27 Types Of Necklaces (Chain Styles With Pictures)


Necklaces have been in existence for centuries. In the ancient days, different cultures used different kinds of ornaments to twerk their look. Mind you, both men and women wear jewelry. Today we show you the different types of necklaces in the market. Are you thinking of buying some necklaces yet you don’t know which one … Read more

Pendant Vs Necklace, What Is The Difference Between A Necklace And A Pendant

Single strands

If you are anything like me, you probably think that the pendant and necklaces are the same. I hate to break it to you, but these two are different in many aspects, as you will see below. Nonetheless, I get it that in the jewelry world, most jewelers aren’t making it any easier since they … Read more

28 Best Men’s Cross Necklace of 2020

Men’s Cross Necklace

Gone are the days when men’s cross necklaces were a celebrity thing. Today, you will see men from all walks of life wearing the cross necklace. While most people associate the cross with religious faith, you don’t have to be religious faithful to wear them. They are comfortable to wear and pull out; that’s why … Read more

33 Best Couple Necklaces (2020 Update)

Couple Necklaces

When you find the one, your world changes, and you feel fulfilled. Every day is joyous to live through regardless of the waves that follow. To continue experiencing the joyful days’ couples like to gift one another. And one of the perfect gifts is the matching couple’s necklace. Are you thinking of buying your favorite couples … Read more