Silver Plated Jewelry – Is Silver Plated Jewelry Good

Silver-plated jewelry isn’t new in the market. It delivers the perfect appearance, the shine, the durability, and all at an affordable cost. So silver plating is the method of depositing a thin layer of silver over other base metals in jewelry. The plating method is the best jewelry style when you want to wear expensive … Read more

Gold Plated Jewelry – Why They Are Good Choice For Jewelry

Times are changing and new styles come in and out of fashion. One style that hasn’t changed is the use of jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry existed for the longest time because it’s affordable yet looks like real gold. It has a thin layer of gold over a large base metal. We all like gold but since … Read more

Jewelry Plating – Know The Different Types Of Plating

Creating jewels is artistic, and there are so many styles available to make different styles of jewels. The most common method of making jewels is jewelry plating. Put this is the process where you place another layer of metal over the base metal. The essence is to make it look better and give it a … Read more

18k Goldplated – What Does 18k Gold Plated Mean

The love for jewelry dates back thousands of years ago, and the gold jewel, in particular, is the most precious metal of all. Gold jewelry comes in different styles like gold-filled, solid gold, gold plated, and gold vermeil. Today we are interested in the 18K gold plated jewels. Further reading:¬†Gold Vermeil Vs. Gold-Filled Vs. Gold … Read more

How to Clean Silver Plated Jewelry (Step By Step)

When you have your best-looking silver-plated jewel, you should focus on making sure it looks as good as new. It will give you the shine and luster you need. The hardest thing people struggle with is cleaning it. Unfortunately, you must clean it right if you want it to last longer. The good thing though, … Read more

Gold Plated Jewelry Information – 26 Tips About Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewels have been in the market for ages, and every day people come up with new designs for the pieces of jewelry. They make it easy for you to enjoy the gold rings even if your budget doesn’t match it. Remember, though, that the Gold plating they use is very thin, so it … Read more