How To Keep Ear Piercing Open Without Earring

Ear piercings are a fashionable art that enhances your look and has almost become a rite of passage to many people.

The stigma associated with multiple piercings is no longer there. Nevertheless, you may be required to remove your earrings for certain reasons.

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In this era, ear piercings have become more popular with different and new innovations introduced as time goes on.

There is no gender specification as to which gender should have their ears pierced. Nowadays, both men and women can have their ears pierced.

The standard ear piercing type has always been lobe piercing, but several other ear piercings include the conch orbital, tragus, daith, helix, and rook piercings.

The piercing should be pain-free, but this relies heavily on the abilities and experience of your piercer.

Getting your ear piercings done will bring happiness and delight to you; however, the excitement may be short-lived because of several factors.

Places of employment, the dressing code of your school, religion, and your parent’s lifestyle are all factors that may force you to take your earrings off.

If your piercing is new, it would not be easy to keep taking the earrings in and out frequently. It is also painful while taking them out, especially to new piercings.

Frequent taking out of the earrings and returning them can introduce bacteria into your piercings, which is not good news for you.

How do you keep your ear piercing without wearing an earring?

Ear piercing closes faster within the first year when it was done. The piercing hole will shrink if you do not wear your earrings daily, leading to the complete closure of the piercing.

Ear piercings like the conch orbital will close up faster without earrings because they are very delicate.

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Your piercer plays a significant role in how your piercing is going to be. If your piercing is not done correctly, it may close up quickly due to setbacks like a bacterial infection or allergic reactions that slow down the healing process.

Therefore, you must choose a highly skilled and respectable piercer to pierce your ears.

The first months of an ear-piercing are crucial, and staying without an earring is a wrong decision that you should not consider making.

Your piercing will close up in hours if you remove your earring during the first months; nevertheless, if you have stayed with your piercing for a considerable amount of years, then it will take long before it fully closes up.

New ear piercings are fragile and require you to properly care for your piercing for between six to eight weeks before you can remove them.

Cartilage piercings usually take longer to heal and take between twelve to sixteen weeks before they heal completely.

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It is vital to make sure that you retain the initial earring placed by your piercer in your piercing during the healing process and follow your aftercare instructions religiously as specified by your piercer.

You can then remove your earrings after the six weeks window has passed for cleaning purposes. You must return the earrings immediately after cleaning them to block the piercing from closing up.

There are numerous reasons why you may be required to take off your precious earrings, especially when they are still new and when they are not fully and properly healed.

Religious beliefs, the dressing code of your school, or your parents being conservative are all factors that affect you and your piercing. However, there are some ideas on how you can hide your piercing without having to wear your earrings for some time. They include;

You can use quartz retainers or clear glass.

Using clear glass jewelry or quartz jewelry is a suitable method of hiding your piercings in environments where the piercings are not wanted. These jewelry are mostly invisible, and they must be very close to you for anyone to see them.

While replacing your earrings from the initial ones, it is vital to avoid using plastic jewelry at all costs as they are the primary cause of infections in your piercing. You should be careful while replacing the earrings before the first six weeks.

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It would be best if you let your piercer change the earrings for you at this stage because of the piercing’s fragile nature; it is also the safest way to use your piercer as in case of any complications, he or she may be able to handle it.

With clear jewelry, it is essential to check and examine them keenly to detect any form of pathogens and their surface for scratches. Clear acrylic jewelry is not approved and supported for your piercing because of its qualities. However, they are a suitable substitute.

It is essential not to use clear jewelry for your first piercing. Many piercers will advise you on using stainless steel or the 14k gold earrings as they do not cause any form of irritation or swells to your piercing, and this is because they are hypoallergenic.

Using other metals apart from the above could generate allergic reactions to your piercing, resulting in serious infections.

Apply concealer.

You can also decide to keep your piercing a secret by applying concealer to your stud to hide them from being seen.

Remove the earring and apply foundation to them; it is essential to match your piercing with your skin tone.

Note that using makeup on new ear piercings will introduce bacteria to your piercing, causing infections, and it’s important not to make up on the jewelry.

Take off your earrings when necessary.

You can take off your earrings if the situation at hand has no other alternatives. The moment your piercing is past the first six weeks, removing them will not cause any severe harm to your piercing considering the environment, whether at work or school, to avoid trouble.

Closing of any piercings varies from one person to another and with different rates. Still, the piercing will unlikely close up within a day, especially when the six-week window is over.

All the same, you should be extremely careful with new piercings; you should not leave them open for many days.

Most likely, when the earring is removed, a thin layer will grow in the hole, but it will not close the piercing completely. With the membrane layer grown, push the earring through the hole as this will open it up with a slight amount of pain.

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If you find it challenging or hard by any chance, you can lubricate the jewelry with oil and antibiotic cream to kill any germs on it.

Lobe piercing, which is the most popular piercing, heals faster than cartilage piercings but cannot stay for a long time or days without an earring as they tend to close faster.

On the contrary, cartilage piercings can stay longer without earrings, but they usually take more time during their healing process.

Cut the ball off in a small and less expensive post earring.

If the piercing is causing you trouble within your environment and expressing your happiness is causing your disputes, you can decide to get your ears pierced with a small and less expensive earring.

You can as well take off the ring and cut the bar that is on your earring. You need to remove the back of your earring and push it forward as much as it can go, and then clip off the ball using wire cutters. It is important that all this is done while the earring is still in the ears.

You should then push the post earring back to its usual and standard location, after which you complete the procedure by replacing the earring’s back.

Using this method requires extreme caution, and you may require the help of someone else. This prevents any injuries from occurring and makes sure that the post earring is not cut incorrectly. It would be best if you also disinfected your wire cutters to prevent bacteria’s introduction into your piercing.

Use small earrings that match your skin tone or a stem.

If accessing clear earrings is a problem, choose tiny ear studs. They should be ultra-small flat, and microscopic. Earring post that matches your skin tone is also beneficial as they are less noticeable than clear jewelry.

People with stretched ears will benefit mainly from these earrings as the colored earrings will hide the earrings well, considering stretched ears are difficult to hide.

You can also decide to use only the stem of the earring as it will stay inside the ears if there is no option of clear studs. The stem will stay inside the piercing without being easily noticed and will keep your piercing open.

For what is worth

Ear piercings are used for fashionable purposes and portray an individual’s character through an expression of themselves. It is also a symbol of you being proud and bold enough to express to the outside world.

Nevertheless, the environment that you are in plays a significant role in how your experience with your piercing will be taken by society. You may get mixed reactions about your piercing after doing it.

You should then consider what type of piercing you will get done to avoid constant arguments with your parents or your boss, or the school administration. However, it is recommended that you contemplate getting piercings that are quieter and those that are safe to avoid commotions with society.

It is also essential that you understand hiding your piercing is not easy and that not much can be done to hide them completely.

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