14 Best Jewelry Auction Sites online of 2022

The thought of buying jewelry, especially the high-end ones, can be hectic. But when you know where to go and buy them, the better.

There are hundreds of shops where you can buy jewels. Also, you could buy your favorite jewel is in an auction site. This leads us to the main question, do you know the best auction site?

This article will help you find the best jewelry auction sites you can use.

But first,

Whats a jewelry auction site?

This is just like the regular auction site but the one that solidly focuses on jewelry. Since it’s the place to fine jewelry, you can find some of the best pieces when you go in to search as well.

So here then you will find the best guide from jewelers if you need any.

But the reason anyone wants to go to a jewelry auction site for the jewels is that they want the best bargain for their jewels.

You will always find unique pieces on the sites you are interested in.

1. Sothebys


Here you will have a unity of collectors who come together on this site to present their jewels. They have their offices in London and New York, but they were even the first to conduct a jewelry auction in Hong Kong.

They have also had their sales in India and France, making them one of the go-to sites when looking for jewelry from an auction site.

At Sotheby’s, you will only get the extraordinary jewels, which makes it all even better. You will even get jewels from brands like Van Clef and Arpels, Tiffany & co, among others.

Whenever you are looking for high-quality gems, visit this site. You can find white diamonds, colored ones, pearls, and other gems.

A good example is where in 2015, Sotheby’s made the highest sale of $228Million, higher than any other competitor they were with.

Since you will find the specialists on this site, you are sure to hear them saying that any jewel will tell a story.

If you want to partake in this event, you should check out their live and online auctions that take place all through the year.


2. Artcurials


This French site came into existence in 2005. Notice that this site today conducts auctions twice a year.

They have one in January and another one in July in Monaco. They also have other two midyear ones in April and October in the capital Paris.

It’s been more than ten years today since they started to auction, but you can best believe that it’s an auction site that no one is going to miss. Both the buyer and the sellers appreciate this event.

They are famous for selling the best jewels, so they conduct the event during the suggested times.

Julie and Valerie will give you the professional advice you need. They also teach you how to sell to the best or buy from only the best.

This site has almost 20 years of experience, but today, they are the site to target, especially if you are going for the auction experience.


3. Heritage jewelry

Heritage jewelry

You can expect to see this brand auctioning the jewels. They use signature auctions to find the rare jewels, and you know what that means they are high-end options. So they are all about collecting valuable objects and jewels.

Now, you can expect the newcomers to charge you a lot, but the good thing is that it’s worth the selling price. The bidding site believes in honesty and integrity, so you will find some of the best jewels.

You can expect them only to sell the best-looking and safe jewels. They offer the necessary information for you to find the right jewel that will work for you. Don’t be mistaken that this is a place to get cheaper options because the jewels and watches cost up to thousands of dollars.


4. Diamond auction online

Anyone who loves a diamond is always out here searching for the best diamond they can buy. Well, here is the auction site you can go to.

At the same time, they specialize in several things you can expect the repossessed and estate jewelry too.

You will find the best diamond jewels, which may include but are not limited to rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and anklets.

In most cases, the jewelry on this site will come at a wholesale price. The best part is that they will give you sufficient information you need.

So they don’t have a particular time when they update the auction. This means that you have to be checking on them frequently if you are going to benefit from it. Here you will have a chance to put your best offer first if you want its consideration.


5. Live auctioneers

Live auctioneers

Here you have fascinating objects on the site, and the auctioning takes place in fifty countries. The good thing is that you will have it in different languages. This is a worldwide marketplace for auctioning. It has all the treasures you will need.

You will find collectibles and jewels too that are both high-end and regular ones. It works online, too, making it easy to use or, better yet, not affected by the environment’s changes.

This site is your worldwide auction site that has several types of treasures you need to discover.

Again it’s an NYC-based company that even partners with eBay, and it’s this that started the online platform of auctioning.

Also, this is what changed the business of auctioning, making it possible to auction online. They have the world’s leading bidders online, so you will always find the one that can work for you.

To keep the live auctioneers up to date, they offer a constant stream of industry information about their jewels.


6. Bids.com


Here are another one of the many online auction sites. They solidly auction different kinds of jewels. But you will also find other things on the site like clothing, handbags, and more things fashion-related.

They play around with the prices to make sure they sell at a high margin too. Also, they set the jewels at 80% off the retail price.

Auction format

Here they let you bid without registration, but when you finally win an auction, they can register you.

Fix price

Buy now; gives the customer a chance to buy whatever jewel that’s promoted at a very low rate.

They also have active selling interaction. During the selling, they can send any buyer the answer to their offer but with the agreed price rate.

Of course, it’s easier to make money on this site, and the process looks like it’s much quicker.


7. Jewelry auctioned online

Jewelry auctioned online

Here is another one-stop site for your different jewelry types and style. This online site aims to get you the best discounts on whichever jewelry you want to buy. So on this site, you can expect nothing short of fantastic-looking jewelry. They will get you even the precious gemstone if you would like to have them.

They bring together international manufacturers too. This makes it easy to purchase authentic jewelry styles from different manufacturers. However, the good thing is that you will find them at a discounted rate, making it even better.

This is a serious site because it has sold some of the best gems, opals, coins, and more to over 1 million people worldwide. Therefore, this is a certified but also trusted company you can go to when you are looking for a particular jewel style.


8. Bonham jewelry

Bonham jewelry

Here you have the high-end jewelry to be auctioned and any other item you would like to auction. When we say high-end, we mean hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Now, this is a global marketplace, and it’s where you will find other things too. For this page, though, we bring you the jewelry section.

They often hold the auctioning in all the best cities known for the finest jewelry like New York, LA, Hong Kong, and London. You can expect the finest quality work from some of the best brands like Van Clef & Arpels, Tiffany, Bulgari, to mention a few.

They are further famous for encouraging the best artistic jewelers from post-war British. They bring together an international team of qualified and professional gemologists to be their jewelry specialist. They have successfully made the sale of jewels across the different luxury departments.

They also stand out as one of the high-end jewel auctioneers to go to if you want just a unique piece. If you decide to work with them, you will be working with some of the very best consignors and jewelers’ teams.


9. Christie’s


Introducing a market leader in this category of jewelry auctioning. When you want to buy the best-looking colored stones, you should go to Christie as you will never go wrong here. They will further give you the perfect diamond stones and natural pearls, among others.

They often have a high-end private collection to sell at the best price, and this is also why they have a broad audience of great visitors and sellers on the site. When you visit this site, whether online or in their showroom, you are sure to get some of the very best jewels.

They have a wide range of price points to make sure their sellers profit when you are getting the magnificent jewels. Take the time to check them out when you want to buy from high-end sites.


10. eBay


Here you have the world’s most famous auction sites that are home to different jewels. They have a vast selection of jewels for auctioning.

It has over 2M jewels for auctioning. But it’s all good because they bring together all the professional auctioneers. Of course, this is a wide number compared to all the other sites you want to think about.

However, the problem is that they have a lot to browse through, making it hard to find what you wish to buy. This is why we encourage those going to this site for auctioning to only go for the jewels that have at least a bid.

That makes it easy to skim through the long list of auctions. This is just an easier way to find the best jewel for you.

Remember, they mostly sell their products online and not on a showroom site. The good thing is you will find the jewels at different prices, including high and low prices.


11. Jewelry room

Jewelry room

This is the site you go to if you are looking for high-valued jewels with varying prices. Here you will find all the different kinds of jewels.

They include the ones from bankruptcy but also liquidation. Some of the jewels are, of course, the best to use.

They have a high-quality collection of jewels, which means you can even find the ones that will make a lasting impression on the jewels.

So you will therefore find the listing price but also the current bidding price.

If you are bidding, then you can get the items that you would like to use immediately. Remember, they continuously have different options you can use for the jewels.


12. Shop goodwill.com

Shop goodwill

This is one of a kind mostly as it belongs to a nonprofit organization. They will therefore present to you some of the donated goods.

This site serves up to 5 continents, and that’s up to hundreds of thousands of people.

Notice that you don’t expect extensive jewelry auction sites. However, they bring you different kinds of unique antique and vintage jewels. They will also bring to you some of the jewels that you will rarely find on other sites.

If you even like brooches, you will find them here. The jewels will give you a wide range of styles, making it a good idea for you to check them out. If you search keenly, you will even find the ones from Tiffany & co.


13. Fellows


This is one of the UK’s leading auctioning sites. It’s a family-run auction site, but it’s very successful since it has been in business for ages.

If you want a place where you will find the best jewels, you want it’s on this site. Remember it sets over 100sites to sell their different jewels.

The site is from Birmingham’s jewel quarter, and they partake in the London Mayfair. Here you are sure you will find the expert services.

The good thing, though, is that they also have a massive online presence. The bidding process online is equally great since you will even have the live video and audio to participate in the events.

This brand still stands more than a century after it was founded because they believe in perfect relationships. Here you will have the best kind of jewels and professionalism.


14. Shanghai international commodity auction

Shanghai international commodity auction

This is not only for the jewels, but they have an established jewel auction department. Here you are sure to find the auction site of jade, emerald, amber, and more gems. They will mostly hold the auctioning online, and they also source from dedicated suppliers.

They strive every day to make the world’s best auction site where you can easily find anything you need. You will always find the different kinds of jewels you need. Take the time you need to check out what they have to offer.


Online or traditional auctioning?

Thanks to COVID19 today, we can almost do anything online. This doesn’t mean that online platforms never existed before it still did, but people are not always sure about the online platform. I mean, this is jewelry; you need to check the nitty-gritty before you settle.

Slowly though, people are beginning to embrace online auctioning too.

So if you can go to the traditional auctioning method, the better as you will see the jewel before you can finally set the bid. But if you can’t, make sure you go to trustworthy sites.

Before you therefore go, notice that whether online or traditional, you have viable options. Try the online with not the costly jewel before you decide to use its platform.

Of course, anyone looking for jewel auctions online knows they are convenient, which is why they want to use them.

For some reason, though, you trust the traditional method a little more. So make the decision based on the fact that people are making purchases following both platforms.

Is it okay to buy the jewel on an auction site?

Auction sites are the perfect way you can shop for different items, including jewels. The good thing is you will get unique options at the perfect prices too.

If you are going to buy them online, you should check them properly before you finally settle. Of course, it also gives you the chance to research in this regard.

So whether traditional or online, you must conduct research first. This is the easiest way you can use to find the best jewels.

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