Can You Pierce Your Own Nose – How To Do That Safely?

It’s one thing to see people with their pierced noses and loves it, but a whole process to have one pierced for you. If you have thought of piercing your nose in the past, this article will give you a rough idea of what happens.

Remember, you don’t have to DIY it since it’s a riskier piercing unless, of course, you are familiar with the process or you’re a piercer.

Nose piercing involves the puncturing of your nose with a needle to make a hole through which you can wear your different jewels styles.

Although it looks like a minor procedure, it can make you develop allergens and infections. This is the reason why I encourage you to go to a professional.

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Here is the perfect guide to using if you want to do it at home for some reason. By the time you are done with this article, you will realize that there’s a lot more regarding piercing the nose than meets the eye.

Let’s get started

Which part of your nose are you going to pierce. You will have to identify this before you even start the process. Of course, you will have to factor in the kind of jewel you are going to use.

When talking of a simple nose piercing, you will need to spot the exact point to puncture. I know the easiest way to find this is by envisioning it.

Once you have a point, then mark it ready for the process. Again I discourage the piercing at home as there may be risks involved if you pierce it wrong.

What jewel?

So many jewels in the market will make a good piercing jewel for you. But you should confirm the safety of the jewel on your skin.

The best way to go about it is to go to a studio or a parlor shop to buy the jewel.

At this point, you must make sure you are buying a jewel that’s unused safe, and sterilized, or you can sterilize it at home.

Suppose you have nickel allergies check out for jewels that are nickel free.

This is also the time when you have to choose the size length and all other aspects. Often for piercing, people choose surgical steel, titanium, and sometimes gold.

ZS 9-12PCS 20g Surgical Stainless Steel Nose Stud Ring Piercing Nose

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It features the use of hypoallergenic and nickel-free surgical steel jewels. It’s ideal for all the different kinds of body jewels.

Remember, you will secure the jewels using a flat back too. You will like that they are comfortable and stylish to use, considering you have a new piercing.

Check your skin for any other infection.

You should only pierce your skin when you’re clear of any other skin irritation and infections. Why wait, you ask?

Remember, piercing the skin means the cells want to rush to the spot and have it heal you fast. However, if you have other infections, they will be already engaged, thus slowing the healing process.

Here’s what you will need

The easiest way to avoid going back and forth is to buy the entire kit at once. This will have everything you need for the process.

I find that more manageable, but you can also purchase them all separately if you genuinely know what you need for the procedure.

BodyJ4You 15PC Professional Piercing Kit

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When you have everything you need, then you only need to go through with the process.

This is ideal for the nostril and septum piercing because of the studs you have here. So you have three straight and hollow needles for the process.

The latex gloves together will serve to protect your hands. I like that it comes already sterilized, so you have to go on with the process.

Besides, the set is affordable and easy to use. The pieces you see here are made using durable surgical steel so you can use the set for up to four different times.

You know, while we like body jewels and enjoy them, it’s the most sensitive style. As such, you will have to be very careful to prevent contamination.

WZPB Ear Nose Piercing Kit 

Ear Nose Piercing Kit - WZPB 26pcs Ear Nose Piercing Kit Professional Body Piercing Kit with 316L Stainless Steel Piercing Needles 18G 20G Piercing Clamps Nose rings Piercing Jewelry Body Piercing

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Here you have the different jewels you can use in the other parts of your body. Such a set will work even for your cartilage piercing.

The bottom line, you have your safety in check with the right equipment. This can work as a great gift, especially for anyone who likes the piercing process.

It features the use of a durable set of tools. The jewels are ideal for daily wear. Notice that these metals won’t even rust or corrode. You will therefore have a mirror polish for the jewels.

In a nutshell, although you have bought the kit, make sure you have all the things you need before you even start the process.

Remember, you shouldn’t use the safety pin for the piercing. Take the hollow needle because they’re the ones designed for the piercing.

Now prep your equipment.

There’re a few things you will need to do before you start with the process.

Check the needles

Remember, the needle you are using is designed for body piercing, and it should be new. Please don’t assume this fact check to confirm that it’s prepackaged. If the needle is not prepackaged, it will mean it may be a used tool.

Also, check the size and use a thin gauge of 20G OR 18G while confirming the hollow diameter’s size. This will ensure the jewel will fit into the diameter.

After you are sure about the needle, it’s time to sterilize it together with all the tools you have.

Start by sterilizing all the equipment.

I know the kit or the needles you have are new but remember to sterilize them even when the kit indicates that they have sterilized the tools.

You want to be sure you are using safe tools. Remember, you could quickly transfer diseases from one person to another.

You can have different ways to do the sterilization, but the easiest is to boil the tools and jewels in hot water.

If you aren’t sure, the material can stand hot water though you can use the saline solution.

Once you sterilize, you shouldn’t touch any other thing that’s not sterilized until after the piercing.

Clean your face and particularly your nose

You will then need to free your skin of oils, grease, and dirt before you start. You can use the antibacterial wash for your face to be sure.

If you don’t have it, then you should use the saline solution. Focus on your nose to ensure it’s free of all the dirt.

When the face is clean, then you are ready for the process.

Mark the nose

You won’t just go in and start piercing blindly. You will have to identify the ideal spot for the piercing.

You must have decided on the spot where you should have the piercing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the left or right nostril, find the spot and then mark it.

As you do this, you should ensure the piercing mark is where you want to have it. If you notice that you didn’t get it right, you can go on and rub it then pierce again.

The primary step: its time

When you have done all this, then you can now pierce the nose. But I hope you are physically and mentally ready. You made the decision, so it’s time to go for it.

Set the forceps clamp

Now you should have the forceps set over the mark you made already. This is your guide; therefore, the mark should still be visible through the tip of your forceps.

Bottom-line, ensure it’s tight, thus securing the part where you ought to pierce. It will hold the space open, making it easy to pierce the right spot and not your fingers.

Take a breath

I know you are by now a little tense but don’t be. Breathe in and out slowly to calm yourself down. Notice that the nose piercing is pretty simple, and you will soon be through with it.

Remember, when you go for an injection, it goes way in. However, it’s thinner here, so you can be sure to have finished by the time you are through.

Let’s go for it

We will only need to use a sterilized needle in this case.

Look into that mirror and position that needle in line with the mark you already created.

Are you thinking of stopping it? It’s the final step, so make a decision. If you are still here, then let’s do it.

Start to push the needle through the mark. Make sure it’s perpendicular to the surface of the nostril piercing. Be very fast yet steady with it because you want to experience the pain instantly and forget.

Slide through the tissue and notice instant pain. Don’t worry; you will soon have the piercing of your dream.

Also, don’t poke the inner sides of your nose. This could hurt the cartilage. So don’t stab your central nose cartilage when piercing the nostril.

Wear the jewel

Now pull the needle gently through the other side as you insert the stud or jewel you will use for the piercing.

Here, you will be done with the process instantly since you can line the jewel with the piercing to make it easy to go through.

Notice that if you don’t insert the jewel instantly, the nose piercing may start to close since it’s still fresh. The healing should take time around the jewel.

Set the back of the stud to make sure it doesn’t come off. Be gentle, but also, the jewel shouldn’t be loose.  Now you are done with this process.

After the piercing care

Of course, this will determine whether it heals fast and whether it’s safe to have it or not. Self-care puts you at risk of infections, but if you are careful, then this will be a story.

Clean the piercing

The moment everything is done, and you have cleaned your piercing spot, you have to start thinking about the care. Make a saline solution that you will use at least two times a day.

The easiest method I’ve found to clean the piercing is to soak the swab in the saline solution and then dab it into the piercing.

This will make sure the solution goes into the piercing to clear the germs. Go on to wipe the exterior surfaces and the interior surface.

Soak it

When you need to, then you can soak the nose. This makes sure the solution goes deep into the piercing.

Here’s how to do it

Make the saline solution in a cup, and don’t think about it as it feels gross.

You can then insert your nose into the cup for 1-3 minutes while breathing carefully.

Some people choose to soak a cotton swab in the saline solution and then hold it on their noses to clean it thoroughly.

Finally, go on to rinse the nose and wait for the next day.


Give it time to clean the interior parts of the piercing.

Are you worried about the infections? Just make sure you don’t touch the piercing, and that will keep it safe and clean.

Then don’t ever forget to clean it and check for any changes so that you can help solve the problem when it’s just starting.

You can only change the jewels after six months because then they will have been appropriately held.

Here’s what to do to make sure you never infect the piercing

  • Don’t remove the jewel during the healing time as that may tamper with the tissues.
  • Avoid touching it frequently as that transfers the bacteria from your hands to the piercing.
  • Don’t apply makeup on the nose as that will cause even more harm.
  • Eat right, and make sure you stay hydrated.
  • Check out for the infection to maintain the piercing safety.
  • Never should you use chemicals on your piercing.

What do I think about it?

I know many videos show you how to pierce your nose at home, but I don’t encourage it. If you want to be safe go to a beauty store and get it done for you. This article just gives you ideas of how you expect it to happen.

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