How Much Is 925 Silver Worth

Sterling silver is a favorite for many, but is it worth much?

This question often arises because although it’s valuable, people say that it tarnishes a lot, and sometimes it can be non-hypoallergenic. With this article, you will find out whether it’s worth your time a day.

For those looking for the pure silver jewel, it’s essential to know other basics of what you will get and whether it will serve your needs. Sometimes you will notice that jewelers market their jewels as silver, yet they aren’t pure silver.

Mostly the jewel they call silver is sterling silver. Remember, pure silver is too soft; thus, you can’t use it to make the jewels. This is why the jewelers often add other metals to the silver.

Understanding sterling silver

So now we know that the metals marketed as pure silver is sterling silver. But is it as unique as the real silver?

Notice that 925 silver comprises of 92.5% pure silver and then 7.5% other metals. Often though copper is the extra metals that make the silver hard and manageable.

925 Silver ring

We have mentioned that you can’t use 100% silver to make any jewel. In adding the copper, it gets harder and manageable. So you will have the silver alloy to create whichever ornaments you want to.

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So is it worth it?

Of course, it’s worth it; no wonder it’s in the list of precious metals. This, however, is about the real silver remember. Notice that silver was even more valued than gold, and the fact that your jewel has 92.5% of the pure silver makes it a valuable jewel.

All these we say though regard to the real sterling silver, not the fake ones in the market. Although cheaper than most other precious metals like gold and platinum, Sterling silver is not very cheap.

With this information, therefore, you should question anytime you see a real sterling silver stamp, yet they are selling the jewel at less than $10, for example. It just means that something is not right with it.

When you buy the real one, be sure that its value will keep increasing its value. Sometimes sellers want to sell the plated silver to you as sterling silver, which is why you must check. Such silver will soon peel off, and it’s not even genuine.

Check its authenticity

Before you, therefore, invest in the silver check its authenticity. Sorry but today you can’t just trust anyone’s word. The good thing is that it’s easy to check the authenticity of the silver.

Rub this jewel on a soft cloth

This is the simplest of all to use. If you have a soft cloth, rub it over the jewel, and if you see black marks, then this is silver. The black dots are a result of the oxidation between the copper and oxygen in the air.

Although oxidation will damage the silver with time, it’s still a great option you can use.

Nitric acid test

This will give you the perfect results. You need to add drops of nitric acid over your sterling silver and see the reaction. If nothing happens, then it’s sterling silver, but if it changes the color, then it’s not sterling silver.

Don’t worry, if the jeweler is selling an authentic product, they won’t resist using nitric acid to test. If it has some sterling silver, it will turn creamy, but if it has no silver, it will be green.

A simple smell

Notice that real sterling silver doesn’t smell. If you can smell something, it has a lot of copper, which is causing the smell.

Magnetic test

This is another easy one to use, even in the shop. Magnet doesn’t attract silver. If the jewel is attracted to the magnet, then it’s not sterling silver.

Is it expensive, though?

Like anything else, the price of the silver will mostly depend on the place you are buying it at. Notice that sterling silver is mostly made using pure silver, which is the reason it will cost you a little more.

In fact, it’s hard to give an exact price range because the silver price will fluctuate from time to time.

Remember, the real price of silver will determine the cost of your sterling silver.

925 sterling silver

As we are speaking today, silver is about $26.87/oz.

Often though, you can expect to pay $863.89 per kg of silver.

When it comes to the jewels depending on the ones you are buying and the place you are buying it from, the price can be $20-$500. Sometimes, when the silver prices are high, then it will cost even more.

Is it most expensive than gold and titanium?

Gold is more valuable and more loved in the market. It’s also harder to get pure gold than to get silver, which is why you will find that gold is more expensive.

Titanium’s price will depend on the composition, place you buy it from, and more. Also, it’s a high metal, but it’s just never costly.

Benefits of using it

Of course, there are hundreds of benefits when you are using sterling silver. However, the most important ones are below.

  • It’s safer to use and wear.
  • It’s easy to care for sterling silver.
  • You can have a wide range of collections.
  • This style of silver is forever trendy, and many people who wore it generations ago still use it.
  • This choice is durable.

On the flipside

  • It tarnishes a lot
  • Sometimes you may buy the wrong silver while thinking it’s sterling silver.
  • You may need to take good care of it.

So to answer you

Yes, it’s a great choice, but you will have to make sure you bought the real sterling silver.

Although it’s an alloy of silver, it enjoys the same features that pure silver has. It’s shiny colorful and just precious. Sterling silver has various imperfections, but it will always make you look your best. Nonetheless, take it upon you to only buy the authentic sterling silver.

You will spend some money, but I must say it’s not as expensive. It’s an affordable choice for most people.

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