How To Remove Septum Ring

It’s as easy to remove a septum jewel as it is to wear it when your septum is healed. You will want to know everything related to the septum when you are new to this piercing kind. We are therefore giving you the exact tips on how to remove the septum.

Septum Ring

There are many reasons why people remove piercing, and often it’s because they want to change the jewel. Other times though, they want to remove the gems forever.

It’s easy to remove the jewel, but you will need to maintain high levels of patience when removing them.

Also, before you can do anything in this regard, make sure you clean your hands first.

Make sure you get rid of even the bacteria before you can start removing the septum. This is vital especially when your septum piercing is still very new.

When to remove the jewel

It’s not every day that you need to remove the septum jewel, especially when the piercing is new. You should know when to remove them.

Don’t go out, removing the piercing when you are in the healing window of between 6-8weeks. At such time it’s easy for you to bruise your piercings.

How to remove it

It’s easy to remove the septum jewels as you’ll see below. But you’ll need to check the following points first.

Does it feel sore?

Before you start to remove the jewel, you will need to check and see it’s sore. If you feel sore, then it’s not a good time to start removing it, as that will lead to more pain or damage.

Usually, the healing of the septum will be anything from 6-12 weeks. If you still find that it’s sore, you shouldn’t try to remove it.

One of the easiest ways to know your piercing is healed or healing is when you notice it no longer has redness, soreness, and swelling either.

Another way to know whether it’s ready for you to remove it is to find out how it looks when you turn it.

So turn it around and if you notice that there’s some pain when you turn the jewels, then know that the piercing isn’t ready.

Understand more about the jewels

Before you finally go through the process, you will need to understand a few things about the septum jewels.

If this is your first time removing it, you will need to know that your piercer may have tightened the jewel to make sure it doesn’t come off.

Septum Piercing

Additionally, you will also need to know the kind of jewel you are going to change. Whether you are talking of retainer, circular, barbell, captive, or hoop style jewel is all a personal choice.

Before you finally remove the jewel, you will need to remember if the jewel has a ball; it tightened to the right; therefore, you need to loosen it to the right.

Remember that though it may seem easy, it isn’t that easy. You will be using the mirror so it will keep altering everything to a different side.

Prepare the workspace and clean your hands.

We have mentioned that you must only operate the septum when your hands are clean. Next, you’ll need to prep any tools you may need to remove.

Sometimes you may need the jewel pliers. Also, clear the space in the bathroom where you will work on removing the jewel. Most people prefer to set a towel over the bathroom sink where you’re working.

Now check the jewel you will be removed but remember that removing them varies from place to place.

  • For the threaded jewels

If you have the jewels with a flat back, we may also call them a threaded gem. For this one, therefore, you will only need to remove it, but first, you have to unscrew it. Then you will gently pull it out to finally remove them.

  • For those times when you have the threadless ones

Often the threadless jewels look so much like the regular threaded ones. In most cases, though, they have the bent post to make sure the jewels stay put. So you will need to pinch the front and the back part before you start to remove them.

  • In the case of the seam rings

Although you are thinking of just removing it, this is not a good idea if you have the seam rings. Go to your piercer to then remove it for you.

The process

Generally, you should expect to follow the procedure below to remove the jewels.

  • First, you should find out if you can remove the balls at the ends. Therefore, if you can’t, you should use the jewel pliers to help you turn the jewels. Sometimes, you may not even need to turn the balls as they will often come out quickly.
  • Then you can spray a saline solution cleaning solution to make sure nothing is infected, and the jewels are in a good state. Remember, at this stage; you have already washed your hands. The saline solution also makes the piercing moist.
  • Then go on to turn it all the way, and if you notice no pain, you are ready for a new jewel style. You could also insert the new jewel if you want to or leave it open as you would like to.
  • You should, at this time, therefore go on to thoroughly clean your nostrils.

Is it painful?

I mean, everyone wants to know whether the whole process is painful before they embark on it. But the truth is that there’s nothing to worry about.

Remain the piercing should be easy, especially when you can easily undo the ends.

After how long should I remove it?

It will only be good for you to remove the jewel when it’s already healed. Has it gone through a window of 6-8 weeks?

Now you know how to do it yourself so you don’t have to go to your piercer all the time for the same issue.

It’s easy to do even at home just follow the steps shown below.

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