7 Best Glue for Jewelry – Top Rated Recommended

Are you looking for the best glue for your jewelry?

The fact that many people make different kinds of jewels means they have to use the right glues alongside other accessories. We understand that there are many types of glue, and it can be confusing when you want to choose the right one.

In this article, we will guide you to make the right decision regarding jewel making.

One thing you need is to make sure you choose the ones that can stand wear and tear. We know how frustrating it can be for you to spend time making the jewels only for them to fall apart. We will show you everything in this regard.

In case you are in a hurry, I list the best glue for jewelry here.

Why do you need glue in jewelry?

Before the jewels come together, you will need to take it through several processes. But the first thing to do is to stick the parts together.

You may sometimes want to stick the opal pendant to the sterling silver, for this to happen, though, you need to use an effective glue if you don’t have the particular soldering machine.

Glue for Jewelry

Notice that you shouldn’t use the regular glues rather than choose the jewelry glues with strong bonding characteristics. Therefore, these glues should stand all kinds of weather without falling off.

Such glue you can further use to repair even your damaged jewels. You can then use craft jewels or epoxy resins jewels, hot adhesives or jewels, and metal jewels.

They will work on gemstones, metals, plastics, ceramics, beads, polymers, and more.

The things to consider

Notice that the pendants you really like can’t be without you taking the effort to sustain them. I know you may be surprised since every jewelry seller claims to have the best jewels glue. Still, make sure you check these points.

  • An instant glue is a perfect solution.

If you want to make jewels that aren’t heavy-duty, then you can choose to use instant glue. The best example is when you are using the jewels on beads, and you are setting them on the vertical settings. Just make sure you secure the ends first, though.

The reason why it’s referred to as instant is that it dries faster. Also, it has a thinner consistency. It should be almost clear looking; thus, you need to be ready to wait for it to dry. This, you can, therefore, use only for light works like securing the ends of your cords.

  • All-purpose contact jewel glue

If you are not new to this, you probably already know that in this category, the main one is E6000, which is a jewelry glue. If you are one who likes to make jewels, you should always have this one for the different jewel styles.

It’s usually waterproof, easy to use, and flexible. The good thing is that you can use it with different materials. You can use it on ceramics, glass, fabric, plastic, and more.

  • Epoxy

It’s a multipurpose type of glue. It’s further the one you want to buy if you know you want to work on heavy-duty jewels. You can use them on gemstones and beads. In fact, if you can find epoxy 220, this one will offer the strongest hold and for a longer time. You can also use them on the hobby parts.

  • Jewelers cement

For some jewelers, this is just cement. Let’s agree that this is a jewelry adhesive, and it’s ideal for the times when you want to make the fine detail jewelry work where you attach the beads or embellishments.

It appears as the instant glue that will dry quickly. You can further use it in the smaller spaces you can use it on cord ends, embellishments, and when you secure the knots.

1. E6000 231020 Adhesive with Precision Tips

E6000 231020 Adhesive with Precision Tips, 1.0 fl oz

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From the explanation above, I expect that y0ou understand that Epoxy is one of the best choices you can use. Here you have the multipurpose one, and even though the packaging may make you misjudge it, you will need it next time after buying it once.

It has a gel consistency, which means that it will dry pretty fast. The glue dries clear but with superior hold. Still give the jewels time to dry properly; don’t start using them just yet. Let it rest for about 24 hours.

It will fix the jewels regardless of the surface you are talking of. It doesn’t matter even if you are speaking of fabric; it will always work. It’s ideal for even delicate surfaces, and you can choose it also if you are using it for repair.

This one is further temperature resistant, and it’s also photo safe. You can use the jewels you attached with it in your dryer or washer.

2. Aleene’s 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue

Aleene's 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue 3/Pkg.1oz

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This is another strong one that will make the fixing of the jewels easily. You will like it that it will work on almost any kind of jewels. It’s important to remember that it will bond quickly and the good thing is that it will never run.

It dries clear and strong so you can use it in almost every jewel, you know.  It’s then waterproof; therefore, you can use it on any kind of jewels. It’s further safe; therefore, you won’t damage it if you use it right.

3. Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Super Glue Gel, 20 Gram, Clear, (Pack of 1)

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This is another perfect option if you are looking for jewel crafting options. It won’t dry before attaching your pieces. Its consistency won’t even run, so you will have it in place for a longer time. The glue won’t be affected by shocks’ hard impact, and it’s waterproof.

It’s a form of super glue, so it will stick on any fabric or material you choose to use. You can use it to bond the wood, plastic, metal, or even rubber. Remember it won’t clog either it will look as good as new all the time.

4. G-S Hypo Cement

G-S Hypo Cement

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This is a multipurpose type that you will not only use on jewels instead of other types of art and sewing. It’s bound to give you a powerful hold. This one is ideal for the times when you want to hold the pearls and beads in place.

The cement glue is perfect, and you can use it for neat placement. The good thing though, is that it’s easy to handle the pieces. Anytime you are looking for a strong and safe to use glue, consider this option.

5. MMOBIEL B-7000 15 ML Multipurpose High for Industrial Glue Semi Fluid

MMOBIEL B-7000 15 ML Multipurpose High for Industrial Glue Semi Fluid Transparent Adhesive 15 ml 0.51 fl.oz

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Here you have another productive and high-performance glue. Remember, it’s a multipurpose glue not only made for jewels. This is an industrial-grade glue that’s highly elastic, and it will quickly level itself. When you want the type that’s also durable, then this is the best choice to go by.

It doesn’t matter whether your surfaces are porous or non-porous; this glue will always work even in the most stubborn surfaces. Remember only to use it if you have time to let it dry safely. It will take longer to dry, and it requires just a little skillset to work with it.

6. UV Resin – Hard Type Glue Transparent 

UV Resin - Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet Curing Resin for DIY Jewelry Craft Decoration Making - Crystal Clear Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin for Resin Mold, Casting and Coating - 60g

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Let’s talk of the easiest to use glue even for beginners in this area. The one winning factor about the UV resin is that it will take a shorter time to hold the pieces in place. If you are making it under the sunlight, then it will dry instantly.

This one is ideal for the crystal types of jewels, mainly because it will give you the perfect glassy finish. You can then use them for casting and coating. This piece is easy to use, especially since it will self-level itself.

This piece is nontoxic, and you can use it to attain the perfect attachment to your jewels. In the end, you will find that you have the right value for the price.

7. Epoxy UV Resin Clear Hard

Epoxy UV Resin Clear Hard,ONGHSD UV Resin Hard Type Sunlight Ultraviolet Curing Resin UV Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Transparent Glue for DIY/Kids Crafts Jewelry Making Casting & Coating (200g/7.05oz)

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If you haven’t had success with the glues’ choice, then you should settle for this options. You will particularly like the fact that it’s clear once you finish attaching it in place. Unlike the previous one, this glue has a mild odor, which makes it safe to use.

You will like it more because it takes a shorter time to cure, and it’s a multipurpose choice. It’s ideal for use if you are using it for the crystals. It has a nozzle point to make it easy to apply it to the resin or jewel parts.

You will even enjoy the convenience that comes with it. And if you like more decorations you can use it with other decorations to make your jewel even better. This is a convenient option to use, yet it offers the hands-on ability.

How can you remove glue from the jewels?

When you want to remove the glue from jewels, you have to be careful so that you don’t damage the jewels, especially when you would like to use them again.

Unfortunately, if you dint takes precautions it possible that you will do the following mistakes:

  • You may pour the glue on the working surface.
  • You can get your fingers stuck together or on the jewels.
  • You could have excess glue on other parts of the jewels.

Have a cloth for polishing

It will help you attain the perfect shine, but you can also use it to remove the excess glue that may remain in the process of attaching the jewels in place.

Once you are through, you can be sure you will have the perfect shine.

Rub some alcohol

Whether you are trying to remove the glue on your head or the jewels, you can use the alcohol. Isopropyl, alcohol will work perfectly when cleaning the jewels. You can further safely use it to remove the glue.

Nonetheless, make sure the glue or jewel is safe when you use the alcohol on its surface. Don’t worry; it will never affect your gold, silver, stainless steel, or plated metals. It can damage soft stones like opal or pearls.

The safest method to go about it though is to apply a small amount of the alcohol on your jewel parts. You can then use the cloth to remove the excess glue.

How about acetone

This is present in the nail polish, so any girl will most likely have the acetone to use. So take a high content of the acetone and use it to remove the glue. However, before you even start using it once again, make sure you test to see if it’s safe on the jewels.

You can wipe it off

If you just put it on the jewel and then realize that it’s not a good idea, you can wipe it out or even scrape it out before it dries out. This is not the ideal method to remove the jewels, but sometimes you can make it work.

Quick tips for your jewel glue choice

After you know the right jewels to choose from, there are a few points to consider before settling on the glue.

Are you going to wear the jewel many times as you move around? Choose to use the flexible kind of glue.

kinds of jewelry

If you suspect you will often be in the water, you should only choose the waterproof type of glue.

If the jewel you are making features the use of fabric, you should use a glue type that’s also washable.

Remember, not all glue will dry clear. If you don’t want to use the colored jewel, you should opt for the clear instead.

Can You Use Gorilla Glue-On Jewelry?

Yes, you can. Remember, we listed one of the best ones that you can use above. You will like it for the fact that it dries fast. You can easily use it since it has a thicker solution that won’t even run.

Remember, it’s a multipurpose option that you can use on different items. On your jewels, though, it will stick firmly.

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