How To Pierce Your Septum In The Right Way(Tips Before And After)

Septum piercing is not about to go out of fashion. It’s still one of the trendy fashion styles of piercing accessories. We have had celebrities like Jessica Biel and lady Gaga rock their new style of piercing. People like it a lot for one reason it’s not permanent.

pierce septum hanging from her nose

Besides, the piercing is hidden, so you won’t see a trace if you decide to let it block. But just like any other kind of piercing, you will have to care for it.

Are you thinking of having your septum pierced? In this article, we are showing you how to go about this. What you expect and more.

Before the piercing

You aim to pierce the sweet spot, which is often a softer side of the nose cartilage. A good piercer should trace it easily. When it comes to septum piercing, you should know that you have to go to a professional piercer.

More people get the septum piercing wrong, so you see us emphasizing that you should visit a professional.

Don’t expect perfection if you didn’t check the credentials of the piercer, though. Most of them aren’t as qualified to take the piercing.

When they know where to pierce, then the ring will remain high and tight in front of your nose.

Septum Piercing

If they pierce it wrong, then the septum ring will fall further back against your face. It would help if you always had the piercing done and snugging on your nose.

I know you may like the more massive ring, but don’t let it hang down to your lip area. Notice that the septa will come in different shapes, styles, and colors.

Unfortunately, if there’s a deviation of the septum, it can be hard even to breathe. This is why you should have it done by a professional.

This is particularly true if you don’t want to go for surgery over a wrong piercing. Also, your jewels may sit differently depending on the ones you choose.

To prepare

Choose the right piercer

There will be so many people claiming to know how to pierce. But you mostly need one who is professional. There will be many piercers posing to be good at what they do and professionals, but they aren’t.

Notice that the experience matters too. So take the time to find the right one who will not affect your piercing.

Also, remember you’re going for a very delicate piercing, so you need to know where to pierce first. It’s a delicate style of piercing where you’re sure you will need to take good care of it.

Keep the space clean.

Whenever you choose to pierce the septum, you should first consider cleaning it first. When you, therefore, clean it, then it won’t develop any form of contamination.

The room should also have a mirror for you to see where you’re piercing. Some people decide to do it in the bathroom, but you can again do it in the studio.

Most of the professionals make sure the room space where they’re piercing is clean. Before you, therefore, partake in the process, you should clean it.

What about supplies?

When you’re going to pierce your septum, you’ll need a few supplies. Always remember that you need single-use gloves because you’ll touch your nose.

If you like, though, you can also have another set of gloves for you to wear if you contaminated the other one.

But even before you wear the two gloves you should clean your hands to your elbows. You shouldn’t even wear loose-fitting clothes because they’ll sometimes stick on the jewel.

The best part is to lay the supplies while making sure you also keep them sterilized. It would help if you always used the safe supplies.

If you took the pre-packaged supplies, you should keep them packaged until you are ready to use them. Ensure you organize the tools you would like to use to ensure you don’t have to search for them.

Just remember to have a bag ready to carry the supplies and set them in order.

Now you can prep your nose too.

Take the time to start by trimming your nose hair first. It would help if you, therefore, used a razor blade. You won’t damage your skin if you know how to trim your nose skin’s hairs.

Herse how to go about it:

Breathe in first and then trim the hairs. You aim to be careful that you don’t inhale the hair you trimmed. As you are going about this, then you should remember to maintain a sterile environment. Finally, it would help if you cleaned the nostril with an antiseptic.

Here you can dip the swab in the alcohol and then wipe your nose with it. So make sure you choose the swabs for the different nostrils. Then finish off by cleaning the outer parts of your nose.

When you have cleaned it thoroughly, you can find the sweet spot, which is the columella. A professional will find it easily find.

Also, pull the mouth flesh down to spot the parts. If you can’t find it, you should know that you may not see the sweet spot.

She how to pierce your nose.

I know now you want to know the exact process, and we’re ready for you to know it too.

So the first step is to mark the part of your nose where you intend to pierce.

Of course, when you note the part where you will pierce, then you’re ready to go.

Also, you can draw the line on the bottom of the septum. You ought to make a straight line for the septum piercing.

Finish off by setting the clamps on each side. Go on to open the parts up and then set them right. Make sure you have the dot at the center of the clamp.

Remember to tighten the clamps so that we can use the symmetrical piercing. Finally, take out the needle from the back age, and with the mirror, ensure you have the line is nicely aligned.  Go on to take a few breaths as you push it through.

Again when you pull the mouth skin down, you can see clearly where the piercing is. Remember that you should only poke the nose on one side and pierce it through to the other side. When you do this right, then it will serve you better.

What happens when you pierce your septum?

Of course, there will be a reaction because you expect a few seconds of pain.

If they, therefore, pierce it right, then you should expect a few seconds of pain. Generally, though, people will feel different levels of pain remember.

Expect your eyes to water a bit. Of course, the tear gland will be affected just a little bit. Just like any other thing, when you have to push a needle through any part of your body, it’s going to hurt.

It’s going to bleed a little more than you expect it to sometimes.

Just know that they will pierce the sweet spot not, really the septum. Remember that part is before the cartilage.

Nonetheless, it would help if you worked with the piercer to confirm that the placement they’re choosing is the right one you would like to use.

This is also the time to confirm that all angles are right and set. Ensure the dots are all the same height and distance. We’re different in our anatomy, but if you want a septum jewel, then you must find the right part to pierce.

Take your time to confirm that the part you’re choosing to pierce is the right one.

Finally, when you’re satisfied with the placement, the body piercer will easily pierce your nose.

When you have the placement right, you can now go to the next step to pierce the nose.

The breathing technique

I hope you know the breathing techniques because you will need them here.

Go for deep and controlled breathing. Of course, take the time to breathe deeply in and then out.

The good thing is that your piercer will guide you on breathing. Remember to breathe in and out slowly.

The piercing is fast, and it will work out in seconds. Expect the perceived pain will occur very fast, and then everything goes back to normal.

Remember, you will have hooked the ring to the other end of the piercing, then you can pull it down. The balls on end will secure it in place.

So go on to secure it and then leave it. Give it months on end to heal, and remember how you take care of it will determine whether it lasts.

Let’s talk about the jewels to use

You see, the kinds of jewels you ought to use when you have just pierced your nose vary. Sometimes you’ll need to flip your jewel.

So don’t worry, this is possible but with particular jewel styles. You can use a retainer or a circular barbell.

If you think about whether it’s possible to heal the septum with the flip-up, don’t worry. You can cure it while you have flipped it.

Just practice the proper care method for the jewels. Therefore, you can flip it up or down but only use your clean hands for the same.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t going to flip it, you can use almost any septum jewel type. If you like the circular barbell, fixed bead type, and captivating rings, you have it all ready.

However, don’t pierce your nose with the septum ring as it can damage the septum tissues. When you’re then fully healed, you can use other jewels.

I had surgery. Can I pierce?

If you have nose surgery, then it’s essential to let your nose heal fast. But in most cases, you can easily pierce it still.

If you know the piercing happened near the septum, then you maybe need to keep off piercing just for now.

Important tips

It’s one thing to pierce your septum but another one to know how to heal it sooner. You will need to follow a particular protocol. Aftercare is one of the essential parts of the piercing process.

If you use a legit cleansing saline solution, then you can be sure it’s going to be a few weeks, and then you fully heal your septum.

Also, avoid touching the septum as that will mean you keep the piercing from unnecessary infections.

Know the size of the jewel and the style that will fit you best.

Be careful only to use the sterile and great material when you need to pierce it. You should avoid those metals that contain nickel, especially when it’s your very first time piercing. It’s ideal, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Choose the right size and style of jewel to use with your piercing. You don’t need a flashy style of jewel or even a bold one. All you need is a piece you are comfortable using.

Always go to a professional piercer if you want to heal sooner. They will advise you on how to care for it.

Septum piercing kit

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You will have ether horseshoe needle and sterilized pad to ensure you clean it right. The good thing is that the needle you have here is sterilized and laser sharpened, ready for the process of piercing the septum.

I like the choice here just because it’s nicely cheaper. You will even have safe gloves to secure both yourself and the piercer.

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The good thing though, is that the needle is sharp and even easier to use. Every tool here features a safe metal, and you will find it easy to make it work.

With that, then you are ready for the piercing process. Take all the time you need for the process because when you hasten it then you’ll hurt yourself.

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