Why Do My Earrings Stink – Tips To Prevent It

Everyone enjoys the ear-piercing, especially when you finally find your beautiful pieces of earrings.

If you have an ear piercing, you must have at one time experienced this cheesy smell that you may not have understood. Well, today, we want to make it all easy for you.

If you can’t remember the smell, then it’s okay, but you need to know about it for the next time you decide to pierce.

So this article focuses on answering some of your burning questions in this regard.

What is the ear cheese?

It’s the kind of smell the title is talking about. In other terms, the ear-piercing smell is also referred to as ear cheese. Although it may be uncomfortable, there’s no cause for alarm with it. Just know that it’s a natural part of ear piercings.

Simply put, is the buildup of the dead cells, bacteria, and your body oils. It will soon go away as long as you maintain cleanliness.

I know it can be embarrassing for other people to smell it on you, but they don’t have to if you keep the piercings clean. Expect ear cheese to form a greenish brownish paste. Also, this paste is usually sticky because of the present bacteria.

Note that it’s normal since your body is always doing its skin renewal and rejuvenation. For other parts of your body, you will rarely or never have this smell because you clean it frequently. But for the ears, it’s easy to forget, and the buildup then starts to stink.

What causes the smell

Natural body occurrence: It’s important to note that the smell comes from your natural body. Precisely your body will secrete the sebum, and it’s from your sebaceous glands. This oily secretion lubricates your skin, making it look perfect.

But when the sebum mixes with your dead cells on the skin’s outer parts, then the bacteria mingle with them, you will have the funky smell. So the smell follows a light discharge that’s semi-solid.

Fresh piercing: If the piercing is fresh, you may have a cheesy smell just because your ear parts adjust to the piercing. It may not have this buildup, but it still develops the smell.

Do you ever take off your earrings? You can experience it if the buildup develops on the earrings. This is why you should always remove or change your earrings and clean the ears too over time. Remember, the type of earrings you use may also cause skin reactions, making it develop the smell.

If you do the ear stretching, then sometimes the body’s adjustment may also cause the reactions. Remember, your body is stretching, so it will have to adjust. When the dead cells form and the oils are present plus the bacteria, you have the smell.

Do you clean your piercing?

If you don’t clean the piercings, especially when it’s still new, you can expect the same smell. This is an indication for you to start cleaning your ears. Use the mild products for the cleaning, though, to make sure you don’t cause even more damage.

While you may think it’s gross, know that it’s better to deal with it and avoid any further infections.

clean your piercing

When this, however, occurs, you can be sure to experience some itchy sensation. This is why it’s better to use hypoallergenic jewels and keep them clean. If your earrings form buildup, then you make room for the cheesy smell.

Why do we get the ear cheese anyway?

Based on the subtopic above, the only reason you get the ear cheese is that it makes any dead skin develop dead cells. Notice that your body will have to replace the dead skin every time. When you don’t exfoliate the skin, then it must develop the cheese. So it’s the combination of grease and bacteria on your scalp that leads to the cheese development.

Who can develop the ear cheese or ear piercing smell?

If you have a pierced ear, you are susceptible to the smell. This is something that occurs from time to time. If you just pierced your ears or it’s beginning to heal, then it will occur. Also, depending on the earrings you wear, it sometimes will occur the material causes reactions.

Can I remove it, though?

Yes, you can. One way is to clean it with mild soap and water, but there are other methods you can use.

How to care for the ear-piercing smell

Take out your earing.

The first thing you should do is to remove the earring. This is the easiest and the first thing to do. Notice that if you have heard the earrings for a long time, you need to change them. This will, in fact, make room for quick recovery.

Remove it and let it rest for a few hours. If, however, the piercing is fresh, you should not just remove the earring yet. If you choose to remove it, remember you should not let it stay for hours without the earring. At this time, you can also disinfect it to be safe.

Through it all, though, be patient first.

Remember to clean it.

It would help if you cleaned it right. Take the time to clean it thoroughly, and once you have removed the jewel, you’re free to clean it.

Take mild soap and water with a soft cloth to clean the ear piercings. Now wipe or scrub the piercing from the front to the back, making sure you powerfully cleanse it. At this time, you will know whether it’s the perfect cleaning method for your skin.

If you experience any form of ear irritation, then you should know it’s okay to use some antibacterial oils or disinfectant.

Clean the jewel too

Don’t just leave it at that; rather, wash the jewel too. If you are going to wear it again someday, you need to wash it first. For now, though, you need a new jewel to be safe. Before you even wear earrings, you will need to clean it first.

When cleaning it, be careful not to damage your gems; you should only clean it by soaking if it doesn’t have such gemstones.

As you are washing your ears, don’t overdo anything.

Too much of something is usually poisonous, so you don’t need to over wash the ears but mostly over scrub it. Now, as long as you keep it clean, you are good to go. Remember to exfoliate it from time to time.

How to prevent it

Reduce the sweat

If you sweat a lot, then this is yours to do. Avoid going to work out with the rings, and if you are a person who sweats a lot to maintain cleanliness. Start by cleaning your ears if you go out on a sunny day.

Could you keep it clean?

We have said it before you should make sure your ears remain clean. This is what will make it free of the piercing smell. Notice that this is the perfect remedy for the cheesy smell. When you have mild products, then you can use them to clean your ears.

Such actions will stop the cheesy smell before it occurs. At least clean your ears thrice a week, making sure you focus on the back.

Keep the plugs clean.

They are the things that will keep your ears smelly. So you will need to care for them by remembering to clean them alongside your earlobes.

Use disinfectants

Make sure you don’t use it every time but at least use disinfectants once in a while. They will help you deliver a powerful cleanse. Just make sure the disinfectant you choose is safe to use.


When will the ear cheese occur?

It doesn’t matter whether you just had the piercing or have had it over a long time; the ear cheese can occur at any time. The main question is actually how you can make sure it doesn’t occur again. Notice that you will need to use the preventive methods above.

Is it permanent?

No, it’s not if you keep your ears clean and free of products build-up. It will generally go away. I mean, when it comes to your skin, don’t expect anything to last forever. The solution is to follow the procedure to keep safe.

Can people smell it from your ears when you are in the house?

Often the smell doesn’t go too far. Unless someone comes very close to your, they won’t smell it, but you will. This is your best news because otherwise, you could make other people uncomfortable. Often they may not even see the buildup again unless they come very close by.

Is it ever septic?

Only if you don’t take care of it for longer and then you start to itch. It would help if you cleaned it as soon as you notice it; after all, it’s not even hard to clean it.

Do I need to see a doctor for it?

Not really, but then unless it’s oozing pus. If it’s just the smell, then you can clean it with mild soap and water, then you are good to go.

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