How Can I Tell If A Necklace Is Real Silver

Unfortunately, today anything you buy can be fake posing as an authentic option. Silver is a common metal used to create jewelry. While you can find the genuine pieces, you can also have counterfeit pieces. We have brands using unreal silver to create their jewelry. They, therefore, imitate the best quality silver and make the … Read more

Argentium Silver Vs Sterling Silver – What Is The Difference Between Argentium Silver And Sterling Silver

Contrary to most beliefs, Argentium silver and sterling silver are never alike. Although they are both types of silver, they are different in that one of the two is an improved version of the other. Most people think that the name comes from Argentina, which is never the truth. This is a modern alloy of … Read more

Is Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic (Detailed Guide)

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Sterling Silver Vs Silver – Know The Differences Before You Buy Silver Jewelry

Isn’t the sterling silver and silver just the same thing? I get this question a lot, and I know telling you no is just not enough. We use the two terminologies interchangeably sometimes, but they don’t mean the same thing. So we are here to make you understand them better. Silver is a metal/element that … Read more

Titanium Vs Silver – Is Titanium Jewelry Better Than Silver

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Sterling Silver Vs White Gold – Difference Between Sterling Silver And White Gold

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How Much Is 925 Silver Worth

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Does Sterling Silver Tarnish – And Tips To Prevent It From Tarnishing

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Sterling Silver Vs Rhodium Plated – Which One Is Better

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