35 Different Types of Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most valuable possessions a woman or man can have. They come in different styles, shapes, colors, uses, and prices.

But the essence of having them then is to accentuate your different looks instantly. It will always give you that perfect finish.

Note that the market has many types of jewels that sometimes it can be confusing as to which one to use for what. Luckily, technology has made it easy to access all these kinds of gems from across the world using online shops.

This makes it even harder to choose. Albeit the jewelry is another form of showing your personality style, so you should wear the ones that make you feel comfortable.

The Different Types by Category

Handmade jewelry

So many people today like handmade jewels as opposed to the machine mass-produced ones. Such ornaments are unique since they don’t have a standard look.

You can change the jewels from simple looking hand-assembled pendants to necklaces with detailed designs. What makes it even better is that the artisans can jog their creativity while making them. Below are the various kinds of handmade jewels.

1. Engraved or hand-stamped jewels

Engraved or hand stamped jewels


This is the most popular kind of jewels regardless of whether you choose the handmade option or the machine-made ones. Here you will make the custom and personalized jewels that are unique to the buyer.

The good thing is that you will only need simple tools and creativity to make them. Such options will, therefore, cost you as high or low as the work that went in.

The jewelers will create a unique stamp on the jewels. Remember, some brands specialize in making hand-stamped jewels. They will come in different shapes, styles, and colors.

Notice that if you are going to choose the handmade engraved designs, you have the perfect design for the specialized equipment we have.

Just make sure you have the time to make them as it calls for creativity. You can also use the laser engraving method to make the writing even better and visible. Although it’s perfect, then it comes at a steep price.

2. Fabricated jewelry

Fabricated jewelry

Such choices will cover a wide range of jewels. You can have a traditional style, which features the gemstone types of creative art. It features the use of metalsmith technique as well as the jewelry bench skills.

Most of them will use the metal saw, and with it, they then create some of the best shapes of jewels. Here, you will need the saw and the metal with a few basic concepts for creativity.

3. Assembled jewelry making

This is maybe the simplest to make of all jewels. You will have it offer your unique and personalized jewelry at an affordable rate.

Notice that you can make the jewels from the premade kinds of treasures. When you are starting, this is the easiest method to use in creating jewels.

4. Beaded jewelry

Beaded jewelry

It’s my personal favorite since it’s a cultural style for making jewels here. You can make them as simple or as intricate as you want them to be. You can make letters numbers, among other shapes, when creating the jewels.

Mostly you will find that they make the jewels using a mix of large, medium, and small beads. The beads also come in different colors. You can understand creativity at its best when you are buying beaded jewels.

5. Enameled jewels

Enameled jewels

This will be a great way to add a pop of color to your jewels. Here you will fuse the glass powder to your metal jewels. And this will then create a permanent bond.

In most cases, you will use the torch firing methods. But if you want an easier and more appropriate one, you can use the kiln to heat the jewels. You may also use the cloisonné method to stick the enamel to the metals.

6. Wire wrapped jewels

Wire wrapped jewels

This one is the easiest type of jewel to spot. It will use many wires to make it. Some jewelers use the pendant and the wire to wrap the pendant. Note that they will achieve a beautiful look, but it remains true that the whole wire process is labor-intensive.

7. Birthstone or other particular occasion types


You can these types during the holidays. It’s ideal for you to wear the jewels with your loved one’s birthdates or select anniversary dates. Notice that you can use the stones to indicate any special dates.

You can use this style for rings, bracelets, anklets, or even earrings. It comes out as one of the personalized style pieces.

8. Vintage and antique jewelry

Vintage and antique jewelry

Are you considering buying unique and classic-looking jewels? Choose the vintage jewels at all times.

Vintage jewels are at least 20 years old and above, although some people consider only the ones that are 30 years and older. Let’s just say this is one of the 80s styles today. These types are ideal since you can use bold statement jewels.

Antique, on the other hand, is the ones that are about 100yrs old. If you are seriously looking for such pieces, go out looking for the diamond cuts to find the ones serving you. You can also find antique rose cuts or platinum ones.

You can buy antique rings earrings necklaces and just about any style of jewels. The newer pieces will never be overstated; you just need to choose the keenly created ones.

Such antique designs are very rare and yet one of a kind. If you want to stand out in a crowd, it may be necessary to use the vintage style.

9. Charm jewelry

Charm jewelry

Here you have some of the best options that will match your different interests and tastes. Charm jewels come in different styles. You can have necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

They are ideal for the cheaper versions of the jewels, yet they don’t compromise on elegance. They are the perfect choice for young girls.

10. Custom made jewels

custom made jewels

For those who like authenticity and uniqueness, you can use this kind of jewels. Now since it’s being made uniquely for you, it will be more expensive than the regular ones. They will fit your unique tastes since they are elegant-looking vintage types.

Such jewels are a mix of everything at once. You can go ahead and personalize them.

11. Matching jewelry

Now this one is ideal to use if you like something personal for you and your loved ones. Here we can’t say precisely that they are cheap or pricey because they come in a wide range of prices. Often though, the determining factor for the cost is the material you choose.

If you order gold, silver, or diamond, you can be sure it will be costly. But if you choose some of the cheaper metals, then it will not cost you as much.

The Different Types of The Label

12. Estate jewelry

These are still available to date. The characteristic feature about them is that they are pre-owned, and it can be vintage, antique, or just a new model.

The estate owners left them in their estates. Now, remember that the estate we are talking about can be anything from posh auctions to a yard style of the estate. So this one you can find in the auction centers or even the estate stores.

Sometimes you may find them from the lawyers who sell the estates. Mostly these pieces have a history as the owners know the uniqueness of the jewels. Maybe it’s the type passed on down generations or just a wedding jewel. If you, therefore, like history, then such ornaments are a must-have for you.

13. Preowned jewels

You have heard of this, especially those that were first owned by one of the celebrities. So as the name suggests, such are the types that were first owned by another person.

Notice that such jewelry is never that old either. The seller may have too many other types, and they don’t need the ones they are selling. It can also be the ones that your sisters or parents had. It’s basically in good condition, but someone else already had it previously.

14. Costume jewelry

It looks so much like regular fine jewels, but it’s not as costly as the same.

You will find it using the cubic zirconia; gold plated or crystals. In some instances, you may even use plastic types.

15. Fine jewelry

This features the portions made using the most precious metals in the market. They can be made using gold, platinum, and sometimes sterling silver. They will also have gemstones to make it look even better at other times.

16. High jewelry

It will take fine jewelry to an even higher level. Here you have to be artistic, and therefore it will look like you are wearing art.

You may already have very precious looking gemstones and style, but when you use high jewelry, you make it even better and more gorgeous. You will have it looking unfathomable and perfect.

17. Designer style

You will see such options in most of the famous jewelry houses. This one can be high jewelry, or sometimes it just indicates the craftsmanship of the designer. You can get unique types of jewels here too.

Different Kinds of Jewelry Accessories

18. The rings



If you don’t use jewelry or don’t know much about it, I’m sure you know the rings. This one refers to not any kind of ring but the finger rings style.

The reason why they are more famous is that they can be worn for different reasons, but mostly it’s for engagements or weddings. Some people, though, just like the rings to glam their look.

You can use almost anything from glass, wood, plastic, stone, or even bones. They further display wealth, so you will notice that they are the most bought kind of jewels. If you are going to buy a diamond ring, know that you will spend millions sometimes.

19. Earring

earrings 1


This is another one of the most famous kinds of jewelry. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, you can use different metals to make them. If you want to be stylish, try the type of earrings from some of the trusted brands. They will come in different designs to suit the different styles. That then means you will find the one that works for you.

Again here the metal you use and the purity will make it either costly or a little cheaper compared to the different types.

20. Necklaces


This is the type that you will see worn on the neck. They, too, come in different styles and can be high-end or just affordable depending on several factors.

In ancient days people made necklaces using shells, feathers, bones, or plants. Today you can have them using different metals, whether metals.

They can be long, short, and about any kind of shape. You will have the opera, princess pendant, lockets, and just about anything you want. Did you know that the necklace that has sold at a very costly rate is heritage bloom which costs about $200M?

The difference in prices is because of the type of metals that makes it.

21. Anklet


Although it’s not very popular, people still like to wear this type of jewel. They are a favorite in India, but today more people wear them. From the name, you wear your anklets around your ankle. You will mostly notice these during Indian weddings.

In Egypt, this was another one of the most preferred kinds of jewel in the dynasty system. So you don’t only see them when women wear saris; instead, they will come alongside any clothing you have on today.

In this category, you can also have the foot harness type, which will combine the anklet and the toe rings. They will then start at the ankle then proceed to accessorize the foot, and then the end of it all is on the toe ring.

22. Toe ring

Toe ring

You can use this on any of your toes. There’s no specific place to wear the rings on the toes; you can use whichever works best for you. Nonetheless, most people just wear the toe ring on the second toe because it’s longer but also a little larger than the remaining ones.

This is the newest fashion trend, even though it may have a symbolic meaning. It’s more from the eastern culture as the Indians wore these pieces long before.

For some people, it symbolizes the fact that you are a married woman, but it’s just a beauty technique for others. If you find them fancy, go on and wear them.

23. Bracelets


These are common almost everywhere today.

You wear bracelets on your arms, and again they can feature the use of different metals and plastic. They can signify a particular cultural significance or sometimes even religion. They will sometimes contain crystals, gemstones, or even charms.

You can have a bracelet being as expensive as $12 million or as affordable as less than $20; it depends on what you are looking for.

24. Hairpins


Did you know that we classify this in the jewelry section? They were first common in Egyptian culture. This is also true for the Romanians and the Greeks. They can be made using almost any metals and wood.

They sometimes make it easy to hold the hair to different styles. In fact, you can use them with different jewels and ornaments. Today the good thing is that you can use them with whichever length of hair and style you need. It will make it easy to hold the hair in place.

25. Brooches


The brooches are the decorative styles of jewels that you use on your clothing for further styling. The pieces will give you the perfect visual effect while drawing attention to your method of dressing. Most importantly, they will hold the garments in your case together.

They can be made using gold or silver but also bronze, and sometimes they will also have the enamel decoration method.

They are passed down generations just like you do with rings and other forms of jewels.

26. Nose rings

Nose rings

For those with nose piercings, you will want something just for you, right? Well, here you have the nose rings. Today nose piercings are common, and this is why nose rings are also standard.

For the Asians, this was another symbol of wealth, but today you can use the rings whether you are wealthy or not.

27. Belly rings

Belly rings

Another common style today is the belly ring, with more women piercing their belly. Some people decide to piece their navel, but others pierce just right above.

Whichever method you choose, you can have the jewels to wear on that part of your body. Of course, with such, you have to select the safest material, especially if it’s a new piercing.

You can even use the sparkling gems to make it look even better. Remember, you can use gold or silver to make it look stylish yet beautiful. Don’t worry; some shops solidly focus on these jewels.

28. Belly chain

Belly chain

Many cultures have used this style of the chain as a method to amp our beauty in the past. These are worn in the abdomen area of your body.

For over 4000, women have used such chains to make them look even more stylish. In the Hindu culture, this one was another sign of wealth and prosperity.

29. Armlets



They are also called armbands, and they aren’t as popular as most of the options discussed previously. They are mostly looking like the bracelet, with the difference being that you wear them on your upper arms.

Traditionally they were worn by men, but today you may find women wearing them as well. Nonetheless, they are popular among Indonesians.

They are going to shield you from the unfortunate lack. Although you don’t always see people wearing them, we have several people who still like them.

30. Tiara


You must have seen a tiara at least once in your life. Originally they were designed for royalties, and even today, they are kept for special occasions or formal ones. You notice the queen wears these tiaras all the time, and so does the princess wears the tiara.

You will also notice them among runway events, especially among fashionistas and beauty pageant events. Most weddings also include the use of a tiara. So although they are naturally meant for royalties today, you can have the tiaras for your special events.

31. Circlets


It’s a jewelry piece that looks similar to the diadem. They look like open crowns that don’t have arches. In the past, they were used by the successors of the throne.

You will notice so much of this style on those drawings of Jesus Christ.

32. Cufflinks


In this one, you will notice men wearing their shirts just stylishly to button them. They can be made using wood metals glass plastic and more.

Other types of jewelry

33. Temple jewelry

These are common among the Bharatanatyam dancers. They mimic the jewelry that was used in the temple by the Hindu gods. They will be unique decorative while featuring the traditional style motifs and images of gods like Ganesh and Lakshmi. These jewels use silver, but they’re often plated with gold.

34. Bridal jewelry

Of course, the hype about jewelry wearing is typical during weddings. Such are the types that will draw attention. They are colorful and big pieces of jewels. A girl’s dream is to have a successful wedding; this is why some parents will start to prepare unique ornaments to gift their kids.

35. Fashion jewelry

They are also called custom jewels. You use them to look fashionable without costing you a lot. Sometimes you may use them on the runway as you showcase your dress code and the likes.

With that said you now have the ideas for some of the most common types of jewels. Check them out and if you find others that you would like to add feel free to do so in the comment section.

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