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If I have my sterling silver jewel and it sticks lightly to my magnetic is it fake? I have probably heard this over 100 times. And well the best way is for us to answer the question for you here once and for all.

I know the internet is flooded with different answers sometimes even videos to prove to you the point.

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However, while some people say it’s fake, others say it’s not and the only thing that happens is that you get confused.

Adversely many people have thrown away some of their best jewelry believing it’s fake since it stuck to the magnet.

But what is the answer?

I know the fact that the sterling silver attaches to the magnet can be an indicator that it’s fake but sometimes it’s just not fake. Also, you may have the metal being paramagnetic yet it’s not actually sterling silver. There are other metals in the market with the exact same features.

So the answer to this is a simple no sterling silver magnetic. But just the fact that you have your silver sticking to the magnet doesn’t mean it’s fake.

For you to understand this then you will need to understand the sterling silver though.

What is sterling silver?

We buy the jewels all the time and when you have one that’s .925 stamped then that’s your sterling silver. This means that it contains 92.5% silver but it also has other additional metals to make up for 7.5%.

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Often you will have the metal being copper which is never magnetic either. So if you know your supplier you can ask why the sterling silver sticks to the magnet to understand.

Of course, they will tell you it’s because of the additional metals. Although that’s partially true it shouldn’t stick very tight. If it’s loosely sticking, then it’s just pure sterling silver.

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Is it possible for it to stick, though?

If it does stick, then chances are that it’s not real sterling silver. Notice that pure silver which makes up 92.5% is not magnetic. Often factories use copper to fill in the 7.5% and copper isn’t magnetic either.

Sterling silver reacts the same way silver does to magnets. They are both weekly magnetic and if you notice that it sticks too tight then the metal is simply not sterling silver.

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It could contain other elements and metals like iron, nickel, and many other magnetic metals. Of course, the easiest way to put it is that you have been scammed and that’s not sterling silver.

Is the magnetic test 100% accurate?

I want to say that it will depend on the magnet in use. But the truth is that this is not the most accurate method to use in testing sterling silver. Often even the fake ones can pass this test. It’s just like the first step to direct you and show you the authenticity.

I prefer to use the acid test as it gives me more accurate results.

Alternatively, you can take it to jewels professional to find out if it’s legit. Don’t have to use any magnet expecting it to give me accurate results.

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If you can however find a rare type of magnet called neodymium, then you can be sure that if it sticks easily then it’s not silver.

How to test the sterling silver using the specific rare magnet?

Most people just use the silver slide magnet test directly. However, before you go to use the test, you should remember that the silver is paramagnetic.

This means that when you slide the metal under the silver, it should slowly go down. If it goes very fast as other metals do, then you can question the metal.

Bottom-line it shouldn’t stick swiftly and tight or just go down fast. Also, remember to use a specific rare magnet that’s strong to sense even the fake types of silver. Expect weak magnetic effects not zero reaction at all.

So you can test the silver with the magnet but you should use other methods too because we have other metals that are non-reactive with the magnet as well. Some jewelers will pose non-sterling silver jewels as sterling silver especially if they have the same appearance and color.

When using the sliding test, therefore, you should know the angle to use. So slide the magnet at a 45 degrees angle. Then slide it down to see how it reacts.

Tips to know if you are misrepresenting the sterling silver

If you are a jewel company and misrepresenting sterling silver, you should know the following.

You are deceptive if your company makes it seem like your jewels contain silver when they don’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s plated silver, silver content, or even electromagnetic.

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You are deceptive if you stamp your silver as sterling silver or 925 silver if it contains no such amount of silver. You should make sure it meets the requirements.

You shouldn’t mislead the buyers if you’re sure it’s not the real silver.

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To be actually safe you will need to make sure you meet the act requirement in this regard. Otherwise, you might face the law enforcers.

If you are going to buy the pieces out of the US, you will need to check the stamp and make sure it’s really 925 silver. Anything less for us is not really sterling silver even though it is in some countries. It doesn’t make sense to buy the silver using the same name but yet it has lesser content of silver.

Always remember to seek the service from an authentic and truthful jeweler to be sure you only buy the best pieces.


We could talk all day about this topic but the simple answer is that if the silver is magnetic then it’s not real sterling silver. Often the silver is just paramagnetic.

To avoid complications about buying the sterling silver jewels from the wrong places just buy from trustworthy brands in the country or overseas from brands you trust the most.

Remember there will always be counterfeit of everything, unfortunately. But if you are smart enough you won’t fall for their traps. If you in fact are investing a lot of money in the same, make sure you only buy the best and most authentic pieces.

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