Copper Jewelry – A Complete Guide

It’s just the other day I was talking to my friend about copper jewelry and she couldn’t understand why I like copper jewels.

Around the same time, our blog was received many questions on copper jewels then it dawned on me that most of us don’t know much about these copper jewels.

Well, today we show you everything you need to know about copper jewelry.

Notice that copper is one of the most famous metals in the world. And it’s a very versatile metal that not only works for jewels but also for thousands of other uses.

Luckily it’s much easy to access than other jewels. This metal is used for medical purposes for automobile coins and jewelry too.

The copper jewels are often reddish-brown yet it’s very durable if you take good care of them. The common feature about it is that it’s affordable yet different but good-looking.

But where is copper from?

Copper, like most other metals, is a kind of metal that you will only find in nature. This is also the oldest form of metal that anyone mines on the earth.

History indicates that copper was used even 13000years ago. Well between 3300BC and 1200BC middle eastern people already used copper.

Copper 2

Notice though that 5000years ago the middle easterners started to refine the copper and make alloys out of them too. So the native Americans and the Egyptians were the first to start using copper.

Copper is therefore one of the oldest metals to ever exist that’s why it was used for different activities. Back in the day therefore copper was very valuable and they started using it for making currency coins.

But with the advancement of technology today copper coins are of lesser value. In the past, copper was also used to create weapons.

Over time, copper became a famous metal used in jewelry. Today it’s more used in jewelry than in other industries.

How copper is used in making jewels

People like the fact that copper is easy to use and malleable too. It’s further eye-catching because it has a reddish-orange color. This makes it even better to use in jewelry.

Copper Jewelry

By the 8th century, copper was already in use in some places around the globe.

This is a beautiful jewelry metal that’s versatile and easy to shape and imprint too. In most cases, though people don’t make copper jewels rather they mix it with other metals like silver to make sterling silver.

Is it safe to wear copper jewelry?

Unfortunately, most metals are not always safe to wear as they will cause skin reactions. Luckily copper will not harm your skin especially since it’s antimicrobial.

This will mean that it will not allow the growth of microorganisms. Notice that the copper will kill the microorganisms. Notice that copper was even used for treating wounds.

Copper chain

Copper is an element that’s also present in the body and it aids in healthy growth and brain development. Copper is essential in the body.

So many people believe that copper is a healing element. Most people even use it to improve blood circulation. In a nutshell, therefore copper is safe to use as it won’t harm you. The only thing it does is change your skin green.

Is the green color on the skin from copper bad?

If you have ever worn copper before then you will easily know that copper quickly changes your skin green. For anyone that’s just starting then it may be worrying to use copper if you notice the green color.

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Remember most plated metals may also leave a green color on your skin. This is often to say that the base metals are copper. Remember though that the color is never harmful.

The only reason why your skin will turn green is because of the oxidation that occurs between copper and oxygen. Often the reaction will occur when the copper reacts with other elements in the air. It will therefore react with the sweat, oil, and lotion on your skin.

In some cases, the chemical composition formed is copper carbonate. In that case, some people may feel mild skin irritation and that then will mean that you have a copper allergy. Remember not many people are allergic to copper.

Don’t worry though you can use polish to stop the corrosion or tarnish from occurring.

Reasons why you should wear copper

There are so many reasons why you should wear copper jewelry as you will see below.

  • It’s safe

As we have said already copper is a safe metal to wear. It will not even react with your skin it will kill out the microorganisms. This copper is safe to use at all times even for the skin sensitive and this is regardless if it’s a part of an alloy or just pure copper.

  • It has the perfect visuals
  • Its reddish-orange color like we had said is beautiful and will amplify your other metals’ color. In most cases, anytime you have copper in an alloy or as a pure metal jewel then it will get people looking at it.
  • It’s cheap

Unlike most other metals like sterling silver, this is one of the cheaper options to use with the jewels. It’s very easy to get copper that’s why it’s cheaper than most other metals. It’s in the range of the most affordable options you can have.

  • It also has health benefits

For years, people have believed that copper is safe to use and will have different health benefits as we had mentioned earlier. The most important one though is that it will boost your immunity.

  • The versatility

Anytime you want to make the jewels it’s our dream to make sure we use the metal that you will work as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even anklets. You can even combine it easily with other engraved pendants and embellishments.

  • Copper durability

Most people just like copper for the fact that it’s much more durable than most other metals we have on the market. Notice though that the copper isn’t as strong as titanium but it’s tough enough yet pliable. When you go on to make alloys of metals like zinc and copper then you are sure to come up with a strong metal that will last longer.

The common alloys that would make copper alloy include brass, bronze, sterling silver, and more. You can therefore easily craft your jewels from copper. Remember copper will last for ages but only if you keep it safe.

So copper will not even rust but it will sometimes form a green patina layer.

  • Is copper expensive?

In the list of the most available metals then you can be sure copper is not expensive. We understand this is because copper is readily available.

Nonetheless copper will be more expensive than brass or bronze. This is also the reason why people mix copper with other metals. It will therefore fit different lifestyles and tastes.

  • Is copper bad for your skin?

Copper has too many benefits to your health but one thing it doesn’t do is affect your skin in any way. Although it will turn your skin green this will never affect the skin.

Remember when you wear any copper jewel, it will form a greenish hue.

Copper will react with your skin salt and this is also the reason why you will have a green color. Remember when the body reacts with your sweat then it will cause tarnish.

So be careful when you’re working out under the sun as those are the times when you will sweat a lot.

Sometimes though it will react with the acidic environment and that includes your body acids. In short when it forms the green color then it tells you that your body has a lot of acids.

Remember though that acidity is related a lot more to the kind of food you eat. You will need to therefore change your food from junk and processed foods.

Remembered though that the patina that forms will remain the same but if you don’t clean it and still subject it to an acidic environment then it starts to stain your skin.

How long does it take for copper to turn green?

It will mostly depend on the environment you have that will determine whether it will turn green sooner or later. When you have the best environment then you can be sure it won’t tarnish even 20 years later.

Mostly if you keep copper in a dry environment it won’t turn direct to green even 24 years later. Remember it dents turn to green one day rather it will turn in grades and levels.

Can copper get wet?

If you like to buy jewelry, then you can be sure then that this question will often arise which is why we like to answer it.

Notice that you can shower with the copper jewel regardless. You can use it with warm water to just clean it well.

Once you are through with bathing though you can polish it with vinegar or lemon water to maintain the shine and luster.

So you can soak the jewel in the acidic water for about 20 minutes to keep it clean. When you are washing it however make sure you use the soft bristle brush to clean the crevices too.

But is copper jewel valuable?

You can have copper jewelry in different forms. They range from fine to very inexpensive jewels. Just remember the type of jewels you buy will determine the price point.

It can be expensive based on the metals that make the alloy but sometime it will be cheaper.

Copper necklace

Remember sometimes you can even mix the copper in gold which is naturally expensive. White gold, for example, will sometimes have copper as part of the alloy.

So depending on the type of alloy you form the prices may vary. Other additions like the precious stones and embellishments will make the copper either very costly or not.

Always remember to only buy copper from trusted people.

Does copper help arthritis?

People have always worn copper jewelry to cure their arthritis or even ease the pain. The jewelers or the past wise men believed that when you wear the copper jewel and then let it rub on your skin then the elements will get absorbed into your skin.

When the body then absorbs the copper into the body it will lead to cartilage growth. It will regrow the new cartilage parts and this then will relieve the pain and cure the ailments.

Nonetheless, scientists believe that it has not much effective as the placebo does which is still perfect for me.

Remember healing is also a mental attitude and of course if they believe they will get cured by wearing the copper then so be it.

Spiritual benefits of wearing copper

This is one of the most important jewels even for those who like the holistic or spiritual life. Below are the few methods you can say the copper jewels benefit you in using the jewels

  • It will help with the energy alignment

Copper will perfectly conduct heat and electricity. So to transfer the vibration frequencies copper is perfect to use. This is the perfect method to align your energy centers. It will also help in cleaning your aura.

  • It will enhance your thoughts

Of course, when you are looking for ways to communicate with the other realm, you need to be in a higher spiritual realm too.

It’s not always easy for some people to reach this level. We always want to be in the highest space and the good thing is that copper metals will make it easy to align your energies. This will then enhance your psychic abilities.

  • It will make it easy to boost your self-esteem

Copper metal is a worm stone therefore it will make it easy to boost your self-esteem. The minerals in the copper will balance your energies making you show your perfect self-esteem. The copper bracelet will keep your genuine emotions positive too.

In using the copper bracelets then you will have the following benefits

There are so many beliefs about wearing copper bracelets some of which we may have already discussed. So here we are going to highlight them again.

No more joint pains

More people experience joint pains than you will ever know. But if you do then you can be sure when you use the copper jewels then the pains won’t be as much.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory which will also seize the need to go for medication. When all you need is a pain-free life and more comfort, consider this one.

Your body will absorb the minerals

Our bodies need copper elements that you can easily get from bracelets. The body therefore will combine the copper and the body salts to get reabsorbed into the body. It will therefore go in and serve the different body purposes.

If you have anemia, you will find these body elements being of so much more help. Research shows that the minerals you will absorb through the skin and body are more effective than the ones you consume as supplements.

Wearing the bracelets therefore will make it easy for your skin to absorb the salts.

It will improve your cardiovascular health

When you lack copper in your body you will lack so many nutrients and it may cause cardiovascular disease. If you don’t want your body to form damage to your arteries and heart, then you should wear the bracelets as they will often lead to a safe heart.

The copper will cause a cross-link between the copper and the collagen for the perfect long-time solution to your heart health.

It will improve your immune system

When you wear the copper on your wrist then it will go into your bloodstream thus making the psychological balance of your body.

It will reduce the toxicity of the blood. For some reason, the copper will create a response where the body makes hemoglobin to improve the immune system.

It can cause antiaging

Generally, copper has antioxidants that will prevent ions and radicals from causing toxicity to the body. This will then slow the aging process. It will work for you on the inside out. In using the copper jewels then you will feel young on the inside as well as outside.

Although there’s no scientific proof for what copper metal can do for you, the placebo effects work. Most people have seen the health benefits of using copper. In any case, if it works then why not use it as opposed to so many toxic medicines.

Back to you

Now you know so much about copper jewels and as such, you can buy the best ones that work for you. Just remember it’s safe for everyone. Remember you can find the bracelets necklaces rings anklets and any other thing made using copper.

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