Stainless Steel Vs Sterling Silver, Tell You The Differences Between Them

Whenever you are going to buy new jewelry and sometimes kitchenware, you will come across stainless steel and sterling silver. They have the same color, but they are utterly different. When you look at the pieces, therefore you will realize that it’s identical. The metals have the same luster, so today, we are going to … Read more

Silver Plated Vs Sterling Silver – Difference Between Sterling Silver And Silver Plated

Sterling silver is a favorite to many buyers, and that’s because of its elegance, shine, and flawlessness. However, we have different types of silver, and silver-plated is another one of them. So when you are going to buy jewelry, you should know the difference to make a perfect choice. If you don’t see the difference, … Read more

Sterling Silver Care – How To Care For Sterling Silver

If you like jewelry, I’m sure you already know about sterling silver. The common thing though, is that you will always want a new one every time. Most people like sterling silver because of its shine. Well, once you buy it unless you care for it, then it won’t remain shiny. It’s as essential to … Read more

Types Of Silver – Know The Silver Material Types Used In Jewelry

Aren’t silver jewels just the same I mean, it doesn’t matter the name it has; it’s only made of silver, right? Well, not all silver is the same, and we intend to show you below. We have about ten types of silver, and although most of them are great, they have their features differences. Thus … Read more

White Bronze Vs Sterling Silver – What Are the Differences

For those familiar with the different jewels, white bronze and sterling silver are similar in characteristic and color. The white bronze will easily take the place of sterling silver if you want it to. Since they look so similar, you can easily confuse them, which is why we want you to understand more about it. … Read more

Sterling Silver Allergy – What You Need To Know

Anyone who suffers from skin allergies forms using any metal can agree with me that we want it to stop quickly. Unfortunately, those with susceptible skin will react to most metals, including sterling silver. Since it’s a very uncomfortable feeling, we want to help you understand what causes the allergies and the remedies. We also … Read more

Can Sterling Silver Get Wet (Sterling Silver Jewelry Water Care Tips)

For years sterling silver has served the jewels market. In fact, sterling silver is an excellent choice for standing out and accessorizing your dress code. The metal is versatile; it’s also a high-quality choice that’s glamourous to go with any dress code mostly. If you are a jewelry fan, you know that nothing beats the … Read more