How to Clean Silver Plated Jewelry (Step By Step)

When you have your best looking silver-plated jewel, you should focus on making sure it looks as good as new.

It will give you the shine and luster you need. The hardest thing people struggle with is to clean it.

Unfortunately, you must clean it right if you want it to last longer. The good thing though, is that you may use the regular items you have in the house.

Things to remember when cleaning the silver-plated jewels

  • It’s plated

Before you go on to clean, remember the jewels aren’t solid silver instead of a plated one. This only means that it has a thin layer of silver, so you must be careful when using it to make sure it does chip or peel off.

You must remember to maintain gentleness; otherwise, you will damage it immediately. Be nicely careful to keep the jewel silver look.

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  • Don’t use harsh chemicals.

Although we are talking about the silver jewels, if you use the harsh chemicals, you will cause the peeling off of silver. You want a way to sustain it, thus making sure you maintain the beautiful look. Whichever chemical you therefore use should be in its mildest form.

  • Clean them every time you wear them

Every time you wear the jewel, you can decide to wipe its surface, making sure they remain clean. Keep them only once you clean off the sweat, water, and dirt as well as debris.

Methods of Cleaning the jewels

This is a harsher method of cleaning the jewels that’s only ideal for cleaning then when the treasures tarnish. Sometimes you have tough stains where you can decide to use the harder cleaning methods.

The aluminum foil salt and baking soda method

aluminum foil salt and baking soda method to Clean Silver Plated Jewelry



Asses the silver to see and understand the condition. Notice that the silver-plated jewel will require that you be patient with it. You don’t want to peel off the plating, but if it’s badly tarnished, then you will have to use the methods below to clean it.

In the end, you want to restore it and keep it looking nicely healthy. Make sure you clean it correctly but take all the time you need for the process.

What will you need?

  • Aluminum foil
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Water

Step one – line the container with the aluminum foil

line the container with the aluminum foil


The first thing to do is to line the container with aluminum foil. Since it’s going to help in the cleaning, you should make sure the shiny side is facing up. Now you will need to place your silver so that it’s in direct contact with your jewels.

We prefer to add the silver to the lined can and then place the silver into the can. After this, you can then add the liquid or water. Some people will add all the ingredients first before they add silver. Either method is okay, so you get to choose one works best for you.

Step 2 – Add the baking soda and salt.

Add the baking soda and salt


Take equal parts of the baking soda and the salt to add to the mixture. So you will need to add a good amount of baking soda depending on the number of jewels you are using.

Step 3 – Add the boiling water.

The final step here is to add the boiling water, making sure it covers all the jewels’ parts, then you can let it settle. Give it time to soak in nicely as the dirt and debris loosen.

In most cases, the fizzing occurs when the water hits the baking soda. This reaction will then start to clean the jewels. After about 15 minutes, then you can use the tongs to remove it and then check if it’s clean.

If you notice that it still has the tarnish, you can place it back, giving it more time to soak and clean even further.

Rinse it

Now go on to rinse it in water and dry it using a microfiber towel as you enjoy the shine and wear it again. You can further use another microfiber towel to polish the jewels making it look as good as new.

You can use the baking soda paste.

One of the most common methods you can use is the baking soda paste. It’s one of the safest solutions to use for the jewels

  • Take your baking soda and water then create a paste.
  • Go on to dab it on the silver jewel and rest on the jewel for more than an hour.
  • Finally, rinse the jewel as you check to see it still has the tarnishing on.
  • Dry it with your microfiber towel to get rid of all the water spots before you store it.

Clean using the soap and water

Clean using the soap and water


Sometimes you will find the jewels look tarnished or just dirty, so you will need the soap and water to clean it.

Take the mild soap with the warm water to create the foamy solution, then submerge your jewel in water for a few minutes.

If you think it’s not as dirty, you can take the microfiber to clothe and use it to polish the cloth in the cleaning process.

Go on to use the soft bristles to deliver a power cleanse to the crevices and all the parts that are still very dirty.

Finish off by rinsing it with another warm water making sure you have no foam in any part of the jewel.

Use the lint-free clothing to wipe the jewel, making sure all the jewels’ arts are shiny and clean.

How to keep the plated silver from tarnish

One of the toughest things to get rid of with your jewel is tarnished. Well, there are ways you can keep the silver from tarnishing remember.

How do you store the jewel?

The way you store the jewel will determine whether it tarnishes or not. Silver generally contains other metals, which is why it tarnishes faster.

Make sure you have a zip lock bag to use in the storage to keep out all the air. The presence of oxygen also means the jewels will start to tarnish. So choose the perfect Ziploc bag to keep the treasures safe from tarnishing.

Use a velvet and soft cloth for the storage of the jewel. If you keep it carelessly, then it will start to scratch. You want to have the surface of the jewel being as clean and great looking.

Never leave the jewels out on the table as that will lead to rapid rusting.

Keep the jewels individually. If you keep the jewels together with the others, you allow for the scratching to occur, which means the tarnishing is inevitable.

Don’t wet the jewels.

The silver will react in the presence of water, which is why you need to limit the use of water as much as you can.

When you are going into the shower, you should keep the jewels aside. The humid environment will cause the tarnishing thus, you should keep them away.

Don’t go swimming with the jewels as the chlorine is very harmful to your jewels. Too much water will also cause the peeling off of the jewels.

When you are going to go into the gym, you should keep the jewels aside. Sweat is not good for your jewels as they will cause the peeling soon.

Remove them the moment you go to sleep.

Don’t go to sleep with the jewels on. When you are going to sleep, you may scratch the jewels’ surface, which then means you should avoid it.

Clean them often

You don’t want the dirt to accumulate. Keep wiping the jewel as you go, and that will give you the perfect shine. Even when you are cleaning them, though, remember to be very careful about the process. Limit the harsh chemicals for the process, though.

Other cleaning tips

Dont use abrasives

I know you may be tempted to use the abrasives, but they will work against you. If you used the abrasive to get rid of the tarnish, you will remove it but damage it. Use a soft piece of cloth as well as a soft brush for the same.

Keep the jewels off of chemicals like chlorine to be on the safe side. Of course, even the house’s water may sometimes contain chlorine or fluorine, so keep the jewels off when cleaning.

Remember to dry it right.

If you don’t dry the jewels right, then you will cause the tarnish once again. Use a microfiber towel to thoroughly dry the jewels instead of letting it dry in the open air.

Its a wrap

Your silver-plated jewels will require rapid cleaning, but the way you clean them also will determine whether they last longer or not. They are delicate pieces that you have to handle as so too.

You can have the jewelry re-plated and looking healthy too. Depending on how dirty it is, you can either decide to seek a jeweler’s service for the cleaning. Remember not to use the harsh chemicals for the same.

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