come in different styles, colors, and shapes. You may like your engagement ring, wedding necklace, gold earrings, and platinum bracelets, but forget those expensive ones for a second. We all have that one or two pieces of costume jewelry that we … Read more

How to Clean Silver Plated Jewelry (Step By Step)

How to Clean Silver Plated Jewelry

When you have your best looking silver-plated jewel, you should focus on making sure it looks as good as new. It will give you the shine and luster you need. The hardest thing people struggle with is to clean it. Unfortunately, you must clean it right if you want it to last longer. The good … Read more

What Does 825 Mean On Jewelry

What Does 825 Mean On Jewelry

You will always have some numbers that you may not even understand different jewels. It’s just the unique terminologies that help to identify the different jewelry. If you are in the jewelry business, then this is something you will have to familiarize with. Some of the common ones include 925 sterling silver, 14-24K, and more. … Read more

Fine Jewelry Vs Fashion Jewelry, The Differences Between Them

Fine Jewelry Vs Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry and fine jewelry differences come from understanding the quality and materials used to make the jewelry. Both these jewelry pieces serve the same purpose: to provide beauty to the person wearing the gem. The metals or materials used in making these gems is the prime difference between fashion and fine jewelry. Precious metals … Read more

How Can I Tell If A Necklace Is Real Silver

Silver Necklace

Unfortunately, today anything you buy can be fake posing as an authentic option. Silver is a common metal used to create jewelry. While you can find the genuine pieces, you can also have counterfeit pieces. We have brands using unreal silver to create their jewelry. They, therefore, imitate the best quality silver and make the … Read more