Cubic Zirconia Grades

Whenever you are buying your jewels, you will always want to buy the best and the safest choice you can ever use. When it comes to cubic zirconia, you can have the highest quality and the lowest one too. So you get to choose the one that you would like.

So in this article, we will look at the differences between the grades of this cubic zirconia.

But first,

What are the CZ grades?

You will find the cubic Zirconia grades ranging from A to AAAAA. As you might have guessed, AAAAA is the highest quality of cubic zirconia, and A is the lowest quality. Notice, though, that there are differences in the price and the appearance of the grades.

So when you know the differences, you will make the right decision for the jewel you choose. Be informed that the quality also influences the durability of the jewels.

The differences when checking on the qualities

The hand cut ones vs. the machine cut ones.

Although this is a lab made metal, you will still have the ones that are hand cut and the ones that are machine cut. This then will make it easy to choose the option you like the most.

The machine cut ones feature the use of a machine to cut them to different shapes. Of course, since it’s a machine they use, then it’s about mass-produced. In such cases, therefore, the quality is compromised but also the clarity.

Hand cut ones are often cut with great keenness, thus making sure the quality is perfect. Now, this is what makes it look so much like the diamond pieces. Of course, you may pay more, but it’s worth it.

Understanding the machine cut ones

It’s the machine cut system that gives you the A rating system. This grading system is only applicable when you talk about the machine grading system. So you will have A for the lowest, and AAAAA is the highest quality. It’s also the most common method of grading the CZ jewels.

So which one is better?

You know there’s a significant difference between the hand cut option and the machine cut ones. As mentioned above, already the machine cut ones come out in mass. And you know what that may sometimes mean; the quality may also be compromised sometimes.

The hand cut ones are cut with a lot of keenness to make sure it comes out perfect. They will, therefore, cut one piece at a time. They make sure they use the professionals for this making sure they are delivering brilliant cuts.

So the hand cut ones are better even though they aren’t as popular as the machine cuts are.

Explaining the grading system

A and AA grade

This is the lowest grade of cubic zirconia, and the craftsmen use it to embellish their creations. It’s mostly set and priced for the craftsmen who want to practice their creations. So they need the large volumes of the gem for a wow effect. Such options are further affordable.

It’s crucial to know that they are not fine jewels, but they are trendy in the world of art.


Here you have a more polished choice of stone than the ones above. That’s why you may have it in the jewel creations. They will give you the perfect luster and shine but not the perfect finish that the one below gives you. You will notice some polish marks and also grade lines on the gem body.

Again, since they are cheaper, more manufacturers use them to make reasonably priced kinds of jewels. You will have the gems set in silver and gold-filled jewels. They are the most popular stones you will find in the market. This is also because they are easier to make and less costly than the 5A one.


These here are at the top of the list when it comes to the cubic zirconia. Notice that the best stone cutters only make such stone cuts. Also, you will have the jewels shining just as much as the diamonds do.

When you are looking for high-quality options, though, you can buy these at an affordable rate. If you want the pieces that will set the same mounting you get with the diamonds, then this is what you need.

Even though they are of excellent quality, you should know that they may not make the best engagement rings. However, if you are considering using it because of the funds, just keep checking to find the one that looks gorgeous.

Whats the difference between A AA AAA AAAA AAAAA?

Naturally, you will know that the difference comes as a result of The quality. The lowest quality is A, and the highest one is AAAAA.

So you should expect the grade AAAA TO AAAAA to have more sparkle and shine, but it’s furthermore durable than the regular stone.

The grade you choose will depend on the technique you use for the jewels and the cut you set. Nonetheless, they remain flawless and beautiful looking.

But how do they set the grades?

Globally when you are rating the cubic zirconia, you can expect the following Cs to match the requirements.


If you are familiar with the gemstone, you will notice one thing to be accurate; they are the same as the diamond cuts. Notice that you will have different shapes, but your cutter’s creativity is the one that makes it stylish and worth it. The cutter will either make it look best or just simple, depending on his or her experience.

Notice that each stone has a personality trait. It’s vital to evaluate the gem, thus giving it a unique personality. So the cutter then works to showcase or bring out the best personality. You can expect the round shape, which is the standard style of jewel.

The square cut is another one of the most common choices. Other people refer to it as princess cuts.

Trillian cuts are another one of the most common types, which is also the triangular cut.

The heart shape is also another one of the common types.

So they may have the same cuts as the diamonds. This also means that they will sometimes sparkle even better than the diamond does.


When you are buying the diamond, they sell it to you as per the carat weight. Well, you will buy it based on the carat size or its weight for the CZ. You will have its rate also depending on the weight. Of course, this is not the main factor as it doesn’t influence the price as much.


Cubic Zirconia comes in a colorless look, but the manufacturers will always add some trace elements to give it other beautiful looking colors. The person rating it will then look at the uniformity and the intensity of the color.

You see, when you are making CZ, the scientist must make sure the place you are molding it on doesn’t influence the color. If it’s not very clear, then the price will be lower. This is the same as diamond because the clearer the diamond, the higher the rate.

Remember, you will always find the white stones, too, for the CZ. Nonetheless, if you like, you can go for the pink one that rates much higher, just like the pink diamond does.  You will also get other different colors you may need, from lavender to red to blue, among others.


Remember to check the clarity of the cubic zirconia further.

It would help if you didn’t use the cubic zirconia that has cloudiness as well as vagueness. This, unfortunately, will make it virtually imperfect. Notice, though, that the CZ should be shiny and clean, thus enhancing the sparkle. In this case, a new gem comes with the highest level of clarity; it almost looks unnatural.

Here are the things to consider


This grading system is just as vital as the carat grading system of diamond and gold. They will make it easy to identify the best choice when you know how it works. The higher the quality, the better because it will give you the perfect luster and shine.

CZ is not mineral

While you may think that the CZ is a mineral, it isn’t. This is a man-made gem, and a mineral has to be mined on earth. You can expect the gem to be flawless to the extent some people say it doesn’t look real. You will like its brilliance and most especially the similarity to the diamond.  This is, in fact, safe for the environment.

It’s versatile

The good thing is that you can use it on different parts of your body. Whether you want to use the earrings, necklace, bangles, or rings, this one will make do.

Should I use the grades to guide me?

Of course you should use the grading system as it will keep the poor quality jewels out. You don’t want to spend your money on gems that will not serve you anyway.

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