How to Hide a Septum Piercing (Do It Yourself)

Septum piercing looks edgy, cool, and unique to amp your overall look. You can go big, small, outrageous, or classic with it.

Although it’s one of the best-looking piercings that most people are embracing, there are still places where it’s not accepted.

You’ll find some companies, schools, work, or conservative grandparents, being anti septum piercing.

Septum Piercing

Now the question becomes how you can hide this piercing from the eyes of those who don’t like it. This article seeks to help you answer this question.

First things first,

Did you know you can hide the septum jewel to the extent it’s not visible outside? Well, you should further maintain minimal touching of the septum piercing, at least when it’s new.

However, you will have to touch it when you’re flipping it, but you should do it with clean hands to avoid cross-contamination.

Hiding the piercing

If you wish to hide your pierced septum, you will need to flip the jewels up. When we say flipping the jewel up, we mean that you hide the jewel inside your nose. With this style, therefore, the jewel isn’t visible to the public.

Hiding the newly pierced septum

When you recently got your piercing, you always want it to show but not every place allows for that.

You don’t have to flip your new one; instead, you can choose other unique methods like a tiny thin jewel. This will remain invisible.

Someone will have to come very close to you for them to see that you have a septum piercing.

You shouldn’t take the jewels with glitters if you want to hide them. You may use glittery jewels later, especially when you don’t mind showing it off.

Through this time, you don’t want to bruise your septum, thus causing a swell. It’s also why you should remove or touch the jewels as that will cause skin irritation.

Other people use the tape that takes the color of their skin to cover the septum. With this, then no one will tell you to have a septum jewel. Be ready to remove the tape on the septum when you want to clean it. 

The second method

My septum piercing is healed. How can I hide it?

It’s easy to work with your healed septum since you aren’t afraid of bruising it.

  • It would help if you bought the retainer.

The best method to use in such scenarios is to use a septum retainer to hide your piercing. Now a septum retainer is just a smaller kind of jewel that you can flip to hide your piercing. Notice that you can either flip them up or down for them to be visible.

Notice that, in most cases, they use a horseshoe barbell and sometimes also the circular barbell for the piercing.

But if you have a sole intention to hide the septum, then you should use the retainer.

You won’t go for any retainer out there. Remember to only choose the septum jewel that will suit your face.

Seek the help of your piercer to know the right one to go with that will fit you.

Of course, in using the retainer to hide the piercing, you will find that it’s easy to have the hole open, but the jewel turned in.

SCARRING 316L Surgical Steel U-Shaped Nose Ring Septum Piercing 

Quali ti jewels


Naturally, this is one of the most common styles of septum jewels. You will particularly like these options because they are much more comfortable. If you flip them down, you will enjoy the fact that you can use whichever color you wish to.

Here the jewels are made using safe surgical steel, which makes them safe to use by those who are hypersensitive.

They remain some of the most durable options. Since the surfaces are polished, you can use them with even your new piercings. The good thing is that they’ll never fade or corrode.

The versatility is everything for you since you have different kinds of clothing.

The size matters

The easiest way to determine the right size for you is to choose the one with the same width as the one you have.

Although you can easily buy the retainers online, don’t believe it if you aren’t sure about the size. You should go to the shop and choose from the many retainers they are giving you.

Is it going got be a 14G, 16G, or 18G? Decide from the options you have here.

How will I insert the retainer?

It would help if you did it the same way you do when you’re inserting your regular ring.

  • First off, identify the hole where you will insert the retainer. Remove the stoppers then insert them into your nose.
  • Go on to guide the retainer into the hole and be gentle.
  • Finish off by locking it with a stopper again. Now you are ready to flip it.
  • Now pull your skin between the mouth and the nose to make everything visible and then push the retainer up. Be gentle in this making sure you don’t feel any more pain.
  • Sometimes you may feel too much pain, and thus you should use a smaller retainer for the same.
  • You see, this is why we say you should only do it to the septum. That’s already healed since it no longer has swellings. I can imagine how painful it could be to use the retainer on your new piercing.

Tips to remember

Whenever you handle the piercing, it’s delicate, and you don’t want to contaminate it; therefore, wash your hands and use disinfectants. This is a significant fact when you have a new piercing because bacteria in your hands may cause infections too.

Aftercare is essential for the quick healing of your septum. I encourage you to clean your piercing with a clean saline solution. It will, in fact, work as one of the easiest methods to hide a new septum.

Make it a day-to-day business where you clean both sides of your septum, especially when the piercing is still very new.

When the piercing is also new, you should avoid the jewel’s movement as that will irritate your skin.

Notice that if you take care of the piercing, no one will notice your septum because it’s not swollen or red. Take care of everything for easy hiding.


I just got my piercing. Can I hide it?

You should try and avoid flipping or touching the nose septum for those who are still between the 6-8 weeks of the stipulated healing time.

Such actions may lead to irritations, infection, and swelling. Unless it’s, therefore, essential to do it, you should try and keep off touching the septum.

If you have to flip, you can ask your piercer to do it for you as they know how to do it safely. Note that this practice will irritate your new septum piercing; thus, you should keep it off.

Why is it just hard for me to flip my jewel?

Try going to a piercer for the flipping because maybe you aren’t doing it right. However, if you are sure you have used all the methods and can’t find the solution, then maybe it all has got to do with your body anatomy. Some of us can’t flip our jewels.

Is it easy to hide my septum piercing?

Of all other piercings we know of, this is the easiest one you can ever hide. So you will need to flip it and push it inside your nostrils.

The good thing is that if you are using a suitable metal, then the piercing will keep on healing without causing complications.

Can anyone do it for you?

If you want to push it into the nostril, you should go to your piercer for it or, better yet, do it yourself. It’s not such an easy thing when you are just new.

Can I breathe with the jewels flipped in?

Of course, this is a genuine question since the jewel has somehow blocked the air passage. Some people find it hard to breathe, and if this is, therefore, you take it off.

I would rather have you alive instead of causing accidents that you could avoid. Again this will depend on the body’s anatomy.

Why get a septum piercing when you will hide it?

I know it beats logic why we should make the piercing when we will just have to hide it anyways. However, some places require you to keep off such edgy looks.

But that doesn’t mean you want to hide it. You will need to adhere to the social or company laws but when out you can show it off. So there’s nothing wrong with having the piercing.

You can now hide the piercing as you can see. If you have a question though feel free to ask us today.

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