How Much Is A 14k Gold Wedding Band Worth

14k gold wedding bands are common and familiar due to their simplicity and the technique in which they are created form.

Gold is generally a soft metal and it is therefore combined with other metals for it’s to be harder.

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Gold rings are considered to be very precious metals because they are scarce and also because their value is highly costly.

14k gold rings are an ideal representation of rings that are durable, affordable, and as well beautiful.

What is a 14k gold ring?


It is the most favored and desired wedding ring, particularly in the United States. Gold occurs naturally, and you can easily mold them; hence it is a perfect element for creating fine jewelry.

14k gold ring is a mixture of metals containing pure gold of 58.3% and the remaining percentage of 41.7% containing other metals like zinc and copper. Gold is a soft metal, and the existence of the metal alloys is what makes them stronger.

14k gold rings are considered the perfect rings for wedding bands because they are relatively strong and do not tarnish readily. Arguably, 90% of engagement rings and wedding bands that are sold in the U.S are made from 14k gold regardless of their color.

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14k gold rings consist of zinc and nickel alloys, which means that they can cause itchiness to sensitive skins. Other than that, this gold ring has a higher resale value, and it is less expensive and affordable. It also does not tarnish easily, even with daily wear.

Jewelry made from 14k gold is usually hallmarked as 14k on the surface of the metal. It is usually plated with rhodium to maintain its shining color and make it more brilliant. The plating also provides resistance to any scratching on the surface of the ring.

What is the color of a 14k gold ring?

14k gold rings are found in yellow, white, and rose gold. The color of 14k gold is influenced by the amount or quantity of the metal that is used. It also depends on the metal alloy that forms the composition of the gold.

Yellow gold


14k gold yellow rings are mostly blended with silver, copper, and zinc. The addition of these metal alloys has to be perfect to create an exquisite yellow color. The color might sometimes not be as brilliant as that of 24k gold. The 14k yellow gold is a traditional design used in jewelry, it is also a vintage model whose color is ageless.

White gold


White gold is made up of palladium, silver, and gold medals. It, however, has a rhodium plating which makes its color distinct. The rhodium plating wears off over time and thus replacing it is vital to maintain its brilliance.

White gold is popularly used for engagement rings; it is usually very silky and elegant. It also is very fashionable and regularly used in making trendy jewelry models.

Plating rhodium on the white gold rings’ surface makes the rings stronger and long-lasting than the other gold colors.

Rose gold


Rose gold is acquired by combining copper and gold. Copper is added to the gold continuously until the pinkish gold color is obtained. Rose gold 14k consists of 58% gold, and the remainder is a mixture of either copper and silver or copper only.

The boldness and strength of the rose gold color are primarily influenced by the amount of copper used in making the ring. If the copper amount used is high, the more unique the color will be.

It is one of the most favored and liked metals that are used for jewelry making. 14k rose gold is stunning and smooth; thus, it is famous for making classic and timeless jewelry.

Black gold


With black gold, it is made differently from the other three. It has gained popularity over the years due to its supreme and phenomenal appearance. The gold is electroplated with black rhodium and that is the reason behind its black color.

Alternatively, it is made by combining black gold with a more blackened metal like cobalt. It makes the gold appear duskier.

The recently developed method of making black gold uses a femtosecond laser; it is usually a costly procedure. In this process, high volume energy is used to apply the metal mixture on the ring’s surface until it turns black.

The purity of 14k gold

Gold is generally too soft and therefore wearing it every day will cause its damage at a very high rate. It is vital to combine gold with other metal alloys to increase its strength and durability. Blending 14k gold jewelry with zinc, copper, rhodium, and silver enhances corrosion resistance.

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Karats are used to measure the amount of gold in the jewelry; the amount of gold varies from little to pure. It means that every single karat contains a minimal amount of 4.167 gold content in it.

The purity levels of gold go up to the 24th level. The karats are denoted by the letter “k” and placed after the gold number. For instance, the purest gold is 24k, which means it is entirely made up of 100% gold, while that of 14k gold contains 58.3% gold.

The higher the purity of the gold, the softer the gold. It, therefore, means that the 24k gold rings are less durable and easily damaged. Thus, many people tend to purchase the 14k gold rings as durable and have a higher return value.

Is 14k gold valuable?

When assessing and evaluating the value of 14k gold rings, the gold content is a significant factor that you should consider. The metals used in making the 14k gold rings are affordable, and thus, they have less influence on the price of the gold.

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The cost of a 14k gold depends mainly on the setting of the ring from which you select. The most affordable is that of solitaire, while a more elaborate setting will cost you more money.

The worth of 14k gold is inferior to that of 24k gold by half because the amount of gold found in 14k gold is 58.3% compared to 24k gold, which is 100% gold.

It would help if you also understood that 14k gold is made from alloyed metals, and thus you may need to polish it before selling it; hence the price may sometimes be lower than the sale price of pure gold.

On the other hand, the brand of the gold, the artistry qualities, and other materials all influences the price of the gold. You cannot determine the price of the ring by using the purity of the gold as the sole method of classification.

A 14k gold is less expensive because it contains a low percentage of gold compared to 24k and 18k gold. It is also important to note that the ring’s size will also influence how much the gold will cost you.

How do you identify a 14k gold ring?

You must understand and get to know the hallmarks and stamps used in denoting the 14k jewelry. Checking for the hallmarks and stamps on the ring’s surface assists in knowing if you are buying real and legit gold.

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The use of gold hallmarks started way back in the 13th century, and its primary purpose was to protect people who purchase gold before purity testing became wide-scale. In the U.S and many countries, karat stamping is a legal requirement used on the jewelry’s surface.

The stamps that are used in 14k gold jewelry are 587 or 583 and 14k. The numbers 583 or 587 represent the percentage and purity of pure gold in the jewelry, while 14k is a symbol of karat.

There are other methods that you can also use in identifying the jewelry and rings that are made from the 14k gold. The composition mixture of the metals used will also help you understand whether your jewelry is 14k or not.

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It is essential to know that there is also other ordinary gold that is hallmarked as 14k. It, however, does not demonstrate that the jewelry is made from 14k gold.

The following are examples of the golds that are denoted by 14k;

14k GF the “GF” stamp means that jewelry is gold-filled. It illustrates that the jewelry’s surface or the outer part is coated with a metal to create a gold appearance on the jewel’s exterior surface. The use of GF shows that the jewelry is not a firm 14k gold.

14k GEP The “GEP” hallmark in the jewelry means “gold electroplated.” It illustrates that the jewelry is plated with a layer of 14k gold using an electric current.

It would be best to be careful while purchasing gold as some of the jewelry may be stamped with fake hallmarks by jewelry manufacturers. It occurs in countries where gold surfaces’ hallmarking is not a legal obligation or in markets places with a low reputation.

Is a 14k real gold?

As opposed to what many people believe in, not all wedding rings, earrings, and engagement rings are made of pure 24k. Therefore, 14k gold is real gold but not as pure as that of 24k gold.

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The best rings used for engagement purposes are always 14k gold. 24k gold is pure gold; that is a fact, but they are not long-lasting as they can easily be bent due to their softness, and it also scratches easily, which means they will wear off quickly when you wear them daily.

The alloys used to make a 14k gold make it stronger and durable, it holds its gems very steadily, and it is also a good substitute for pure gold.

What is the value of a 14k gold ring at a pawn shop?

The worth of 14k gold at a pawn depends on several factors that play a significant role in how much the ring will sell.

The condition of the ring

Your ring’s condition or status has an extreme impact on how much you will sell your jewelry at pawnshops. If your ring is tarnished, broken, scratched, or has some missing pieces, the jewelry’s asking price will be decreased.

14k gold ring 1

If the ring is badly damaged, pawnshops will decrease the jewelry price because they will need to repair the ring before putting it up for sale again, which comes at a cost. They usually estimate the amount of money they will spend repairing it, after which they ask for a lower price.

The net weight of the ring

The weight of your ring or jewelry is also considered when selling the rings at a pawnshop. Any crystals of diamond within the ring will increase its price because the diamond’s crystals will also be accounted for.

Pure gold like 24k gold will cost more than 14k gold. Knowing the value of your gold and its worth will make it easier to predict your ring’s price.

The demand for the gold ring.

The value of gold is usually appreciated when the value of money decreases. It is essential to be in the know-how regarding the marketing of gold before deciding to sell it.

Gold is a highly treasured and valued metal. Nevertheless, its prices fluctuate from time to time, and it enormously depends on the demand for gold in the market.

Regardless of the situation and conditions, a pawnshop tends to assess and estimate your ring’s value when you decide on selling or purchasing them. Still, it is also influenced by the present or most recent gold value.

Where can you buy 14k gold rings?

Researching before deciding upon which ring to buy is of great importance. It is essential to take your time understanding the qualities and the differences in gold rings.

It would be best if you also tried purchasing your rings from legit and licensed jewel manufacturers and vendors because several fake sellers may sell you gold that is not solid 14k gold or fake gold metals whose quality is low.

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Here are some licensed vendors from which you can get legit gold rings;

Amazon offers distinct and extraordinary pieces of 14k gold rings with very affordable prices and unique models that are up to date.

Etsy. They extensively deal with handcrafted and a collection of classic designs of jewelry. It also offers a platform for designers and retail shops. They have a wide variety of 14k gold rings that are authentic with trendy designs.

James Allen. The 14k gold rings found on this platform are of high quality. They also provide videos from which you can see the jewelry before deciding on which one to purchase.

Should you spend your money on a 14k gold ring?

14k gold rings are worth your money if you are looking to buy gold. They are long-lasting, which means you can continuously wear them daily. Contrary to other gold combinations of metals, 14k gold rings do not tarnish readily. Its prices are also reasonable, and you can choose from a wide range of colors that come within it.

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