Gold Plated Jewelry Information – 26 Tips About Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewels have been in the market for ages, and every day people come up with new designs for the pieces of jewelry.

They make it easy for you to enjoy the gold rings even if your budget doesn’t match it.

Remember, though, that the Gold plating they use is very thin, so it will easily peel off. They, however, never have as much value as the solid gold or other gold plating styles.

The process of plating gold involves dipping the base metal jewel to the gold liquid. You can then pass the electrical charge through the solution.

It will, therefore, deliver the perfect shine and gold color. There are still many questions arising because most people don’t know much about it.

1.   What is gold plated jewelry?

Gold plating features the process where you have a thin layer of gold bonding to a base metal. Plating, though, is the most common in the jewelry world, and in most cases, the jewelers use rhodium plating or gold plating.

Gold Plated Jewelry Bracelet

The essence is to make it look expensive stylish and colorful. It will be difficult to tell the difference between the solid gold and the gold plating if you are new to jewelry.

Remember, they will use the gold plating method to mimic the most expensive jewels. When you buy it from the best jewelers, you will be sure you will use it without anyone ever knowing it wasn’t the real gold.

2. Is gold plated real gold?

Well, yes, because the jewelers use the real gold liquid to coat the jewels. Remember, we said you only use a thin layer of gold over the material.

Over 98% of the treasure is made using other metals that are not pure gold.

Gold Plated Jewelry 1

Since it has other underlying metals and the plating soon chips off, most people refer to the gold plated as fake gold. To some extent, they are right when you think of it. Notice that it’s not even classified as a gold jewel often; it’s just gold plated jewelry.

3. What does it mean when earrings are gold plated?

The perfect explanation for this is the one in the preceding question. It just means that they took the earrings cleaned it off pollutants that may stop the electroplating process.

They then set a nickel layer on the base metals to prevent contact between the gold plating and the base metals. Next, you dip the jewel into the gold liquid.

When you finally achieve the thickness you want, then you can remove the earring and hung them. In simple terms, this is what we mean when we are talking about earring gold plating.

So, of course, it’s going to look like a gold earring even when it’s not. And it will work for you for more than six months still maintain the shine and luster as long as you care for it. The earrings are never pricey; they will cost you very little compared to solid gold.

4. How long does gold plate jewelry last?

Let’s say what you expect; of course, the gold plating will not last as long. Nonetheless, its design is to be a permanent jewel.

However, the way you handle it will determine how long it lasts. Remember, the treasure will soon lose its luster and shine, which means it will fade over time.

Generally, if you will take good care of it, it will last more than two years.

5. Does the gold plate look like real gold?

The secrete to making it looks as good as new is to re-plate it. The number of times you will need to re-plate the jewels will mostly depend on the treasures’ thickness.

How much wear and tear it can stand will matter. Also, remember the base metals may influence the color of the plating over time.

Even those new to jewelry will find the gold plated looking so much like the solid and regular gold. Without checking the stamping, you may not even tell the difference between the same.

It’s no wonder some fraud will take the advantage to lie to you that it’s solid gold. If you are looking for the luster, the color, and the unique appearance, then this gold plated will serve you all at a lower budget.

6.   Does gold plate sterling silver tarnish?

We all ask this question when buying jewels. Of course, it’s all because you want to buy the one that will serve you a little longer.

The gold plating will lose its luster over time, and at that point, it will start to tarnish. Notice that tarnish will mostly occur to different jewels, and gold plated ones aren’t the exception.

I know you will think, but gold doesn’t tarnish? Yes, but remember here we are talking about the base metals being the cause of the tarnish and not the gold. So the molecules of the base metals will seep onto the gold layer with time, remember.

Gold Plated Jewelry Necklace 1

The base metals are the ones, therefore responsible for the tarnish and the change of the color. Some people prefer to plate the jewel with nickel first to prevent the base metal’s seeping over to the top layer.

The fact that the metal beneath it is sterling silver then you can expect it to tarnish because of sterling silver tarnishes.

7.   Does gold plate stainless steel tarnish?

Yes, it still will tarnish just because the gold plating is very weak and will readily oxidize. I know gold doesn’t tarnish, but somehow since the gold plating is soft, it will typically tarnish, and it will look elegant and classy too.

Remember, the gold plated jewelry is very fragile. Though the plating thickness may vary, it still is weak, so you will have it peel out over time. Sometimes when it scratches out or peels off, then you can be sure it will tarnish.

8. How long does gold plate sterling silver last?

Let’s say it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about silver, brass, stainless steel, or any other metals; it will be the same. You can have gold plated silver last for at least two years if you take good care of them.

It will solidly depend on how much care you give it. If you don’t take good care of it, then you can be sure to lose it sooner.

9. How to make gold plated jewelry last longer?

The best secret to making the gold plating last is when you remember to re-plate it from time to time. Usually, the best thing to do is to take it to your jeweler as they will do an excellent job for you. But if you can’t, you can re-plate at home. If you are one of the handy people, then you can use the DIY methods to make the jewelry look new again.

10. Clean your jewels thoroughly

The first thing you will need to do is make sure the jewel you want to plate is clean. You can use the electro cleaning method or steam cleaning for the cleaning process. This is also a good idea as you don’t want to re-plate the jewel when it still has its oils. That might stop the plating process. Go on to thoroughly rinse your jewels in preparation for the plating.

11. How to plate the jewels?

Apply the nickel layer over the jewel. It will provide the barrier between the gold plating and the base metals. This also makes sure there won’t be tarnishing. You won’t contaminate the jewels when you use the nickel, but of course, it will cause skin reactions for those who have a skin problem.

  • Apply the base coat

Some people apply a silver or copper layer or even the gold for the first layer and then finish off with the final step, which is to use a gold layer.

You will submerge the jewel to the gold liquid making sure all parts are in contact with the gold liquid.

You will then hang them to a cathode bar to allow the electroplating to take place. Finally, hang them out to dry and let the gold layer set as part of the jewel. With gold plating, you, therefore, apply both scientific methods and artistic nature. Take the time to let it re-plate properly.

Remember, though, that the way you care for it will determine whether it will last long or not.

12. How can I make it last long?

If you know how to take care of the gold, you will have it serve you longer. Make it a routine to wipe the gold plated jewels every time you remove them. Be gentle when wiping since you don’t want to peel out the gold coating.

Wear the jewel last after you have put on all the other cosmetics. This will mean that all the chemicals in your makeup and cosmetics are absorbed in the body first. Never spray the jewels over. Even when you need to spray your body, do it before you wear the jewel.

Dont wet it

If you are going to the shower, remember to remove it first. The humid environment is not so great for the gold plated jewels, so you should keep it aside. Please don’t go to the pool with it on. The chlorine will start to damage or cause the peeling off of the jewels

Could you not use it when cleaning?

When running, your household cleaning is inevitable. But if you have the plated gold, you should remove it the moment you want to clean as the chemicals in the detergent and the water will peel off the layer.

How to make the old plated jewels gold again?

Everyone wants to maintain the shine and the perfect look of their jewels through the time they have them on. You can follow the steps below to make it work.

  • Clean it and prepare the working surface

This process is a delicate one, so you should prepare the surface and clean the jewel you want to re-plate before you go on to start the process. You don’t need to replete over a dirty surface. So using a soft piece of cloth, you can wipe out the surface clean.

Alternatively, you can use the electro cleaning or the steam cleaning method. With this process, you will make sure no oils remain on the surface and no dirt either.

  • Rinse it

When you rinse the jewel, you will remove all the dirt and chemicals remaining on the surface. It will help you remove all the cleaning agents that are remaining.

Now set the nickel layer, which will prevent the base metals from sipping through the gold plating. You will also prevent the contamination of the gold plating, making it look as good as new.

Give it time to settle and then rinse it once again to get rid of the excesses.

  • Apply the layer

Here you need to submerge it into the gold plating solution and let it settle for a minute before you remove it again to let it dry out.

Finish up by rinsing it in water and then hanging it up to dry. Set it separately as you don’t want to let the gold start peeling off.

13. How much gold is in the gold plated jewels?

The jewels typically have real gold as part of the gold plating jewels. But it comes in minimal amounts. You will have about one gram of gold as part of the plating.

Gold Plated Jewelry Bracelet2

In the gold solution that you deep the jewel, you will also have about one gold pint.

14. Is gold plated chains worth anything?

Notice that the amount of pure gold in the gold plated chains will determine the gold’s worth. You can decide to use the gold in its purest form or the 18K, but you can also use the 14 K gold. Such gold plated jewel is worth as much gold it has on and the event you want to participate in. Basically, though, you will find the chains useful if you don’t intend to use it frequently.

15. Do gold plate chains last?

They will last as long as the other gold plated jewels do. Nonetheless, it will depend on how much you are giving it. But generally, it will last longer if you protect it from the humid environment. It would help if you also prevented them from tangling.

Expect them to last up to two years if you keep it right and maintain it. Tarnishing will sometimes occur, and it’s not good-looking, so keep the jewel down sometime.

16. Does gold plate jewelry fade?

Sadly, yes, it does. Remember, it features a mix of other metals elements, not just gold. The tarnishing and fading will happen over time. You see, the molecules on the base metals will start to sip onto the top layer, and those will then cause the fading and tarnishing.

The time it takes to fade though, will depend on the care you give the metal. If you protect and maintain it, then it will serve you longer.

17. How to keep gold plated jewelry from fading?

There are a few things you can do to keep the jewels from tarnishing. We had discussed such a point in length previously.

  • Make sure you don’t spray the jewels with your perfumes and deodorants.

Put on the jewels after the makeup and cosmetics because even such will tarnish or fade the jewel. Let the chemicals absorb in the body first.

Don’t wet it and that includes going to the shower with it or swimming but also don’t wear it during hot days. When you sweat, then it will damage the jewel coat.

Keep such jewelry in different boxes to avoid tangling and scratching of either one type.

Be careful about the chemicals and detergents you use for the process.

18. How much does it cost to gold plate something?

The whole plating process will cost you differently. Remember, you can gold plate the different jewels and items too. The cost of plating the small jewel will come at around $110. Remember, you can’t plate one jewel.

However, if you have different large jewels with pendants, you can expect it to cost you about $125-$225. You can use the gold plating for jewels that will not develop heavy wear and rubbing.

19. What is the symbol for gold plated jewelry?

It’s only when you know the gold plated jewel symbol that you can identify it and choose the one that works best for you. They have the following signs of plating.

GP- gold plated

GEP-gold electroplated jewels

RGP – rolled gold plate

HGE – heavy gold electroplate some people also call it HGP

20. Can you re-dip gold plated jewelry?

Anyone who loves the jewels can use the plated options just because you can replete it if you want. They are different from the solid ones in that they are cheaper.

Yes, you can re-dip them to regain its perfect shine and look. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for many gold jewel styles.

21.   Can gold plated jewelry get wet?

Simply put, the answer is no. It has a simple and thin layer of gold, which when you are subject to wetness, it will easily peel off. You don’t want the jewelry to peel off either completely. So don’t wet the gold plated jewels.

22. Where can I get something gold plated?

You will find the gold plated jewels in most costume jewels store. Here it doesn’t matter whether you buy it at Amazon or a store near you. It will always work. For a wide range of collections, though, consider visiting the Amazon store.

They will come to you in a wide range of styles, but remember they are further affordable.

23. How can I tell if the gold plated jewelry is gold plated?

You should check for the following options to know whether its real gold plated or another type.

Gold Plated Jewelry2

It should have the stamped hallmark, just like the sterling silver jewels and gold ones. Check for the following initial stamping.

GP- Gold plated

GEP-gold electroplated

HGE – heavy gold electroplates

RGP – rolled gold plated jewel

  • The magnetism

Gold isn’t magnetic, but if you find that it’s magnetic, it features plated gold in most cases. Remember, plated gold contains several extra metals.

  • The color

If you choose to use the purest form of gold over the base metals, it will retain the authentic yellow color. However, the more the impurities, the lesser the yellow hue.

  • Scratch test

This is not a very safe method just because it may scratch deep and cause quick peeling. However, if you can use it, you will know whether it’s a gold plated one. Remember, it has the deep underlying metal that when you scratch out the layer remains. It will show you that its gold plated.

24.   Will gold plated brass turn my finger green?

It will, at some point. Remember, we said that the base metal would seep through at some point. When that happens, and the brass comes out, you can be sure it will turn your skin green. Brass has some copper that’s responsible for the color change.

25. Can we resize the plated jewel?

I know this question will mostly arise when you have the gold plated rings. Of course, we can resize most rings but not the plated ones. If you resize the gold plated rings, you will spoil the ring design and shape. You will also cause the peeling of the ring, which will then spoil it.

26. Is it okay for me to use the home gold plating kits?

The home kits that are set for the re-plating process are fun and easy to use. You can therefore make use of them. They make it easy for you to re-plate the jewels, making it look as good as new. They will look clean and beautiful yet lustrous.

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