7 Best Fake Nose Rings (2022 Updated)

Nose rings are a few of the most preferred rings, as almost anyone wearing them looks perfect. But not everyone wants or is free to pierce their nose. Choose fake nose rings to enjoy the dream of having a real one.

You don’t have to feel the pain if you’re needle-phobic; instead, just use the fake ones. People like these types too because they are low maintenance.

We all enjoy that edgy look where the one wearing the piercing stands out. I did my nose piercing just three years ago, and I can attest to the fact that you’ll feel just a few seconds pain.

But if you can’t tolerate the pain and you still like the nose ring, we’ll show you some of the best fake options to buy.

But first,

What is this fake nose ring?

This is a simple accessory you wear on your nose where you’ll not need to pierce your nose as one would often do. You can wear it anytime and remove it anytime you wish.

Also, if your parents are anti piercing, you can wear these fake ones, especially when they aren’t around to stop you.

fake nose rings2

Also, I know a few people who regret piercing their noses after a few years. You won’t have to regret piercing it if you only use the fake ones.

The faux ring is even better as it will allow you the time to think about whether you need a real piercing or not.

Things to consider when buying the nose rings

When you’re going to buy the nose rings, you have to consider the following features to get the right one. You must check the various things, which include the size, the style, and many others.

Still, you won’t need to care too much about the rings’ nitty-gritty features since, as we said, they are fake.

But if you’re the type to want to know everything you are getting into, then below are the things you want to know before anything.

You should know the rings.

Just like any other jewel you’re buying out here, you’ll need to know the type you’re buying. Research the same and read the reviews to understand it better?

Don’t just say it’s a fake one, so you can choose any style. Be keen on the style of jewel you’re going for.

You should buy the best quality jewel which will look like the real one, and that’s why we like to buy jewels.

Consider the shape of your face.

We have different face shapes, and like any other thing, the kind of ring you choose will either match your face or not.

If you want to amp your style, though, it’s better to wear the right nose ring style. The studded nose rings will precisely fit any face.

The difference is that the rings will come in different styles to match the different face styles. Make sure your solid aim is to find the ring that will your features. Know the best nose ring for your unique face.

Suitable metals

If you are one of those with susceptible skin, the first thing you think of is whether it’s safe to use the metal you want to buy.

Some earrings contain nickel, and that will cause too many skin reactions. This is why you ought to avoid all kinds of toxic elements.

In most cases, the metals of low quality will cause harsh reactions to your skin type. Even when you are looking for fake rings, you should choose good-quality ones. Since the ring will still contact your skin, you need the ones that won’t cause skin reactions.

Compare the jewels

I know it’s easy to order the fake ring and go since you can see it and ask as many questions as you need. When you, however, are buying online, you should take all the time you need in it.

Compare the different kinds and styles of jewels. Know the various features as you read the reviews before you finally settle on a jewel option.

The type of fake rings

Of course, you will have different styles and types of rings. Nonetheless, you can have the nose studs and the nose rings.

Nose studs

This gives your nose piercings the best look, but did you know you can wear the studs without really piercing your nose.

You will realize that it’s easy to wear and remove nose studs, but it’s also comfortable to use. They feature a comfortable design to wear.

It works by you wearing a magnet in the nose, which then holds the stud in place. It’s even better that your nose will hold different sizes.

Besides, the jewelry will stay fixed in one place, making it look like it’s pierced in. Even if you wore it for a long, you would still have it in place for a long, thus making it look perfect.

The downside to this is if you inhale the other half of the ring into your nose.

Fake hoops

If you think the studs are too simple for you, then you should try the hoops. You can never go wrong with the fake hoops.

You will like the fact that the hoops emphasize the perfect look too. If you choose to wear hoops, therefore you will easily match your style.

Such hooped versions are not always straightforward to come by, but they are great and stylish looking. They are the safest to use as they will never fall off.


If you want an ornate look, you should try the clip-on; it’s the other more manageable way to wear the rings. So here you will have a fold of metal at the back of the nose ring.

Often this will grasp the base of your nostrils. Notice that the clip-on is held in the most extravagant ways; it makes it look natural.

So, of course, regardless of the size, you will notice that the rings will look stylish.

There are specific rings for guys.

Nose piercing is a unisexual thing, and therefore, you will have both the guys and girls enjoy the rings.

Of course, those rings designed for guys are specific to them. It makes it easy for men to choose the right jewel. Such nose rings also fit the different faces.

Types of fake rings

1. vcmart Fake Nose Rings Hoop

VCMART Fake Nose Rings Hoop 12-16pcs Stainless Steel Faux Fake Lip Ear Nose Septum Ring Non-Pierced Clip On Nose Hoop Rings

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This is for susceptible persons; that’s why they are hypoallergenic and nickel-free rings. Such options are versatile, so you will use them on your ears lip, among other parts. Since you will have a variety, you can have a piece for the different day styles.

Therefore, these rings feature surgical steel, and such rings are durable and stylish to last longer. You can use them with your different styles.

They’re highly polished to make sure they look perfect at all times. You will have the silver type, gold, and black style for your different styles and looks.

2. TOFOCO COM Fake Nose Rings Hypoallergenic Faux Septum Nose Ring 

Fake Nose Rings 4-Pcs Faux Nose Ring Hoop Set Nose Piercing Jewelry Adjustable Size & Made with Hypoallergenic Material Clip on Nose Hoop Rings for Women or Men

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This is another choice to use when you have sensitive skin. You have the same style but with different colors. Such rings will prevent you from any allergic reactions. These rings have smooth surfaces, yet they won’t fade easily.

Here you have the electroplated jewels that will not come out in the process. It features the use of the perfect technology that makes them all nicely stylish.

So you won’t need to have a piercing, yet you still have the nose style piercing. With it, you can, therefore, attract people’s attention.

3. BodyJ4You Fake Nose Clip-On Ring

BodyJ4You Fake Nose Clip On Ring Lined CZ Crystals Non-Piercing 18G Stainless Steel Ear Illusion Jewelry

View on Amazon

Here you have a single curved bar for making the clip-on nose ring. It makes it easy to imitate the real clip-on ring. The best part is that the jewel here is powerful yet durable looking.

Also, you have a highly polished ring that will never cause skin irritation. You can almost wear it with any style of jewel.

In fact, most people enjoy it because it’s easier to clean than most other types of rings. It further maintains the lightness, yet it won’t slip off your nose. It looks stylish, especially with the cubic zirconia pieces.

4. FANSING Fake Nose Ring 

FANSING Fakes Nose Rings Faux Nose Ring 20g Nose Ring Nose Hoop 20 Gauge 8mm Septum Ring Faux Septum Ring Lip Ring Surgical Steel Piercing Jewelry Silver 1PCS

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This is the easiest way to have a metal ring on your nose without going through the piercing pain. Of course, they work best for the people who prefer to use them on their unpierced noses.

Notice that it’s easy to attach these rings. It’s further easy to remove it. It’s also ideal for sensitive skin since it contains no nickel or lead that would cause skin reactions. They will come to you in different colors but mostly gold, silver, black or dark blue tones.

5. 15 Silver 2 mm Clear Crystals Stick On Jewels

15 Silver 2 mm Clear Crystals Stick On Jewels, Fake Nose Stud, Costume Jewels, Stone Bindis, Stone Face Jewels

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If you like studs, then you will find this to be the best choice you can use for your jewels. You will have stones that look more like the regular nose stone rings. It will often match the different styles of jewels and looks.

6. Kridzisw Fake Nose Rings Hoop

Kridzisw Fake Nose Rings Hoops for Women 18g 20g Stainless Surgical Steel Fake Faux horseshoes Magnetic Septum Nose Nostril Cuff Rings Hoop Piercing jewelry Non Pierced Clip On Nose Hoop Ring for men

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Necklaces are popular for being cheap, but they can also be stylish and yet colorful. Although it’s made using stainless steel, they are hypoallergenic. Such rings have round balls to set them in place, and it will mean it won’t come out either.

Nonetheless, you want them to last long, which is also why you should avoid the collision. You can have the jewel on even when you go swimming and not lose it remember. It’s the safest to use since it will never fall out easily.

7. WillTen 18G Stainless Steel Fake Nose Rings Hoop Clip On Non-Piercing Nose Septum Ring 

WillTen 18G Stainless Steel Fake Nose Rings Hoop Clip On Non-Piercing Nose Septum Ring Cartilage Tragus Ear Faux Piercing Body Jewelry

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You will enjoy the fact that it features the use of nicely polished surfaces. The clip-on style is the perfect design to make sure the jewels don’t fall off. They have a smooth sur=face polishing to make sure you don’t develop skin reactions.

The pros of using the fake nose rings

There’s a reason why the fake rings are still popular.

  • It’s hassle-free

You are sure that wearing the nose rings will be easy, and you don’t need to hassle about the process. Often when you pierce the body or nose, you may sometimes have injuries from the wrong piercing.

Other than that, you will have to deal with prolonged nursing to get it well. Here you won’t have to pierce the nose; you will wear it.

For those professions where this nose piercing may be unacceptable, you can use fake choice rings.

  • It’s convenient

Such fake options are the best for the fact that you can easily remove and wear them back. It gives you versatility and convenience.

  • It’s hygienic

The difference when you have the real piercing is that the jewel doesn’t have to go through your skin with the faux one. This only means that you can avoid a burst of infections. You only have it settling on the outside, so you’re safe using it.

It’s also perfect since you don’t have to give it the healing time. Here you will wear the jewel and go about your day without thinking of the saline solution and the like.

  • You won’t have health risks.

When you are going to pierce your ears, you can be sure you may experience different health issues. The good news is that you will not develop the complicated risks you won’t have hidden dangers that you would typically have when you pierce your ears.

Will you buy the fake nose rings?

When you know who or where to buy from, then it will be easy. You can purchase fake nose rings online or offline. You won’t have to think twice about everything since there will be much fake jewelry online for you to buy.

If you want even more options, you can check from Amazon. The good thing is that you can check the reviews.

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