Sterling Silver Vs Rhodium Plated – Which One Is Better

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In a world where we are all looking for ways to be better, it’s no surprise we have different metals for jewelry for different markets. Notice that it’s hard to tell the difference in jewelry just by looking at them. Of course, if you like jewelry, you have heard of sterling silver and the Rhodium-plated … Read more

Sterling Silver Vs White Gold – Difference Between Sterling Silver And White Gold

white gold necklace

When you go to a jewelry shop and see so many jewels, choosing the right one is never easy. Sometimes they almost look the same, making a choice even harder. Many people like the shimmering colors of silver tones on white gold and sterling silver. Sterling silver and white gold may look so alike that … Read more

How Much Is 925 Silver Worth

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Sterling silver is a favorite for many, but is it worth much? This question often arises because although it’s valuable, people say that it tarnishes a lot, and sometimes it can be non-hypoallergenic. With this article, you will find out whether it’s worth your time a day. For those looking for the pure silver jewel, … Read more

Does Sterling Silver Tarnish – And Tips To Prevent It From Tarnishing

Does Sterling Silver Tarnish

For most buyers, this is a typical question to ask as they want only to buy the best. However, while you want us to say no, the truth is that sterling silver will tarnish over time. Now be informed that pure silver never tarnishes. But you will never find pure silver-made jewels because it’s too … Read more

Types Of Silver – Know The Silver Material Types Used In Jewelry

Argentium silver

Aren’t silver jewels just the same I mean, it doesn’t matter the name it has; it’s only made of silver, right? Well, not all silver is the same, and we intend to show you below. We have about ten types of silver, and although most of them are great, they have their features differences. Thus … Read more

Can Sterling Silver Get Wet (Sterling Silver Jewelry Water Care Tips)

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For years sterling silver has served the jewels market. In fact, sterling silver is an excellent choice for standing out and accessorizing your dress code. The metal is versatile; it’s also a high-quality choice that’s glamourous to go with any dress code mostly. If you are a jewelry fan, you know that nothing beats the … Read more

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry

925 ring

Jewelry, like any other industry, has some of its unique terminologies. If you are new to jewelry, you may wonder what 925 means as it’s standard in jewelry. In this article, we answer your question and much more, as you will see below. This is a hallmark stamp, but it’s not the only one. Well, … Read more