Best Jewelry Displays For Craft Shows

When you have the perfect jewels in your shop, you won’t sell them unless you market them. People won’t buy when they don’t know you have them. One of the places, therefore, to take your jewelry is to the craft shows.

Sadly, there are so many other people taking their jewels there too. So if you want business from the craft show, you will need to stand out.

Well, one of the best ways to go about it is to make the perfect jewelry display. We are therefore going to show you some of the options you can use below.

Earrings Displays

Notice that today we have so many kinds of earrings displays. You can use the T-shape display as well as the racks display types.

Often the earrings display will hold so many earrings at a go. The kind you choose depends on the earrings materials you have and whether you have many types to use.

1. Sooyee 360 Rotating Earring Holder and Jewelry Organizer

Sooyee 360 Rotating Earring Holder and Jewelry Organizer, 4 Tiers Jewelry Rack Display Classic Stand, 156 Holes and 160 Grooves for Necklaces Earrings Piercings, Clear

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This is a great choice when you want to display your jewels. It can hold up to 73 pieces of jewels. You have four tiers on it with 156 holes so you can hold all the ornaments of your choice. And it’s not limited to any one type of jewel. You can display the necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and even rings.

It’s large enough to hold the jewels elegantly in a craft or trade show. People like the fact that it’s transparent because it makes the gems visible. This has the best method to use, yet it’s a durable stand.

It’s a plastic and acrylic material that is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed.

2. DeisgnSter 360° Rotating Earring Organizer

DeisgnSter 360° Rotating Earring Organizer - Premium Acrylic Large 368 Hanger 4 Tier Earring Holder Necklace Bracelet Jewelry Display Rack Stand Tower with 2 Mirror (Black)

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Made using the premium acrylic material, the earring holder is one very durable option to use. This is not the cheap plastic that would break easily; rather, its light and good looking. Here you have a large capacity that will hold all your favorite earrings in place while making them visible to your clients.

The holder has a 360 degrees’ rotation ability. It further has a smoother rotation base, which allows you to have access to all the jewels you need. You have a large capacity holding, and you can hold up to 368 earrings if you want using its four tiers you see here.

It makes your work easy when you want to see the jewels better since it has two zoom mirrors. This will help you understand the treasures and how they fit on you. Moreover, you will like the fact that it’s easy to assemble, and you, therefore, don’t need a technician to make it.

3. Oirlv Velvet Jewelry Tray 24 Grid Liner Pendant Earrings

Oirlv Velvet Jewelry Tray 24 Grid Liner Pendant Earrings Organizer Storage Trays Showcase Display Jewelry Holder

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Here you have a velvety tray that will help to hold the pendant earrings. These are ideal for stores and trade shows. It works best on the countertop display, but the best part is that the pieces will not collide with each other.

You can use them for necklaces or bracelets, too, although they are meant for earrings. The soft surface will never damage the pendant surfaces so you can display even your valuable pendants here.


The necklaces in your shop will be the attention grabbers, so display them in the best way possible. They are the best choices when you want to get attention and invite people to your space.

You can also use the statement necklaces at the center to attract attention, but don’t overdo anything. Create a focal point by placing it at the very center of the display.

4. INVIKTUS Silver Birds Tree Jewelry Stand Display Earring Necklace

INVIKTUS Silver Birds Tree Jewelry Stand Display Earring Necklace Holder Organizer Rack Tower

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There’s no better way than displaying the necklaces on the bird tree like this. Remember, it has the bird tree hooks, and it will suit all your needs, and it’s further convenient to use. It’s perfect to use for the craft show when you need to.

You will enjoy the fact that it’s space-saving too. You can display different kinds of necklaces. It will hold and make it easy to show your jewels.

5. KINJOEK 10 Packs Necklace Display

10 Packs Necklace Display, KINJOEK Jewelry Earring Easel Black Velvet Display Stand Tower Rack for Shows Business Home 7.07× 8.15 Inch

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Here you have the perfect method to display your favorite necklaces. They further make your necklaces easy to wear and use. Remember, you can also use it to show your jewels in your dressing room.

At least you may have seen these kinds of craft display pieces. Sadly, it takes a lot more space even though they show the necklace right and especially how it will look on your body.

It’s a convenient choice to use if you have a beautiful decoration. The good thing is that its sturdy and stable to use.

6. MyGift Black Metal Jewelry Organizer Tower Necklace Tree

MyGift Black Metal Jewelry Organizer Tower Necklace Tree Bracelet Display Stand w/Hairclip Holder

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I find spinning jewel stand to be a fantastic choice to display my jewels. This means your clients don’t have to move around. They can get their favorite pieces at the same point. This one has the bottom and top tier where you will hang the jewels on twenty-four hooks.

It’s not only for the necklaces as you can use it for the earrings too. You will like the rustic jewelry display features here. When you check it closer, you will notice that you have a hook that you can hang your jewels on.

If you want, you can use it in your dressing room too. But it’s ideal for the store or craft to make you show many necklaces elegantly.


If you want to win the people over to your craft show, you can use the different heights. It will create the perfect look while making sure the bracelets are more visible. With the right bracelets, therefore, you can make it easy for the customers to see what you have.

7. Sccsport 10Pcs Clear Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder Bangle

sccsport 10Pcs Clear Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder Bangle Organizer Rack Acrylic Bracelet Display Collar Stand Holder

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If you like to display the jewels so that people will see it correctly, you should choose these bracelet holders. They will make it all attractive for the buyer to want them.

If you are not so sure about the place you are displaying, you can use this method to secure the bracelets from theft.

8. Bracelet Holder with Three Tier Rack

Bracelet Holder with Three Tier Racks ~ Velvet Bracelet Bangle Stand ~ Jewelry Organizer ~ Bangle Display ~ Jewelry Organizer for Wrist Watch, Bangles, Scrunchies and Bracelet (Black - 3 Tier Stand)

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If you haven’t seen the jewel holders above, I’m sure you have seen this one. Here you have the place to hang all kinds of bracelets, bangles, and watches. Notice that it looks not as large, but each rode will hold about 20 bracelets. I just like the way it makes it all colorful since you can hang all the different styles of jewels.

It will make it easy for you not to jumble your jewels around. Notice that it features the best velvety display that keeps your treasures looking perfect at all times. It’s further a sleek and an ideal display for all your jewels. Although you can use it at home, you can also take it to your craft show for your display.

Ring display

There are many people buying rings today for different reasons. You may need the engagement or wedding rings; thus, you can use it to make them visible.

9. 7th ring finger ring

7TH VELVET 12 Fingers Ring Display Stands, Black Velvet 2 Step Ring Organizer, Showcase Display Drawer Ring Storage Jewelry Display Stands for Shows

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Here you have the soft velvet surface that wouldn’t scratch the outer surface of the ring, and therefore it will look perfect. With such a display, you will have an idea of how it will look on your fingers, thus helping you decide.

The finger base is stable such that you wouldn’t lose the rings either. But its more visible for the potential buyer to see it.

10. BEWISHOME Ring Organizer 

BEWISHOME Ring Organizer and Earring Box Holder - 11 Ring Slots, 25 Earring Compartments, Large Mirror, 2 Layers - Jewelry Box Tray Cufflinks Storage for Girls Women Men, Black Faux Leather SSH21B

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Here’s the best way to showcase the rings making sure you don’t lose them, but neither does someone steal them. So the sturdy design is not only a display. It will keep it safe from prying hands and the dusty weather as well.

One side of the store display has a mirror that you can use to check how it looks on your fingers. This is stable and mind you; it will carry and store a number rings here.

Remember, you can even store the studs and cufflinks. Its velvet design makes it safe for the rings; thus, you won’t have scratches on the rings.

11. Mooca Jewelry Ring Stand Holder Display Set, Ring Holders

Mooca Jewelry Ring Stand Holder Display Set, Ring Holders for Jewelry Ring Organizer, Storage Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Stand Pedestals Display 4 Pcs Set, Beige Linen

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Here’s another way to display your rings remember you don’t use the velvet in this case; instead, use the linen. These bright pieces show display is great in that you will make it easy to see the rings. They further come in the angled style for easy viewing.

You can use them for wedding rings, anniversary rings and just about any kind of rings.

Glass Jewel Holder

Consider using a free standing method for easy viewing and because it’s safe to use with your glass jewels. Unlike the ones above, this is a more secure method, especially when you have high-value gems. It further makes it easy to see the details of the jewels.

12. MyGift 3-Tier Retail Glass Jewelry Display Showcase with Gold-Tone

MyGift 3-Tier Retail Glass Jewelry Display Showcase with Gold-Tone Metal Frame

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Here you have the most magnificent display of the jewels. This is like the most secure method to use when displaying the ornaments. Here we have the three tiers of the gems display, yet you can see either of the types without necessarily touching them.

Its elegant style of displaying your most valuable jewels. You won’t have them being dusty as they are secured.

Other methods you can use to include the following.

Tray Organizers

Do you like to display a lot of jewels at the same time? You can use the tray method without letting them collide. They are ideal to use when you have a tight space like during the craft shows. Again the way you arrange them will determine if they will last long.

You Can Use the Shelving Method

I mean, using shelving is just the best method to display all of your jewels. Here you can display your anklets as well as bracelets earrings and necklaces too.

The Best Guide to The Perfect Display

Of course, you can use different methods to display the jewels, but you should make sure your ornaments can stand out. Although you are in a show, if you display too many treasures, then one won’t see the jewels you want them to see.

Jewelry Displays For Craft Shows 2

You will also want to display a beautiful display, but it shouldn’t steal the show. The center point for the display should be your jewels, not the display. Of course, you should display them attractively. In short, balance everything so that one doesn’t overpower the other.

Don’t allow the jewels to create clutter. Just make sure you display a few to show that you have quality and the best options.


Remember, you should always try to be as creative and unique. Even though it’s hard, when you are unique, you will most likely stand out in a crowd. Notice that if your stand looks like any other stand you see around, people will walk by without seeing what you have.

You compete somehow to draw people to your stand. If you are unique, they will want to come and see. Take all the time; you need to make the display even more personal and unique. So sit down and find out how you can create the best looking stand.

The essence of it all is to be as creative as you need to. Come up with the perfect ideas on and around the table to make it look perfect.

Its crucial to brand

As you are going to this craft show, you need to have the shop already branded. You may have customers looking to make a significant deal, and if you don’t have a brand, they will walk by. Just make sure everything matches your website. Let it be that only by walking to your stand, the clients feel like they know you and understand what you do.

Make sure you have packaging with your brand and logo images listed. This will make it easy for your potential clients to get ahold of the information. Have the branded logo on the packaging to announce your presence even without you saying a word.

No, no, you don’t need clutter.

Although we had mentioned this, I would like to emphasize it once more. Literary too much of something is poisonous. Display your jewels, but don’t put too much as they will not want to look at them.

Just display a few major ones and then let them find out from you if you have more. This way, they will want to come to you more.

You need to price your jewels right.

If your prices are transparent, then they will want to talk to you about the different prices. Place the price tag for each product individually instead of the list that will make it hard to find the jewel price.

You can even use the ribbon to showcase the price, thus making it more visible. Be creative with this, though, to spark the interest of the clients on your products. In the end, you want to make the sales, right?

Lighting is a winning factor.

When you want to sell valuable jewels, you should always make sure you make them visible. Find ways to illuminate your stands, thus making your stand even more attractive. The light will help to highlight the best parts of your jewels more subtly.

Do you have the right banner?

This will make your craft stand out.  The banner is also where you display your name, the logo location, and every other needed detail. You can make it by yourself or seek professional service. The most important thing is to choose the one that fits your collection.

Other important tips to remember

When using the tents

Sometimes you may need to use tents. Remember to choose a white tent for the display. Although there may be the fancier style types that you can use, go for the white one. Of course, it will put out the sun on the tent.

Check your heights

When you are displaying your jewels, you should use a table that’s not too high. 36-inch is the minimum height while you can also use about 42 inches. Don’t use the 30-inch height as that it’s shorter than needed.

You will need space design too.

Keep the display parts a few feet away from the entrance. This space is ideal to allow for the space that the customers can see the jewels right. If possible, push the display tables about four feet from the door of the tent.

With this, you will create an illusion for space and welcoming your clients more.

Be careful with the jewel when displaying.

You should make sure the jewels you display don’t tangle. This is why you need to give them some space in between to avoid tangle with each other. Also, if you keep so many necklaces together, you will cause clutter, so be smart.

Now, you know how to display your favorite jewel pieces on the crafts show and how to win souls over to your shop. Maintain professionalism at all times.

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