Titanium Vs Surgical Steel – Which One Should You Choose

Titanium Vs Surgical Steel

There are hundreds of metals that work to create the jewels. The good thing is that most metals are beautiful; they are mostly all safe to use. Most people only know of gold and silver for jewelry. But there are tons of other metals like titanium and surgical steel that you may not have explored … Read more

Titanium Vs Gold Vs White Gold, What Are Their Differences

Titanium Vs Gold Vs White Gold

The market has different kinds of jewel metals and depending on the purpose of buying it different people prefer the different styles of metals. Today we bring to you titanium, gold, and silver to show you the differences and similarities. They will also show you the types that are better at certain times than others. … Read more

Tungsten Vs Titanium – Difference Between Tungsten And Titanium

Titanium Vs Tungsten

I know the confusion that comes when you think about jewelry with the presence of many metals today and new ones. Tungsten and titanium aren’t new to the jewelry world since people have used them to make wedding bands and many other jewels. These two metals are more popular with male jewelry because of their … Read more