22 Top Jewelry Designers You May Want To Know

The top jewels you see are made by some of the top jewel designers.

However, when you know of the best designers, you can go to them to find your best jewel.

So in this article, we are going.

1. David Yurman

David Yurman

If you are going to buy a gift for someone special for the first time, you should consider David Yurman jewels. You will always find a unique and authentic stone that speaks to you. Yurman and Evan, the son, are great designers that have maintained an excellent name for ages.

Although the brand came to the business in 1980, it still stands out as the best designer. When you buy the jewel, remember to choose the ones with rope twist style chain.

David Yurman is an American company founded by sculptor David and the painter wife- Sybil. Although they initially didn’t want to do a business, they made one of the most successful historical ones.

In 2003, their son came in to join them. Evan focuses more on designing the right jewels for the men’s wedding and other jewel collection. So they have made a company where they collaborate with others to keep making successfully designed jewels.


2. Christian Dior – Dior

Christian Dior

One of the places that are commonly known for jewelry is France. Christian Dior is the one jewelry designer that you can never go wrong with. Christian started this brand in 1950 and has since designed thousands of perfect looking jewels.

In most cases, the brand will design jewels that also complement their other clothing types. If you like rose-themed gemstone jewelry, you will find them here. These are made to match Christian’s favorite jewel styles.


3. Boivin


In 1917, this was the brand that came into existence with the help of the principle Jeanne Boivin and Paul Poiret. This couturier went on to forever change the jewelry business in the 1920s.

Jeanne, Juliette, and Suzanne changed the business forever. They feature the use of the perfect sculpture to create some of the best styles of jewels.

The starfish brooch is the perfect jewel style that stands out. There have been celebrities who wear the brooch today to stand out in a crowd. What you will find is that the brooch is quite popular in major magazines like the vogue.

Notice that although when you are thinking about Boivin, your mind takes to Rene Boivin, the powerful force was Jeanne. She founded a lot more at the time she took over from her dead husband.


4. Raymond templier

Raymond templier

Paul templeir succeeded his father, Charles, and uncle Louise. They had a jewel brand set at their family firm in Paris. Over time this jewelry designer then became one of the most influential figures in the Parisian jewelry trade.

In 1938, he was awarded the Legion d’Honneur as a praise for the jewel industry’s good work.

In 1919 Raymond, who was the son of Paul, joined the business brand and chose to make different jewels. His style had minimal to no ornamentation. He went on to use metals associated with black lacquer and enamel. He further used diamonds and other colored stones for the same.

The brand found a new name, but it has long been a jewelry family business.


5. Rubel frères

Rubel frères

When you want art deco jewelry, then this is the person to visit. In most cases, you will have them associate with Van Clef & Arpels. This brand was first a Parisian manufacturing company. John and Robert Rubel are the two highly skilled jewel designers.

The things that led to the fame of the Rubel is the diamond and emerald cuffs. The Grand Prix saw the rise of the brand as now they were selling high-end jewels.


6. Van Clef $ Arpels

Van Clef Arpels 1

Whenever you want elegant confectioners, check this brand. They are famous for making unusual stone cut styles. Out of the many styles of jewels they are making, they used the marquise cut for fame. So then they will layer the jewel’s geometry stones.

You will therefore have a beautiful construction of any jewel you decide to use. It is further easy to style and wear.

This brand was founded by Alfred Van Clef and his father in law called Samuel Arpels. And they started this business during the art deco era. Many other types of jewels have been made over the years, but the most common one is mystery settings.

Notice that from this brand, you will have different celebs wearing their jewels.


7. Cartier


This is one of the brands that stand out to date. Founded in 1847, Louis Francois Cartier founded a design house. Here, some of the most prominent jewelers come to work and thus create unique pieces. Today his name lives on through their jewels.

The brand has branches globally, but the one in Paris is the headquarter. If you like to buy from this brand, you can attest that they don’t compromise on quality. So they will always offer you the classic design where you also have the expensive gemstones.

They first made the panther brooch, which became their signature. Today prominent people in society take jewels from this brand all the time. The royalties commission their jewels; no wonder the brand remains a powerful one.


8. Pierre sterle

Pierre sterle

There are cases where the jeweler designers to inherit the jewel companies. Under the leadership of the uncle, then he got to learn a lot from the uncle.

Through this then Pierre began to design the jewel as the birds but sometimes features too.

Sterle became one of the best designers of jewelry. He mostly used gems like turquoise or even amethyst and other stones. Within a short while, then he started having so many trustees. So then he wanted to be known as the jewelry courtier, not the maker.


9. Aldo Cipullo

Aldo Cipullo

You also have this Italian born jeweler here. He made his craft together with his jewel maker father. They soon moved to the US, and then companies like Tiffany & co and David Webb hired him to seek his creativity.

Cipullo liked the goldsmith, the use of feathers, and hard stones. At the time, this style gave them a modern vibe and stylish look. If you are a woman of the 60s and 70s, then most likely, you may have heard about this jeweler.

He didn’t stay in Italy forever because he later went and joined Cartier in New York. Here Aldo went on to design the love bracelet and ‘juste un clou’ collection. For this reason, he became the only jeweler that was allowed to use his signature at Cartier.

But he wouldn’t last long as he left and went to continue producing more jewel for men and women outside of Cartier until his demise.


10. Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth

Here you have one of the best New York-based jewelry designers. From an early age, she developed a love for art and color, thanks to her mom, a painter. Her dad, though, would give her the business tips since he was such a business minded individual.

She soon starts to experiment with the different styles of jewels. Through this time then she designed some of the unique pieces of jewels. She tried the different jewels’ styles, but she soon realizes that there are many people already interested in her jewels.

By 2003 she founded the Irene Neuwirth jewelry company. To date, people like her style for different brighter color styles. Most people go for the clear blues that she sometimes mixes with the colorless. However, even her opals are great options.


11. Donald Clafflin

Donald Clafflin

Another one of the American born designers who worked with the top brands like David Webb, Van Clef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. When in these companies, he aimed at creating some of the very best choices of jewels.

They came up with the best and sophisticated jewels with Jean Schlumberger. You see, the other designers also soon bought into.

He is famous for this sophisticated whimsical designs, where he showcases the different animals and mythical creatures. To date, if you are to find his jeweler, you will notice he uses a humorous depiction of the jewels. He was among the first people in us to work with the Tanzanite gem.


12. Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel

If you live in this world today, it’s almost always possible that you have either heard or know of the Chanel jewel. Chanel is your French fashion house that was founded in 1909. With over 100 years of experience, you can only expect it to continue to be the best.

In 1932, Gabrielle Chanel introduced the very first jewel in the market. This brought into existence the ‘bijoux de diamants.’

This will then break the codes of the different jewels.

They use feathers, fringe, and wax.

But regardless, the lion is the talisman of the brand since it represents the founder’s year and time of birth, making her a Leo.

Here they mostly use the masculine and feminine styles to complement each other. One of the most iconic designs included long necklace chains. These you will notice celebrities from across the globe still wearing.


13. Faberge


If you are familiar with the Faberge eggs, then you should know that we have a family of designers in Russia by the same name. They founded this company in 1882 when Peter Carl Faberge became the official goldsmith for the Russian imperial court.

He took over from his father and started to run it together with his brother Agathon.

This became a success for the two brothers as they opened the doors to the international world. They tried different colors and maintained the diamond style jewels. They brought in the great craftsmen and artists, which then made their company grow out rapidly.

They made the original Faberge eggs. However, with time, the company lost its name to other brands, but they remain the top designers.


14. Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille

Lydia is one of those with an unusual professional background. She’s a biochemist, antiquarian, traveler, and treasure collector. With this characteristic, she has an eye for the dazzling styles of jewels. She is often observant, so she chooses the designs from the world around her.

She also uses the central theme. This can be anything from the opals to moonstoons. The stones they choose to tell a story of the beauty of the jewel.


15. Todd Reed

Todd Reed

This is another award-winning jeweler and artist who has taken time to challenge the concept of high and luxury jewel. He incorporates singular jewels, raw and uncolored ones. You further have the metals recycled jewels that they rebrand easily.

The designer here has collected the jewels worldwide. He also has shops across the globe. Tony Reed is an American brand renowned for creating the best looking jewels.

You will realize that they sell handmade jewels.

They will deliver some of the best and artistic styles of jewel.


16. Lauren Harlwell Godfrey

Lauren Harlwell Godfrey

She is the founder and the jewel designer of Harlwell Godfrey brand. The jewel company is based in San Francisco. Notice that you have the aesthetic roots that are in ancient textiles together with other ethnic patterns.

Mostly she uses 18K jewels to make and design some of the best-looking jewels.

They feature the reference where the pieces are studded with gemstone. Since they are passionate, then you can be sure it will go unfinished.


17. Faraone Mennella REMA 

Faraone Mennella REMA

You can have the classic jewels, exceptional ones, and one of kind couture. This award-winning designer will always surprise you. So Faraone Roberto and Amedeo are the award-winning designers behind the jewels here.

Their inspiration is from the acclaimed jewels. They produce vibrant jewels that you can use for different events.


18. Mathew Harris

Mathew Harris

This award-winning designer was first into male jewelry, but he changed the brand to women’s jewels over time. His brand name is Mateo, and since he was passionate about the art of jewelry, he stayed in New York after he finished his studies.

Notice that he was self-trained and therefore spend time learning this art. He founded his brand in 09′. But in 2014, he changed the focus to women’s fine jewelry, and that’s what he had been working for to date.

We can attribute his success because he has always tried to produce the modern style of jewel.


Upcoming jewelry designers

20. Kendra Pariseault

Kendra Pariseault

She focuses more on the use of sound to make some of the best jewels. She knows that sound was a mark of significant events in life. She creates different kinds of jewels through sound inspiration. She has used sound inspiration to create the hoop earrings. She went on to create the pink sapphire ring in the shape of the wavelength.

Suppose you want to personalize it, the better because she can use the sound waves to make you the specific jewel bracelet. Sometimes they use the personalized word. All these thanks to her experience in the fashion and jewelry industry. Her experience at David Yurman and Calvin Klein had a significant impact on her career.


20. Milamore


This brand was made as a foundation of love. It showed the bond between a grandmother and the Grandson-George roots.

The granny’s name is embodied in the brand name too. So, of course, this means miracle in Spanish.

Note that the jewels here are designed in New York, and they are handcrafted in Japan. Notice that this is your new luxury niche. The brand is all about creating the most delicate jewels that match the price set they have. You won’t even compromise the quality, and you then celebrate the heritage and the craftsmanship that the world has to offer.

George founded this brand in 2019 and has been rapidly growing.


21. Limnia


Although Limnia had a foundation in finance, she also loved the jewelry career. She, therefore, soon left the finance career and went to start a full-time career in jewelry. She brings you a fine jewelry line where you are sure it’s customizable.

For this brand, they sometimes turn earrings to rings and necklaces to anklets. It evolves in just the same way life does.

You can imagine having jewelry that doubles up as another style of jewel.


22. Pacharee


There’s something that makes the jewels stand out, especially when they give you a story. That’s what the Pacharee jewels are about, thanks to Pacharee Sophie. Notice that it’s therefore easy to create something that makes all the women feel beautiful.

Born and raised in Thailand but based in Switzerland, she has inspiration from both countries to create the perfect garment and jewels. She was raised in a gem trading family, which also means that she had no choice but to fall in love with the gemstone.

Thanks to her father, who is a well-known gem wizard because she now has the right skills. So then you will have the beautiful characteristics you have with each jewel you are making. This jewel will forever bring you natural elegance.

Her focus is mostly on raw stone and baroque pearls and raw stones. She creates them using the shapes she saw as a child guide.


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