Claires Nose Piercing: Is It Worth It? (Does Claire’s Do Nose Piercings And Piercing Prices)

Nose rings are one of the most common piercings in the world for both men and women. Some people have piercings for cultural reasons, while some have it as a body accessory.

Piercing creates a totally different and bold look for anybody looking to add some spark on the face.

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If you are planning on getting a nose ring, I suggest checking out Claire’s. Whether it is your first piercing or have done it a few times already, this article answers all questions you may have about Claires nose piercing.

As most people know, Claire’s is one of the most popular places to get pierced because of its free piercing services.

On top of that, it is your one-stop shop for jewelry and piercing aftercare needs. Should you decide to go for it, here are some things you need to know – from costs to risks and considerations. Read on to find out more about it.

Get to Know Claire’s

Headquarters: 2400 West Central Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192, United States

Phone: 1 800 Claires (+1 800-252-4737)

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If you haven’t heard of Claire’s yet, it is an American business founded in 1961 that focuses on products for tweens and teenage girls.

They sell everything cute and trendy, including stylish jewelry, fun accessories and toys, cool bags, unique nail designs, and tech gadgets. Today, Claire’s is known as one of the leading businesses for piercing services.

It has become an international brand with 3,469 stores across 37 countries. Moreover, Claire’s has offices in Illinois, Birmingham, Hong Kong, Florida, Paris, and Madrid.

Claire’s is proud to say that they have pierced more than 100 million already, which is the most number of piercings in the world.

Aside from the brand Claire’s, they also operate another brand called ICING. It is a store focused on products for a mature market, specifically women who are 19 to 28 years old. ICING produces merchandise for birthdays, weddings, and even bachelorette parties.

What Is Nose Piercing

Nose piercing involves going under the needle to create a tiny hole through the soft cartilage of the nose. There are several locations where the piercing is made, including bridge, Austin bar, high nostril, nasallang, nostril, rhino, septum, and septril. Healing time and the type of jewelry varies per location.

Nose Piercing

The types of nose jewelry available are studs, bone, hoop, screw, L-bend, horseshoe, and straight barbell. At Claire’s, nose studs are the only available jewelry for the side of the nose. Consult the specialist at Claire’s if you are interested in getting your nose pierced in other parts of the nose.

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Does Claire’s Do Nose Piercings

Yes. Claire’s provides nose piercing and different types of piercing kits. Aside from nose piercing, they also offer traditional, cartilage, single lobe, auricle, multi-lobe, spider, and trilogy ear piercing.

Nose piercing is done on the side of the nose and is only available in some selected stores.

All their piercing services guarantee quality and hygienic approaches and are only done by certified piercing specialists.

They only use pre-sterilized disposable cartridges, single-use gloves, and touch-free piercing devices. Moreover, they fully sanitize the entire surroundings and all equipment used for protection.

Accurate and comfortable piercing is a priority for Claire’s to ensure an excellent customer experience. After getting pierced, the staff guides you through the aftercare procedures, as well as some of the available products to use for the piercing.

You might be wondering – Can you get your nose pierced at Claires?

Nose piercing is not available in all stores. Thus, it is best to call the store you wish to visit before booking an appointment. This applies to all branches in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Quebec.

Claires Nose Piercing Cost

Getting nose and ear piercing at Claire’s is free! Yes, you read that right. Nose piercing is provided free of charge as long as you purchase a piercing starter kit. However, their website indicates that there may be an extra fee for nose and cartilage piercing.

For a discounted price, purchase the kits in the store and get 20% off. On their Nose Piercing Kits selection, listed below are the options priced at $56.99 for each color. If you opt for a Rapid After Care Cleaner, the kit costs $66.99.

Nose Piercing Kits

  • Rose Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit with Ear Care Solution
  • Clear Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit with Ear Care Solution
  • Champagne Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit with Ear Care Solution
  • Flat Disc Titanium Nose Piercing Kit with Ear Care Solution
  • Sapphire Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit with Ear Care Solution

In addition to nose piercing kits, Claire’s also offers aftercare cleansers such as Rapid™ 3 Week After Care Cleanser for only $20 for a 250 ml bottle. It promises a faster healing time, allowing you to change the piercing in just six weeks.

It is made of water (aqua), sodium hypochlorite, and phosphoric acid, all safe and effective ingredients for healing.

Claire’s Nose Piercing Age

Nose piercing is only allowed for customers 16 years old and above. For those who are 16 or 17 years old, a parent or legal guardian should accompany them to the appointment.

How to Get Nose Piercing at Claire’s

It is easy and convenient to book an appointment at Claire’s with their online booking. Moreover, walk-ins are also allowed even if you do not have an appointment.

To book an appointment, you first need to find a Claire’s store with a nose piercing service.

In the store locator search bar, input the address, city, or zip code. The page displays a list of available stores with “Book Appointment” and “More Details” links. You will also see the store’s address, phone number, and store hours.

Click the “More Details” link to check the complete list of piercing services available. If nose piercing is available, click “Book Appointment”. Afterward, select the piercing type and the person to be pierced, either you or for someone else.

After clicking “Next”, select your desired date and time and click “Confirm”. The last page shows a confirmation of your booking, along with your details and “Reschedule” and “Cancel Booking” options.

You can also find the directions guide at the bottom of the page to know the exact location of the store.

What Happens after Piercing

Since the skin is punctured, most clients experience soreness, redness, tenderness, or bleeding after getting a nose piercing.

It is a typical outcome of piercing, so there is nothing to worry about. The nostrils usually fully heal in a few months.

after Piercing

However, if you experience fever, persistent swelling, pain, pus, or excessive bleeding, do not remove the nose pierce and have a doctor check you right away as it can be a sign of infection.

How to Care for Your Nose Piercing

After getting a nose piercing, it is recommended to wash your hands properly before touching it for cleansing. You may be given products for aftercare cleansing since you should avoid soap while your nose is healing.

Washing the face is not a problem as long as you avoid the pierced area.

Aside from soap, avoid other types of liquid coming in contact with the fresh pierce such as perfume, toners, hair sprays, or moisturizers.

Moreover, activities causing excessive sweating and swimming in pools, lakes, or beaches are not advisable until the nose is completely healed. Most importantly, avoid touching, removing, or twisting the nose piercing.

Changing the piercing stud to another design is possible once the nose heals. If using their Rapid™ After Care Lotion, you can change the stud in just six weeks. If using the Standard After Care Lotion, it takes longer up to eight weeks.

Risks of Nose Piercing

If the aftercare remedies are not properly done, it can cause severe infection that requires immediate medical attention.

Moreover, it can cause you to have HIV, tetanus, or hepatitis B or C if the equipment used is not completely sanitized.

Risks of Nose Piercing

That is why it is important to get your nose pierced at stores with utmost hygienic practices and use single-use and disposable supplies.

Since studs are small and can come loose, there is a possibility for it to enter your nostrils, block the airway, or cause you to ingest it. When this happens, it poses an emergency as it has to be removed immediately.

Keep in mind it can also cause allergies and nerve damage, so make sure to consult with a certified professional who knows how to correctly do the procedure.

What to Consider before Getting a Nose Piercing

Piercings on the face is a long-term commitment. That is why it is important to think long and hard if this is what you want in the long run.

For instance, piercing on the face is sometimes looked down upon in some jobs, especially those in the medical and hospitality industry.

If the job you want to do doesn’t allow nose piercing, then you may have to reconsider not getting one. Keep in mind you will have to go under the needle just to create a tiny hole on your nose.

Thus, you have to be prepared for the possible pain and after effects it can cause.

Moreover, piercing involves aftercare remedies that should be strictly followed. If you believe you don’t have the patience to abide by the do’s and don’ts of piercing, then getting a nose piercing is not a good option since infection is usually the number one consequence.

It is common to have questions and doubts before getting pierced, so it is advisable to seek advice from friends or family who have already done it.

Should You Get Claire’s Nose Piercing?

Not only do piercings make you look good, but it allows expression of one’s personality. However, keep in mind it is a long-term commitment.

And if you decide to close it one day, there is a possibility of having scars and keloids in that area.

If you accept all the potential risks and consequences of piercing, go ahead and try it yourself, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

Don’t just get pierced anywhere as this should only be done by certified professionals who follow hygienic practices.If you found this article helpful, share it in the comments section below.

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