How To Care For Gold Plated Jewelry

I love the saying that not all that glitters are gold just because it’s true. When you are using items like gold plated jewels, you will know that they aren’t real gold.

But they mimic the solid and high end looking gold.

They often have a very thin layer of gold, which means you can easily peel it off if you aren’t careful. Today we show you how to take care of it.

Everyone needs some gold plated jewels, sometimes you know. But how do we keep it looking good and clean but safe?

Here are the easiest ways to keep the gold plated jewels safe

Prevention is better than cure.

When you want to keep your gold plated jewel clean but shiny, you must remember to care for it right before you even wear it.

Notice that while we must use some lotions, perfumes, and creams, such will usually tarnish.

Gold Plated bracelet

What you should do is wear the lotion and other chemical products then give them a few minutes to settle before you then wear your jewel. This will mean your jewel doesn’t come to contact with the chemicals in the product.

If you also sweat a lot, then you can remove the jewels and set them aside fast. Whenever you have the hot seasons, you should put the treasures aside. Hot seasons also mean you sweat a lot, and that then ultimately causes the peeling off.

Wipe down its pieces after every use

When you make it a habit to wipe down the jewel pieces every time you wear them, they will be safe.

But unlike the solid gold where you don’t have to worry much about peeling when you are using the gold plated types, you must be gentle. Don’t use traditional polishing.

Gold Plated rings

Such methods will even lead to scratching. So then you can wipe the pendant, the posts, and the real jewel. But if you don’t want to scratch your jewel, you can use the softest cloth to wipe it.

How do you store it?

Of course, you should know how to store all the jewels but especially the gold plated jewelry. You won’t keep them the same way you store your regular treasures. Remember, they tarnish easily as well as scratch easily, so you should be gentle with them.

So you ought to store them separately to avoid tangling and scratching. Remember, any simple scratch or denting will deteriorate the gold layer.

Gold Plated Jewelry bracelet 1

Learn to store them in separate and in small boxes to keep them safer.

Also, you want to keep them in a cool, dry place. If possible, use a Ziploc bag for the jewels to keep out the air and prevent the tarnishing possibility. Gold plating may not necessarily tarnish, but the metal beneath it will start to tarnish.

Can you wet them

This one isn’t solid gold that would never get damaged when you wet them. Gold plated jewels are weaker, so you should remove them when you want to go into a pool, shower, or any other water form.

Remember, you shouldn’t leave them in the bathroom either. Remember to avoid all forms of water with your gold plated options. You should make sure you prevent the dull look by just wiping out the jewels.

So you can’t go to the swimming pool with them because of the chlorine but neither can you go to the ocean with them because of the salts.

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If you also know you’re going to sweat a lot, you should avoid the jewelry, especially those going out to gyms. Remove the jewel and wear it later.

What about cleaning?

Like any other type of jewel, if you are intending to have it looking as good as new over a long time, you should consider cleaning it.

Therefore, for the gold plated ones, you should buy a very soft cloth that you will use to wipe it. You can wipe down the dirt, sweat, and any other form of unnecessary chemical attached to its surface. Use the clothing to remove the smudges and surface oils.

The easiest cleaning method

Remember, the gold plated jewel feature a thin layer of gold over the base metals. The gold plating will easily peel off. For this reason, you need to be gentle, even with your cleaning methods. Often we use dishwashing soap and warm water for the process.

  • Process

You will need to wipe it down once you have used it

So use a damp cotton ball to wipe out the smudges, oil, and any other dirt accumulated during the day.

  • Dry it

Use another cloth to dry it. Remember, you shouldn’t store the jewel when it’s still wet. Then go on and store it in a Ziploc bag.


  • Prep the cleansing solution

If this jewel has real soil or smudge, and you feel like it needs a thorough cleaning, you can give it a complete cleaning process.

Take a clean bowl then mix in some warm water with few drops of liquid dish soap.

  • Soak your jewels

Although it’s not such an advisable part, you will need it for thorough cleaning. Soak the jewel in the solution above for about 10 minutes. Also, only clean one piece of jewel at a time.

  • Use the cotton swab for thorough cleaning.

For even better cleaning of the jewels crevices and other parts, use the cotton swabs. You want to be gentle because other methods will scratch away the gold.

  • Rinse it and then dry it

Finally, when you feel like you have adequately cleaned the jewel, you can use the warm water for a final cleanse. Go on to dry it out with the soft cloth.

When the gold plated jewel has an embellishment

You should avoid soaking the jewel if it has an embellishment. The problem is that the solution may damage the embellishment, so you always want to keep it safe. So then you can use the cotton dipped ball to clean the embellishment.

Sometimes you can use the toothpaste to clear out the film over the jewel, thus develop the perfect-looking shine. Some people even use toothpaste to prevent removing the gold.

You can use the anti-tarnish tip.

Since your jewels will mostly tarnish, you should choose to use the silica gel to keep the moisture out.


Make sure you wear your perfumes and lotions first before the jewels; this is because the gold jewel will react with the makeup of the chemicals. Don’t ever spay the fragrances over the treasures. If you do, then you will start making it dull and eventually peeling off.

Give the lotion and the gel and perfume some time to absorb in your skin. Remember, all the substances you use on your body contain chemicals that will mostly start to react with them.

Sweat and water will further peel the jewel off. So like we said, don’t wet your gold plated jewels.

In the end, when you are removing the jewels, remember to wipe out the smudge before you store it. In wiping it daily, then you will keep it maintaining the gleam and perfect shine.

When storing the jewels, you can keep them in a soft piece of cloth to prevent scratches.

How to prevent gold plated jewelry from tarnishing?

There are a few things you can do here and there to prevent the tarnishing of your gold plated jewels.

Remember to keep it dry at all times. Anytime it comes to contact with the sweat or any other form of wetness, it will start to tarnish.

Gold Plated Jewelry 2

Store the jewels properly. If you want to have it last longer, you will need to store it properly, just as mentioned earlier.

Sometimes a jewelry protectant is all you need, which will keep your jewels safe and sustained.

Please don’t wear the jewels all the time; sometimes, you will need to keep them aside; when you don’t wear it all the time, then it means you sustain it.

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How about the jewelry protectant spray?

Buy a jewelry protectant spray. It’s, in fact, ideal for those who are extra sensitive skin since it doesn’t affect it in any way.

Notice that gold plated jewels are as beautiful as the solid gold jewels, the only problem is that they tarnish and scratch easily; no wonder they are quite cheap. If you want it to serve you longer, you should employ the care tips discussed above.

The gold plated jewels can help you attain the perfect gold as jewels look. Remember to place it on a piece of cloth to prevent scratching. Also, store them separately in the box. Also, only use a soft brush to clean the jewels if you need to.

But when you are using the gold plated jewels, make sure you only wear them once your make up is already on point.

In a nutshell, take care of the gold jewels if you want them to last longer. They will serve you greatly and look more like the regular sold gold jewels.

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