How Much Is a Tungsten Ring Worth

In the last articles, we were finding out the best between tungsten and tungsten carbide. Today we show you how much the tungsten ring costs, but also it’s worth it.

You will also have people asking such questions. So although there’s not so much information online, we will give you what we know.

But first,

Which one are you talking about?

Notice that you can have the tungsten ring as well as the tungsten carbide one. One is an alloy, and the other is a pure type of ring.

Take time to know the one you are asking as they don’t mean the same. Remember, people sometimes confuse these two pieces.

a tungsten ring

Before we even move on, I want you to know that, in most cases, the ones we are talking about are the tungsten carbide.

Often there’s no difference between the two from the jeweler’s perspective. This is unless, of course, the jeweler tells you then it’s pure tungsten.

So then what is a tungsten ring?

The name gives you an idea of what it is exactly. This is a ring that’s made using tungsten metal.

This metal is present in some US parts, but they mine it as ore and not a regular metal. Notice too that America has massive amounts of tungsten.

So how much is it worth?

This is not an easy question since the tungsten metal and finished products sell at a broad range of prices. It can be anything from $25 and over. Notice that they mostly sell a kilo of tungsten at around $100 to $300.

However, if we are talking of the tungsten ring, you can expect to pay as little as $5 for the wholesale price. It will be, however, a little more for the retail price. Though this looks too good to be true, you can be sure it happens.

Remember, tungsten is not one of the most precious jewels on the market. If we are talking of gold, then you can expect it to be costly.

However, when you are buying at retail price, it will be at least over $15 even on amazon.

Is the tungsten ring valuable, though?

No, it’s not as valuable as other metals like gold and silver. In the jewelry section, this is one of the cheapest choices we have. Therefore, if you are the type who likes to have the cost count, this will not give you the luxury to use the cost as an essential aspect.

Tungsten being cheap most people are reluctant to use it even at their weddings.

How you are going to use the rings will determine their worth.

Is the ring the type you want to use daily?

Sometimes some people want to buy rings that they can use on a daily. These rings should cost you anything from $11 and over.

Of course, the price depends on several factors, including the brand. You don’t have to go to shops that are going to sell the jewels so expensively.

Generally, if you are going to buy the jewels from Amazon, you can be sure to have the right price. Notice that you will be using jewelry-grade tungsten, not industrial-grade ones.

It can be your gift or a gift to someone you genuinely like

When you want to buy it as a gift to send to your loved ones, you can decide to spend just a little more to make sure you buy a gift of value. It should be a ring that when one sees, they are first amazed before knowing the exact price.

Such rings will cost you anything from $50-100 but sometimes even more. Notice that you get to choose the one that will make it a perfect gift for you.

When you want it to work as a wedding band

Most men like to use tungsten as a wedding band. I would attribute that to its durability. But contrary to what you would typically think, you can find high-end wedding rings. Of course, they will not be at the gold price, but they will be a little costly, stylish, colorful, and beautiful.

I’ve seen a place where you can buy the rings at $200-800. Aside from the price, people praise them for being great rings for them. So yes, you will always have different styles of rings you like.

How much is a tungsten carbide ring worth?

The difference between the tungsten above and the tungsten carbide is that the carbide one is an alloy. But this is the one that’s mostly used in the jewelry industry. Notice that this is even harder and more durable, especially since it’s not brittle.

tungsten carbide ring

It’s safe to say that the prices will vary based on several factors. Expect it to cost anything from $15-$700. Like the list above, it will depend on the reason why you are buying the jewel.

If you are buying it for a wedding, you could spend hundreds, but you need the cheaper ones for daily use.

Is tungsten brittle? Does that influence its worth?

I know you are talking about the raw form of tungsten, and that one is brittle. It’s also hard to work within its raw form, which is why most jewelers add other elements to make it more manageable.

Although it’s brittle, it still works if you use the jewelry kind of tungsten. So make sure it’s malleable but also not too hard. That’s also the reason why tungsten carbide is more popular.

It doesn’t lose its worth for being brittle. Also, people will enjoy the beauty of their different styles of rings. So you will still have it in the market, only the jewel tungsten isn’t so brittle.

Am I safe using tungsten? Is it safe to buy it?

There have been studies done, and most experts say that you are safe when using these pieces. But below, then we break it down for you to know if it’s ideal.

Will it cause cancer?

There’s very little known about whether it can cause cancer or not. Some scientists said that when they exposed the animals to too much tungsten and cobalt, it caused lung cancer.

Is it poisonous, though?

Of course, no one wants to use a jewel that’s poisonous, which is why we want to know whether it’s safe fast. Notice that no one has ever said that you expect the tungsten to be poisonous for you.

Tungsten has not caused any complications to people who like to use it, so we can comfortably say that it’s safe to use regardless.

What makes it special

I know today we have several tungsten jewels, and you would understand it’s all because it’s the safest choice. People also like it for its durability and strength.

You will further not affect it even if you went to the pool with it. You can use it for ages and still have it maintain its authentic look.

You won’t even have it affected by corrosion or tarnishing.

Benefits of buying the tungsten ring

Since we say it’s worth using, here’s the reason why you should buy it immediately.

You will like its durability.

Since it’s hard and scratch-resistant, you will have the jewels lasting longer. The essence of buying the different styles of jewels is to make sure they can serve you for a long time.

Notice that you can use it for the different designs of your choosing without really damaging it.

If you engage in harsh job conditions, you will find this metal to be the best for your jewel. It won’t tarnish or wear off rather; it serves you for a long time. Note that it’s even a perfect choice when you want to engrave some designs.

It’s affordable

Of all the many jewels in the market, here we have one of the most affordable choices you can ever have. They are cheaper, but they are also durable when you compare them with most other types of jewels.

So you will get all the best features because you can find unique designs but at a cheaper rate.

It’s light and will give you the perfect feeling.

No one wants to use a jewel that’s too heavy. A tungsten ring is excellent because you will even forget you have a ring on it as it’s very light.

When you choose the right size, then it also fits right. It further gives you an expensive feeling. It’s a great kind of jewel to use.

On the downside,

You cant resize the tungsten rings.

I know you may like your ring too much, but it’s important to remember that you won’t make it to resize it. Since it’s very hard, the thought of changing its size is challenging.

Even if you took it to the jeweler, they wouldn’t make it for you. Once you don’t have the correct size, then you may have to discard it.

Where to buy tungsten rings

There are many jewelry shops around you. But the one place you will find the best choices is on Amazon. You will get affordable choices, but the ones that are indeed the best options for you too.

Back to you

Now you know that tungsten is standard because of its positive features. Would you like to buy it, or do you have any more questions? Feel free to comment below.

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