Copper Jewelry Care – How To Clean Copper Jewelry

Copper, like any other kind of jewel, will require you to care for it if you intend to have it last longer. This article will show you the different methods you can use to care for the copper jewels.

Copper jewels come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so most people like them today.

However, if you don’t take care of them, copper will form a patina layer, making it lose its shine and authenticity.

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Remember, even in your body, copper is an essential mineral that has various uses. Copper has a reddish-brown color, yet it’s malleable for easy shaping. However, you must take care of it because, over time, it will develop the patina-green film layer.

I just realized that my copper is not shiny anymore; why is this?

Well, this happens all the time to almost any jewel. The jewels will always lose their shine at some point, but of course, copper loses the shine much sooner.

It will start to become brown within a short time but sometimes black or with a green surface. At this point, most people think of discarding their precious jewels but don’t. You can clean it and have it serve you again.

copper jewelry is not shiny

This happens because copper-like, most other metals will form chemical reactions with the air and surrounding chemicals’ elements. This one will always include the rust or corrosion.

Remember, the corrosion will start as a thin layer that you can’t even notice, but the corrosion will be thick with time. Most things will determine corrosion’s level because it’s a reaction between other elements and the copper.

Nonetheless, the sweat and the body oil cream and makeup are the main cause of the corrosion.

But is tarnish a big deal on my copper jewelry

I would gladly say that it depends on how you look at it. For some people, the patina is artistic and beautiful, while it’s just too much for some.copper jewelry tarnish

Well, when it goes beyond the thin patina layer, then it becomes tarnish or sometimes corrosion.

Notice that if you left the copper unchecked over time, then it will cause pitting.

So what causes the tarnish on copper.

It’s important to mention that sometimes the tarnishing on your copper is inevitable. Check the following reasons are why the copper will eventually tarnish.

The presence of oxygen

Well, we can’t get rid of oxygen to keep our jewels safe. You know living things need oxygen to survive. Also, the air is the sole source of the tarnishing.

Today since we know this is the case, most people opt to seal the jewels, making sure they maintain the grand structure.

So you have ions in the copper, which will cause chemical reactions and form the tarnish.


When we are talking about the jewels, sometimes we can’t even prevent them from getting wet. Think of when you forget, and you go to the bathroom with them. Or when you’re cleaning, and you didn’t remember to remove them. This will create the perfect environment for the patina formation and tarnish too.

So if you forgot and went to the bathroom with it, once you rinse it properly, you can wipe it with the microfiber clothe. If you let your copper jewel dry on its own, then it will start to tarnish again.

The human touch

Notice that the human skin has natural oils, and salts tight will often contact the copper to form a chemical reaction. This is one of the hard to prevent, which is why we encourage you to seal your copper or wipe and polish it when you remove it.


Of course, the cause of the tarnish and other corrosion forms is usually the presence of chemicals. When you have any chemical with acids and oxygen, you must form the chemical reactions. Remember, some chemicals will create undue moisture that will further hasten the reaction process.

How to clean your copper?

As with all other metal pieces of jewelry, the way you clean the jewels will determine whether it lasts or not. Copper is one of the best jewels because you can use home remedies to make them work.

copper ring

The copper will be easy to clean, especially when it has no gemstone.

When you want to clean the copper jewels, you can do the following.

Use lemon juice salt.

So you wet the copper jewel with the lemon juice. Apply it on all parts of the jewel, both the inner and the outer parts and even the crevices. Sometimes I just deep mine into the juice. Go on to sprinkle some table salt over the jewels.

lemon juice salt

Take the other side of the lemon and rub over the parts of the jewel. Be gentle and take all the time to do this correctly.

You will then notice that the copper gets shiny and lustrous. It will also start to regain its original color. Once you are done, then rinse it with warm water. Finish it all out by drying it with a microfiber piece of cloth.

Use baking soda and lemon juice.

You will notice that when you’re cleaning the copper jewel, the essential product is lemon juice. So then mix the baking soda with the lemon juice in equal parts. Start off rubbing it on the jewel with your hands or with a cloth. You can then use a soft brush to clean the crevices.

Go on to rinse the crevices thoroughly and then dry it with a microfiber piece of cloth.

Vinegar dip

Everyone has some vinegar in the house for both cleaning and use in the cooking process. Now go on to add some salt to the vinegar and then soak the copper jewel in the solution for about 15-20 minutes. You should notice that the jewel regains its shine and beautiful color.

Please remove it from the solution then rinse with either warm or cold water. Dry it using the microfiber towel as you give it the perfect polish. If your jewel also has a gemstone, you must take care that you don’t damage it. If you soak it in the acidic solution, then you may damage it. So then you should use it if the jewels have gemstones.


This is one of the simplest methods to use in cleaning the copper jewels. It will work for you in the most remarkable ways, primarily because of the present vinegar. Therefore, squeeze your ketchup on the jewel and rub it to clean the parts of the treasures. You can consequently rub it until the tarnish goes away. Use the small piece of cloth and then rinse it all as well.

Jewelry polishing cloths

If you had sealed your jewels, this would work effectively for you. Remember, such types will never tarnish, so it’s about wiping out the excess. Even when you already sealed the jewels, they will tend to get dull over time.

Now, if you will use the polishing clothes, you should know that it will make the perfect sparkle over time. The good thing though, is that when you have sealed the copper jewel, it will slow down the tarnish.

You can also get the commercial copper cleaner.

The most common method of cleaning jewels is commercial styles. Remember, your commercial cleaner can also be too harsh to use on your copper jewel.

Remember, your cleaner can scratch your copper, and if you want the best choice, you should buy the one that’s designed for use on your copper.

They are, therefore, the perfect choice for your highly tarnished options. This is especially true if you know how to use it.

How to care for the copper

Unless you take good care of the copper jewel, it won’t serve you for long. I mean it’s like any kind of jewel where you need to care for it to avoid rust and corrosion.

How do you clean them?

We have already talked about this extensively on the previous subtopic. Be careful how you clean the copper jewel. The answer is simple to remember to clean and polish the copper jewels regularly.

Remember, you won’t need to pressure to avoid the bending in the cleaning process.

copper ring

You aim to get rid of the patina before it develops into a tarnish or corrosion. Before you go on to store your copper jewel, you should be sure to dry them thoroughly.

Remember, when you expose the copper to air or water, then tarnishing is inevitable. Use the microfiber towel to dry the jewel at all times.

Remember to store it in a cool, dry place at all times. You will have to place the jewel in an airtight bag to keep off the circulation of air. Most people decide to use a Ziploc bag. You can wrap the jewel on your anti-tarnish bag before you dip it to the Ziploc bag for better results.

Protect the copper jewel

You aim to make sure you keep the jewel safe. So when you have the copper jewel on, you will need to remove them before you go to the shower or even wash your hands. If you like to swim, also remember to remove the jewel fast.

Remember also to remove the copper jewel before applying the hand cream, lotion makeup, or any other forms of liquid or gas products.copper necklace 1

Also, remove the jewels before you even go to bed. You want to make sure they remain safe, and you aren’t sweating on them.

Removing the tarnish

Before anything else, when you notice there’s a tarnish, you will need to remove it. So you should apply a small amount of tarnish remover on a piece of cloth and then rub over your tarnished parts.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a tarnish remover, purchase one that’s meant for copper jewels.

Be gentle as you rub it on the tarnished parts as you check to see if it’s finally safe. Check out to see if you need to clean the crevices. Clean all the details with a cotton swab to make sure it regains the shine.

Once you are through, then you can rinse it with warm or cold water. Remember to dry it on a perfect piece of cloth.

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How to keep copper jewelry from tarnishing?

When you have the copper jewels, tarnishing is inevitable; however, you can slow it. The easiest way to go about it is to keep the humidity out. Also, you can store it in a Ziploc bag. This will then limit the exposure to the moisture and air that’s out.

Also, remember never to store the jewel in the bathroom or go to shower with it.

Nonetheless, you can apply a layer of nail polish to get rid of tarnish completely. That will often create a barrier between your skin, the environment, and the jewel. Ultimately it won’t tarnish, but some people don’t like doing this.

You can also seal the copper jewel.

The easiest method to also use is to seal the copper jewel.

You can quickly seal the copper jewels with wax or polish. When you seal it, therefore, you will prevent the tarnishing, corroding, and skin from turning green.

Notice that when you have sealed the jewel, it won’t tarnish, but it will get dull. The good thing is that you can attain the original look just by wiping the jewels’ surface. You can buy the polishing cloth to make it look its best.

In most cases, though, you will have the jewels already sealed to sell in the shop. If you don’t want too much work, you can choose such jewelry. Nonetheless, you can buy the commercial copper sealer, which is much easier to use.

Remember, you can also use the clear nail polish that works to create the barrier. They are readily accessible yet the best to use.

It’s a wrap

When you give your copper jewels regular maintenance, you can be sure it will keep sparkling and look beautiful all the time.

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