18 Best Jewelry Blogs And Resources You Can Learn From (2022 Updated)

There are hundreds of great jewelry blogs today. As a result, we only choose the blog based on what we are looking for in them. Gone are the days when you had to go out to Paris, Milan, and cities searching for the top jewelry.

Today most blogs make your work easier. You can travel across nations just by using the blogs of your choice. They bring you all the relevant information you may need.

This is why you ought to follow some of the top bloggers in this niche.  You will find the most acceptable kinds of jewels in most of the blogs we list below.

Best Jewelry Blogs For Jewelry Makers

1. Smart mom

Of course, the only way to learn more about other blogs is by learning about your host blog.

The fact that you are here looking for more information makes your work easy since there’s so much to learn in this regard.

On this site, you will get all the advice you need regarding some of the best jewels in the market.

Through the blog, therefore, you will find an excellent education that regards the different jewels. We make it easy for you to find the jewel you need for any occasion.

Don’t forget that we are at the forefront to gather info that regards the upcoming jewels. Please take a moment to read our blog posts before you can make your decision regarding the same.

Below though, are some of the most popular choices in the market.

 2. Gem gossips

Gem gossips

This is one of the industry’s most loved blogs today. You will most likely enjoy Danielle micelle’s style of writing.

Her focus is mostly on showing you some of the magnificent jewelry. It features the use of gold, platinum, diamonds, and many other different jewel styles.

She participates at major jewel events showing you some of the very best choices. You will find high-end jewels in this store.

But the jewels you will find here are surprisingly rich, and she has even presented them right, making it attractive for you to see the ones that please you the most.

This lady is a real deal. She has brought to our attention different franchises; through this, the blog will always stand out among many.

I like it the most because the ‘94 show me your ring’ where she gathers some of the rings’ authentic styles. This makes it easy to show your personality.

If you don’t plan to visit any other store, make it a choice to visit this blog for more information. This blog targets the best-looking jewels. As such you will find you can buy for your special people or even yourself.

The website

3. Gemologue


Another one of the most visited sites in the market is gemologue. You will like the blog for its multicultural aspects, making it easy to find the jewels that suit you. Liza Urla has high traffic because she educates and encourages all people to find the jewels best suited for them.

She stands out among most because her jewelry and blog have been enlisted in top magazines like; vogue, financial times, and harpers bazaar.

She takes time to interview other fashion bloggers in the fashion industry, thus sourcing the most vital information. Having the gem skills, she has all the inspiration needed to understand the different types of jewels.

The website

4. Diamond in the library

Diamond in the library

When you are looking to read all the different kinds of books and styles, you should visit the diamond in the library blog.

You don’t always have to binge-watch; you can also binge read. Here you have the most excellent books of all time as well as shiny and unique-looking jewels.

Becky stone has traveled worldwide in search of some of the best and most extraordinary jewelry. She also links up with some of the finest store heads in the world when it comes to jewels. All this makes her the best in her area.

She attends the fashion weeks all in the dream of bringing to your attention the very best available jewels. And don’t worry about your budget because she has something for everyone.

If you like the high-end ones, she has them, and also, if you like the budget ones, you will have them here. Becky knows that all jewels have a story to tell.

So when you are looking for modern gems with timeless antiques and literature, you have it in this blog. She will entertain you with a thorough read, but you will get the value and content you need.


5. Jewelry editor

Jewelry editor

This one is specifically for the high-end jewels. So before you invest in them or understand them better, you should use this blog to train you about them.

This is your social media hub, as well as the luxury media hub. And although it’s only focused on the high-end jewels, it has a high traffic reach of more than 2.8 million visitors, you know.

The editor’s team and the journalists cover everything that’s going on in the media and jewelry world. See, it stands out in this niche, especially since it has a respected viewpoint.

The blog is busy, and it posts about 20 articles per week with other product reviews. So when you are looking for engaging, exciting yet enriching content in this niche, go to no other place.

Their social media base included a large following on Instagram, and as such, you will have enough to understand the jewels long before they come into existence.


6. Gem obsessed

Gem obsessed

This is mostly trendy because it focuses on celebrity jewels. This means they will watch all the award shows to see the trendiest jewels of all time. So if you thought it was all about the clothes for everyone, then no, you’re mistaken.

Gem obsessed wants to see everyone walking on the red carpet and find the jewels they are wearing. In a nutshell, they are in the shows to see what new jewels are here.

It doesn’t matter whether you like emerald or alexandrite, you will have all the information you need in this regard. They are always ahead of other bloggers giving you all the vital information you need for the same. Here you will therefore have new ways to wear new things.

You will like how the jewels are further displayed on Instagram as it alternates between silver and gold. Thanks to Cheryl’s background in jewelry because for over 25+ years, she has covered these topics making her one of the top knowledgeable, especially when you are interested in celebrity jewels.


7. Bliss from Paris

Bliss from Paris

When you want to know is the fashion you know you can never go wrong when you go to the euro but particularly Paris.

When looking for the best watches, jewels, and other precious stones, you could easily find them in this blog. They create rich content that regards some of the very best jewels in the world.

Most of the content is based on the information they gather from other jewelers in trade shows that happen globally but particularly in France.

So through the collaborations, they make with other people and shops across the globe, you can access all the information you need in this regard.

So Aneta desires to focus on the global perspective of fine jewelry. It covers a wide range of topics that regard fashion and jewelry.


8. Jewelry loupe

Jewelry loupe

When you are too obsessed with the jewels, you’ll want to give this wealth of information to the world, and that’s what Catherine is about. Even before she founded her blog, she had been writing for the jewelry magazine.

She likes to go to auction houses to find jewels that tell a story with their artistic look. Here she doesn’t segregate you to find valued information whether you are a buyer or a jewelry maker. She gives you an ‘ask an expert’ platform for you to ask any question in this regard.

You will also have the answers to your ‘how-to content’ across the different jewelry topics. That includes the design style as well as marketing. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for because you will always find it in the blog.

There’s not another blog with a single site to focus on the ‘ask an expert’ show. Now, this is not only about the blog; instead, she brings together the magazines.


9. Jewels du jour

Jewels du jour

It’s only when you go to the design and art fairs that you will also explore the different styles of jewels that are present. So with this information, they will show you what the buyers are buying more and the sellers.

Natalie gives you a sophisticated feel when you go into her website. The site has daily updates that regard the different jewels.

You will mostly, however, know about the jewel auction. You will therefore have the museum exhibit, and you will find the price shown as well.

She focuses on giving you clear photographs, thus making the jewels take center stage.


10. Ageless heirlooms

Ageless heirlooms

Here you have a retail shop that’s also made to blog, thus giving you a wealth of information regarding the different jewels they have.

This site is ideal for anyone who likes antique jewels. It features fantastic other educational articles.

You will have the answers to whether you want to revamp your antique jewels as you find the answers to tell the difference between the ruby, for example, and pink sapphires.

This is the site to go to when you are looking for answers to your questions. Remember, the site is filled with the delicate jewels of the past, and check the galleries.

You will therefore find Etsy unique heirlooms and more. Also, if you want more information on the same, you should check her IG.

This blog will always give you a candid look into the things of jewels.


11. Champagne gem

Champagne gem

This is another one of the best blogs from the south side of the World-Australia. Bebe, a Persian, grew up in the presence of precious stones diamonds,s, and other gemstones. They’re exposed to high-end jewels more than any other place.

Today they focus on giving ideas that regard the sparkling side of the jewels which are mostly diamonds. Here you will have some of the best in the sparkle of diamond style.


12. Inspired Antiquity


Tiffany is generous with jewelry, and she mostly believes in telling a story with her jewels. She knows that everything she touches has a story to tell. This is the essence of the blog to have the old-style jewels say more to you.

With the jewels you use, you’re sure you have a unique story to tell about the different jewel styles.


13. Diamond buzz

Diamond buzz

Of course, other different sites have been in existence for ages, but the diamond buzz one is just a modern great version of a jewel blog.

Lily works through gathering and showing you all the information you need in regards to jewelry and gemstones.

Lily has made it different, and instead of focusing on design and designers, they give you a wealth of knowledge.

This knowledge is the kind you need to make an informed decision. With this high-quality content, therefore, the reader will make an informed decision.

So when you’re going to purchase the jewel, make sure you read the information from this site.


14. IDazzle

If you like gemstones, then this is the site to visit. Monica is excellent when it comes to the design and designer’s style to get you to know other very best styles. The blog focuses on different topics, designer profiles, and jewel gift ideas.

Since she is an editor of contemporary jewelry design, you will have everything you need regarding the different styles of jewels. Besides, you get more information to make the perfect decision when buying jewels.


15. Gem hunt

The founder of this perfect website is Catherine Caspon. She showcases some of the upcoming independent jewelers, smaller jewelers, and most of the other people you would rarely know of.

Within a span of 4 years, she is able to give all the best advice that regards gemstones. The blog is ideal for providing information that regards jewels that are trendy together with the jewels. They will make it easy to stick in the spotlight.

She influences Instagram too, which means those who follow her can find all the info they need in this regard. When you are on Instagram, then you can easily join the family.


16. Calla gold

Calla gold

When you want a perfect jeweler that gives you all the best aspects where they repair, restore, make, or replenish the jewel, you should come to this site. You will like this blog because it shows you the newest jewels and the perfect display too.

It will carry and show you a few of the fine jewelry in the market. You will find that the jewels are unique and custom-made.

You also have the blog offering you personal jewelry to make the jewels as per your design and make.

If you like to have a client who will work with you one on one, the better. She will bring the jewels that make it easy to collaborate with him.

It’s going to make it easy to find the best jewel or information you are ready to talk about.


17. Bizzita


There’s only one thing about the jewels that makes them stand out. Jewelry in itself is an art.

Basically, this is the Dutch haven for anything related to jewels. Ester is more interested in handmade jewels. This is mostly the case because she ran a jewelry store for six years in Italy. Aside from writing in her blog, she also writes in other magazines.

Of course, with the skills she has, you are sure it brings you all the greatest attention to the smallest details.

This brand is today a consultancy company for jewelry brands. Remember, the piece of jewelry is often a piece of art too.


18. Jckonline


You most likely already know about this site if you like being online, and you like jewels. It’s also the top jewelry site publication in the US. This is the perfect place to connect retailers, manufacturers, designers, and other industry influencers.

So you will also enjoy a rich website and informative articles to make you ready the purchasing or use your jewels.

This is the best site to inform you of the latest trends as they keep changing from time to time.


18. Jewels du jour

Jewels du jour 1

This is also an exquisitely and neatly made website. The jewels will target the connoisseur.

In attending the top jewels show, then the jewel bloggers have great information to share with you. They will give you some of the best jewels to choose from at any time.

Natalie has made sure that you can have distinctive information that regards the jewels.


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